Megaman's POV-

I don't think I've ever slept so well. The PET didn't even provide this kind of rest. I think I'll have to pester Dr. Hikari into creating downloadable beds for the PET.

I looked around the room to see that Lan was gone. The curtains were closed, trying to keep out the dreary mood the rain was making. I noticed Lan had wrapped the blankets around me before leaving. It had gotten cold overnight.

I squirmed my way out of the five-layer coverage I was trapped beneath and ran out of his room, nearly killing myself on the stairs. I found Lan in the kitchen, making himself toast. His mother must have gotten caught up with her friends; otherwise she would have been home by now to make breakfast.

This was my chance to tell Lan. There had to be something in the room I could use. Looking up at the fridge, I found my answer. The side was covered in Alphabet shaped magnets.

I barked lightly to get Lan's attention. He turned and smiled, walking over to me. I tilted my head upwards to signal what I wanted.

"Do you want these? Here you go."

Lan pulled off the magnets and laid them in front of me.

Using my paw, I arranged the letters into a sentence of three words. Thankfully there were enough magnets. Lan studied the line.

"That's amazing, Rock. 'I am Megam-'"

Lan paused, fear and confusion spread on his face.

That's the key Lan. It means just what it says. He stared at me, still trying to comprehend what was happening. Suddenly, realization struck.

"Blue fur, green eyes… Megaman?"

I barked happily, seeing that he got the message. Lan dropped to his knees, still in shock. I walked to him, sitting by his knees.

Lan quickly scooped me into his arms, hugging me tightly to his chest. I could feel tears hitting my back and I could hear his heartbeat at such a close proximity. I've never heard anything so fast.

I was set down as Lan stood up to retrieve his, now cold, toast. I followed him into the living room and sat beside him on the couch. He handed me a piece of toast and turned on the television.

"You understood everything I said last night, didn't you?"

I nodded and bit the toast in half, choking down the disgustingly cold bread. Lan sighed and looked over at me.

"I'm sorry, pal; for what I told you and what I've put you through in the past."

I yipped in understanding and forgiveness, finishing my toast.

"The problem was solved, but now there's a bigger mystery. How do we get you back to being a navi?"

I thought about that for a second and signaled to the TV. Lan looked on, smiling at what my idea was. It was a commercial for Scilab.

"You're just as smart as when you were a navi. It's perfect. My dad knows everything."

Lan jumped up and ran upstairs to get dressed, quickly coming down to turn off the TV. I was at his heels as we ran to the labs.

Scilab: Megaman's POV-

We ran through the main lobby and into the research room where Dr. Hikari was studying some paperwork.

"Dad! I found Megaman!"

Dr. Hikari turned to him, surprised.

"You did? Where is he?"

"Right here."

I stepped forward. Dr. Hikari was shocked.

"A dog?"

"Yeah. Do you have a cure ready?"

Dr. Hikari examined me before answering.

"It looks like it could be fixed by the Inu vaccine we recently created. I'll start administering it now if you like."

"That would be great!"

Dr. Hikari stepped out of the room for about ten minutes before returning. He had something hidden behind his back. After a couple of whispers to Lan, he knelt down in back of me. Before I could move, Dr.Hikari had grabbed me by the scruff. I felt something jab me in the neck and I felt a rush of fluid following the pinch. I couldn't see what it was because everything began to go black. I couldn't keep my eyes open any-

Lan's POV-

Dad waited until Megaman was fully asleep to pull the needle out. He gently picked him up and carried him into another room. Dad hadn't told me what was going to happen except that he would most likely be a navi again. The 'most likely' part of his statement was very unnerving. I sat for nearly an hour, waiting to see what would happen.

"Lan!" My dad called me over to the testing room.

"What is it?"

"We finished, but something happened."

"What went wrong?"

"Megaman's a navi again, but… he's stuck in the human world."

Dad pushed the door open to show me. Sure enough, there he was, sleeping soundly on the bed. I laughed to myself. A dog was bad enough, but now a navi in our world.

I wonder how mom will take this.

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