Chapter 1: iWould Do Anything For Carly

Disclaimer: I do not own iCarly. This fan fic was written as a mode of catharsis with no hope of profit.

Author's Note: Edited version with bonus chapter! See Author's Notes at the end for changes.

The bedroom would be classified as boring by most people. The only pieces of furniture in the room were a queen sized bed that lay pushed against one wall and a solid black, ergonomic desk which sat directly across from the bed. As a whole, the room gave off the impression of being clean; far too clean to belong to a young male teenager. No objects littered the floor, and the bed was made in a style that a drill sergeant would find pleasing. The only thing distinguishing the room from a jail cell was the gargantuan computer which dwarfed the desk it was situated on top of. Sitting calmly in front of the computer, Freddie scanned the computer screen with slightly reddened eyes.

Hours had the annoying tendency to fly by when he was in his current position. That was why he was unsurprised when he peeked up at the alarm clock that stood on the desk and found that it was already two o'clock in the morning. He had been awoken from his computer driven trance by his mother's worried knock on his locked bedroom door.

"I'll go to sleep soon, Mom," assured Freddie curtly before turning his attention back to the screen. He had promised Carly that he would resolve the website's forum's gallery issue by the next time he saw her. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how he was thinking about it at the time, that next meeting was due in a handful of hours.

As his eyes refocused on the seemingly unending lines of code, his mind wandered on to the subject of why he was willing to do so much for Carly Shea. The logic puzzle solved itself with the following thought: She had been the first girl to accept him into her life. Before Carly had befriended him, he had been perfectly content in his sheltered bubble; enveloped by his suffocating mother and reaching out to the outside world solely through the use of his computer. Carly had pulled him out of his room and showed him that there were worthwhile things outside. For that, he was grateful enough to miss out on a night of sleep.

His resolve reaffirmed, the boy slapped himself on the face with both of his palms lightly before returning to his task. He still had a long way to go.

The students moved down the halls in a thick, solid throng. Off to the side, pressed against a set of light blue lockers, Sam stood with her hands on her hips waiting for Germy to spit out whatever he was going to ask between sneezes.

"Sam," sneeze, "do you," sneeze, sneeze, "want to go," sneeze, "to the dance …"

During the last sneeze break, Sam held up her right hand to stop the interrupted sentence. In as soft and honey-like a voice she could muster, she exclaimed, "Why of course I want to go to the dance!"

Jeremy's cherub-like face displayed equal parts of joy and utter shock. Like a pinch to make sure that he wasn't dreaming, he asked breathlessly, "With me?"

Unfortunately for Germy, the pinch proved to be more than effective. Sam's normal, brash voice shouted, "Of course not!" Suddenly, the boy found himself to be the victim of one of Sam's superhuman shoves. He would have screamed in terror as he sailed through the air, but his itching, insistent nose forced him to settle for a horrified sneeze.

After wiping her hands on her Capri jeans thoroughly, Sam wheeled around and found herself standing face to face with Carly. Replacing her satisfied grin with a cautious look, Sam asked tentatively, "How long have you been standing there?"

Carly took a moment to clear her throat before holding her hands together in front of her body, pouting slightly, and mimicking in a sugary sweet voice, "Of course I want to go to the dance!" Her voice dropped back to its normal tone as she verbally prodded, "So, Sam wants to go to the dance?"

Sam could feel her face reddening slightly. Looking away from her friend, she quickly spat out, "That was just part of the setup for the toss."

"Oh, I see," agreed Carly unconvincingly.

"I know that tone," stated Sam flatly. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she continued, "I don't like that tone."

"But you like to dance, huh?" said Carly playfully.

Sam understood instinctively that she was up against a wall. Carly was the meddling type, so if she let her best friend keep the idea in her head sooner or later it would come back to haunt her. She needed a quick way to take Carly's mind off of it.

After a few intense moments of wracking her brain, an inexcusable act considering she was in school at the time, Sam was saved from her situation by a knight in dorky armor. Raising her right hand in greeting towards the approaching Freddie, she called, "What's up, dork?"

"Nothing much, beast," answered Freddie warily. Sam was being unusually civil, greeting him before insulting him.

Sam's finger pointed to a spot above and behind the boy as she said, "No seriously, I mean what's that up there?"

Before Carly could warn him, he was looking over his left shoulder, helpless before the blond whirlwind. Freddie's viewpoint shifted from his standing height to the floor before he knew what hit him.

As Carly moved to help Freddie up, Sam disappeared into the crowd of students. Once Freddie had been brought back up to his feet, Carly smiled, "You haven't fallen for that one in a while."

"Yeah, sorry," muttered Freddie, his embarrassment at falling for one of the oldest tricks in Sam's book portrayed by a reddening of his cheeks. To shake off the feeling, he explained, "I had a late night, so I don't think my wits are awake yet."

Carly looked at her friend's face critically before stating, "Yeah, you do look kind of tired."

"At least the gallery is fixed," stated Freddie optimistically as he looked down at his clothing and began dusting himself off.

"You weren't up all night fixing the website, were you?" asked Carly, her voice picking up a touch of worry.

His eyes quickly scanned the girl's face for signs of worry or scorn. Upon finding nothing there, he defensively asked, "Maybe?"

The face in question suddenly displayed signs of both of the emotions he had been looking for as she chastised, "You shouldn't stay up all night doing things like that!"

A smirk on his face, Freddie announced with a wide flourish of his arms, "The website must stay up! Your fans demand it!"

"If my choice is between having you healthy or having a few impatient fans angry, I would choose you any day, Freddie," said Carly seriously.

Feeling his ears blush slightly, Freddie assured her, "I won't do it again." He took in the brightness of his friend's smile for a few moments before asking, "So what's wrong with Sam? She usually doesn't physically assault me before insulting me a few times first."

"Yeah, it's like a cat playing with a mouse it's about to eat," muttered Carly absentmindedly as she turned thoughts over in her head. Sam had obviously dropped Freddie as a diversion. Maybe she really did want to go to the dance.

Freddie brought her out of her thoughts by waving his right hand in front of her face and asking, "Carly, are you ok? You look kind of distracted."

As her eyes focused back on her friend, her mind quietly pieced together an idea. Leaning forward suddenly, Carly asked Freddie, "Hey, are you going to that dance on Thursday?"

The blush spread from the boy's ears to the rest of his face. His mind racing, he eventually stammered out the words, "Well, I wasn't planning to." Catching himself he quickly added, "But I would go if I had someone to go with."

"That's great!" exclaimed Carly. Freddie's face stretched underneath the pressure of a gigantic grin. It stayed that way until Carly finished, "You can ask Sam then!"

All semblances of the grin and the blush disappeared from his face, replaced by a cold mixture of panic and fear. His voice devoid of all emotion, he asked, "Say what now?"

Carly's voice picking up as much speed and brightness as it could, she conjectured, "Well I figured since both you and Sam want to go to the dance but don't have anyone to go with, you could go together."

"That logic is so messed up," complained Freddie. After taking a moment to think with the palm of his right hand pressed against his forehead, he burst out, "It would be like setting up Spencer and Ms. Briggs because they both aren't married!"

Carly adopted a thinking pose of her own, her right hand straying up to and mindlessly scratching the top of her head as she pondered out loud, "Do you really think that those two will go well together?"

"Of course not!" shouted Freddie, jumping up and down to emphasize his point. His eyes narrowed incredulously at the girl. "What makes you think Sam and I will go well together?"

Carly shrugged her shoulders as she answered, "Well you guys spend a lot of time together."

"That's because of you!" exclaimed the teenage boy. Shaking his head, he took a pause to slow down the conversation. Both Carly and Sam had a clear advantage over him in rapid-fire verbal debates. "Carly, I only said what I said because I thought that you were going to ask me out to the dance."

"Freddie," said Carly, also taking a pause to hopefully let her friend down easily, "I already have a date."

Judging from how quickly Freddie's expression hit rock bottom, Carly's plan had failed miserably. The boy's eyes had locked themselves onto the handle of a nearby locker door and a steady stream of mumbled words the quality of, "Oh," flowed from his lips.

Seeing that Freddie needed a pick-me-up, Carly placed her right hand on his left shoulder and assured him, "Look, you know I can't have fun doing something unless you and Sam are with me."

Freddie perked up slightly at that, but a doubtful expression lingered on his face. "What makes you think I'm going to survive an evening with her?" he asked, lending voice to his thoughts. "She just put me on the ground for saying hello!"

"You'll get through it," said Carly confidently. After sending a smile at the boy, she stated, "You're a lot tougher than people think you are."

"Thanks for noticing," said Freddie, taking the opportunity to flex his muscles in a few bodybuilding poses. Once he had finished the poses, the nagging thoughts resurfaced however. "You know, she's just going to beat me up if I ask her."

Sensing she was winning the battle, Carly decided to pull out all of the stops. Using the same sweet pose and voice she had used earlier with Sam, she asked, "Please? You'll do this as a personal favor for me, won't you?"

Helpless before Carly's pose, Freddie found himself moving quickly down the hall in search of Sam. A stone's throw away from where he had been talking to Carly, he noticed Germy was knocked out on the ground and being tended to by the school nurse. Normally he would stop to worry over his friend, but he found he just didn't have the time. He had to ask Sam to the dance before he had the time to think about it twice. He would find out how Germy had ended up incapacitated later.

Carly watched him walk away with a knowing smile on her face. Normally she didn't have the stomach to manipulate her friends, but these two needed a proper shove or nothing was ever going to happen.