She looked through the glass of the back room of the Crashdown and looked directly into the magnetic eyes of Max Evans. She was captivated there. Held. And like so many other moments they had shared before, she was sure that Max Evans was looking into her soul; and she his. Her heart soared as she came to the conclusion that her heart was no longer hers. But was his. Would always be his. Forever. Eternity. Damn destiny. To hell with a war ravaged future. She loved him and not being with him was killing her.

But he couldn't know. She had promised him, a him from the future that had told her that their enemies from the stars had finally come and attacked Earth. With the disappearance of Tess, they had been defenseless, left to fight a losing battle. Isabel and Michael died. Everyone had died. And moments before he had come from her, she – her future self – had made him come to their past, her present to prevent Max and her from cementing their relationship. That gad been two weeks ago. Two weeks of hell. Of looking at Max Evans from afar and seeing the pain in his eyes. Watching as Tess wraps a tentative hand in his and watching as he neglected to shrug it away. She had to stay away, and keep him away.

So, she devised a plan to make Max fall out of love with her. She had lay there on her bed, sitting next to Kyle wrapped in a blanket. When Max came up onto her balcony, two tickets in hand, looking through her window and looked at her and Kyle. She had wanted him to believe that she had had sex with Kyle. From the look in his eyes, Liz knew he had believed the lie. Thought that she had slept with Kyle.

Since then, Liz stayed away from Max. Avoiding those soulful looks he sent her way, knowing that he would be able to take one look at her and see the lie. Know that she loved him. Would see the incredible hurt that lived deep inside her. It was why she was hiding in the back room of the Crashdown, hoping against hope that he wouldn't have seen her; that she wouldn't have to go out there and serve him. But their eyes had caught even from here, and she was powerless to look away.

She felt the small hairs on the back of her neck lift, her body was tingling, and she saw Max's eyes widen. How she loved those golden depths…. A moment later, they were connected. More connected than she had ever been connected in her life. She saw star go by, planets, a world with two suns one gold the other a beautiful russet red. She saw their hands linked. She saw them walking together along a violet coast. No matter how many times she saw the setting of the suns, she never grew tired of it. She saw them at an altar – their hands glowing blue together. She saw him on the first day of school in third grade. He was kneeling over her, his lips softly grazing her cheek as he played the part of the prince from their school play of Snow White. She saw them again on the camping trip as they made up constellations together; two small dark heads bent together. In junior high as he continued to watch her. Her own small looks his way over the year and the thought that he was beautiful, and here was a promise in his eyes that she swore would show her that he was even more beautiful on the inside. But she knew that he would never be interested in her; plain, boring Liz Parker. So she had gone out with Kyle, because she knew that nothing would ever happen between her and Max no matter how much she wanted there to be. The flashes were going faster now. Distantly she felt tears come to her eyes as she felt how much he loved her. She could all of it inside her; heart bursting. And she felt the pain he had been carrying around for last two weeks. But no matter how much she had hurt him, he loved her more than anything. He had been trying to work up the nerve to catch her eye. He swore he could see into her soul looking into her eyes. Her eyes would tell him the truth. He would know if she still loved him. And then the flash of a long haired man was talking to her. He saw his face and saw himself telling her to make him fall out of love with him. That the fate of Earth depended on it. He saw her sobbing form under the covers after Kyle and his – future self? - left. She loved him and it had hurt her just as much as it had hurt him to lie next to Kyle – pretending that she had made love to Kyle. They loved each other. They were meant for each other. He felt the knowledge of it course through him like fire. She loved him. She would always love him. And he loved her. Forever.

Tess felt the change in Max almost instantly. His body tensed next to her. She looked at him and saw that he was looking at the door that led to the back room of the café, where Liz was no doubt. Another glance confirmed that the two had locked eye contact. Max winced slightly. And then she felt the little hairs on the back of the arm that was holding Max's lift and she knew that the two had connected. She saw the flashes the two were experiencing together. She felt their thoughts. Their love for each other. A love so deep it was almost instinctual. Primal. And looking at the look on max's face she would agree that it was most certainly primal. She let go of Max's hand, knowing that whatever claim she had on Max was gone. She was sad; some part of her brain told her. But looking at the slightly hunched form of Kyle Valenti at the counter Tess couldn't resist a small smile.