A/N: This is a tag to Josh Is Done, which was an amazing episode. What if Josh didn't forgive Drake, to be honest that's what I had expected in the show (yep, depressing ol' me). So this is like a continuation after Drake's wonderful speech he made, and the lyrics (Thank You - Simple Plan) are Josh's feelings over the whole thing. It came out a lot more solemn than I had hoped, but oh well. Dedicated to an ex-friend of mine (Simple Plan's "Thank You" is also for her).

When the tables turn again,
You'll remember me my friend.
You'll be wishing I was there for you.

I'll be the one you miss the most,
but you'll only find my ghost.
As time goes by,
you'll wonder why,
you're all alone

Breathing hard and drenching wet, Drake waited outside the classroom for Josh. Surely after all he had said, even the stuff he had never meant to say out loud, Josh would come out and they'd make up?

So he waited and waited, and kept waiting. Only until the bell rang did Drake realize he'd been waiting an hour. Mr. Roland's class let out, as did the rest, and suddenly the halls were swarming with people. Drake tried to find his brother amongst the crowd, but eventually gave up and got ready for his next class. Since the two didn't have any more classes together, Drake would have to wait until after school.

The day seemed to last longer than usual, the seventeen year old was just thankful when the last bell rang. Grabbing his bag from his locker, Drake jogged out the school doors in time to see his brother's car driving away. Students pushed Drake out of the doorway, trying to get by, but Drake didn't feel them. All he felt was overwhelming sadness. Drake began his long walk home.

In the beginning of all of this, Drake had just thought Josh was teaching him a lesson, but now he wasn't so sure.

By the time he made it home and up to his bedroom he shared with his brother, Drake was even more exhausted than he had been earlier. All he wanted to do was go to bed and hope that in the morning this nightmare would be over. At a quarter to eight, two hours after falling asleep, Drake awoke to hear the bedroom door opening and the light turning on. Squinting into the sudden brightness, he saw Josh with a duffel bag cramming clothes and other things into it.

"What are you doing?" Drake's sleep-filled voice broke the silence, causing Josh to look up.

"Uh... I thought it'd be best if I stayed in the guest room from now on," Josh said quietly. Drake jumped out of bed, nearly tripping on the ladder.

"What? No! No. You're not going anywhere," Drake insisted, a hint of distress in his voice. Josh could feel himself getting angry.

"Oh, because you say so? Yeah, cause everything Drake says goes," Josh mocked, zipping his duffel bag and slinging it over his shoulder.

"No, that's not what I meant," Drake sighed, moving closer to his brother's bed. "Josh, I just thought after today, well," Drake trailed off, catching his brother's eyes. The despair in Drake's tone almost cracked Josh's facade, but he sucked it up and turned cold eyes on his brother, causing the other boy to look down.

"Friendship is a two way street. We both have to contribute to it for it to work. And you only contribute when you feel like it."

"I will! I know I've treated you like shit, but I... I love you, man. You're my brother. And I thought brother's could get through anything?" Drake offered, hope slowly beginning to diminish.

"I thought so too," Josh muttered, before walking out the bedroom door.

Drake was left standing beside his brother's bed, tears slipping down his face.

Our friendship and good times we had...
You can have them back