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Lan's POV –

"What did you do to him!?"

I screamed furiously at the darkloid displayed on the computer monitor before me.

"What did you do to Megaman!?"

"I simply made him disappear. Now, if you'll excuse me, I too shall take my leave. As a parting gift, I'll give you a clue to where your navi is. Look where others wouldn't bother to check and see beyond the obvious truth."

Without anymore information, he left. I slumped over the control keys of Scilabs main computer. Tears of anguish rose to my eyes. I turned my head towards my father.

"Dad, what do I do?"

"Follow his clues."

"You know I don't handle riddles well. I have no idea of what he was talking about."

"Go home and think it over. Maybe you can pull something from his words."

I guessed my dad was right, so I took his advice and left the labs. I wanted to see if the fresh air would help me get any ideas, so I took the long way home. The path basically consisted of alleyways that led to the residential area of the city. I had no idea of where I was wandering, but hopefully it would end up successful.

Megaman's POV-

This was just great. I battle a darkloid and look where I end up. The thing is, I don't know where I am. The only thing I know is that this is the human world. With this being my first time here, I'm a little nervous. It's so different. Wait a minute! Is that… yes! It's Lan! I have to get his attention.

"Hey Lan! Over here! It's me!"

Lan's POV-

What's that sound? It's almost like barking. Hey, what's that? It's a dog! He looks like a stray, but cleanlier. He's also well groomed. I've never had a dog before. Hopefully mom will let me keep him.

Megaman's POV-

Awesome, he's coming over! Closer, closer- hold on! Why's he picking me up? Crud! Add this to the list of bad things that happen to me when Lan is involved. I can't believe I'm a –

Lan's POV-

"You're such a cute dog! Actually a puppy. It's strange though. Why is your fur blue? The people who left you for dead must have done this to you. Don't worry. I'll clean you up at my house. C'mon."

Megaman's POV-

If I were normal again Lan, I'd smack some sense right into your dense skull. Well, at least you're bringing me home. A bath and a meal, huh? Maybe I can use this to my advantage…

At home

Lan's POV-

It doesn't seem like mom's home. I should probably give him a bath now. Mom would kill me if we got a flea infestation.

"Come on, pup, bath time!"

I hope you all liked this. There are so many cat stories involving navis that I wanted to make one about dog. Score one for individualism! More chapters are on their way. Stay tuned. (I know I'm a freak)

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