Chapter 4: A Surprise Turn of Events

It seemed as the odds were just about turning against the likes for the mutated el chupacabra who had given the likes of poor Manny Rivera quite a beating as he dropped straight down to the ground by the creature who turned its attention to the likes of a very large mutated tomato creature quite similar to a certain guacamole monster that Manny had previously fought.

"Now my former creation" said Dr. Chipotle Jr., as he stood firm with his new creation, "I shall show you why it's not so wise to go against an evil genius like myself!"

"What does your new creation do?" laughed the el chupacabra, "Place ketchup on my meat?"

"I'll make you eat those words" replied Dr. Chipotle Jr., as he then instructed his new creation to attack the likes of the el chupacabra, "go my new creation and prove your worthiness and stop my old creation!"

The large tomato creature then roared and charged right at the likes of the el chupacabra. The tomato creature then gave the likes of the el chupacabra several good hits knocking the likes of the el chupacabra across the street and right into another business right through the window.

"You'll regret that!" said the el chupacabra as it got and then charged at the likes of the tomato creature.

The el chupacabra then clawed up the likes of the tomato creation, but instead the likes of the tomato creature then had a few little helpers from the tomato slim that tripped from the creature by the likes of the el chupacabra on the ground, creating the potential for at least three more tomato creatures began to grow in size.

"This seems to be a tad big unfair here" said the el chupacabra as he noticed not just one mutated tomato creature gearing up to attack him, but also the likes of three other mutated tomatoes to which the el chupacabra was unknowingly participated in creating them.

"That's what you get for destroying my laboratory and scaring the heck out of me!" cried Dr. Chipotle Jr.

"Well it doesn't matter now" protested the el chupacabra as he began to charge at the four tomato creatures, "because I am going to eventually have the upper hand here!"

The el chupacabra tried its best to slash at all four tomato creatures but instead just kept on creating several more tomato creatures. It then tried again, and again to attack the tomato creatures that Dr. Chipotle Jr. had created but failed at every time. After it seemed like if Dr. Chipotle Jr. was just about to win the likes of the battle, the likes of Rodolfo Rivera in his White Pintara suit, and the Puma Loco entered the scene to only give quite a shocking face to Rodolfo as he noticed an unconscious Manny still in his El Tigre suit on the ground.

"Manny, no!" cried Rodolfo as he quickly came to Manny's aid, "Just who did this to you?"

"Uh, when you're done with that" said the Puma Loco as he noticed several tomato creatures giving the likes of the el chupacabra quite an exhausting fight, "we got a situation."

"But what about Manny?" asked Rodolfo then Rodolfo eyed on the likes of Dr. Chipotle Jr., who was enjoying seeing his creations at work subduing the likes of the mutated el chupacabra, "It's all his fault this happened!"

"No wait!" cried Frida as she stepped into the picture to prevent Rodolfo and the Puma Loco from attacking Dr. Chipotle Jr., "he's really helping us. Long story short, Dr. Chipotle Jr. captured a legendary el chupacabra for his own greed, but the greediness got the best of him and now he hired Manny to stop the el chupacabra creature."

"So that's what this is all about?" asked Rodolfo as he leaned over to Manny who was recovering from the onslaught by the el chupacabra.

"Y-y-yes" replied Manny in a weak but stable voice.

"Then I say that's a good deed you have done for the day" said Rodolfo then he along with the Puma Loco then turn their attention to the likes of the el chupacabra which was weakened by the tomato creatures Dr. Chipotle Jr. had managed to crush many of the tomato creatures with its bear feet, "let's go finish this job."

"Say el chupacabra" said the Puma Loco as he showed up into the battle with his mech, "why don't you pick on someone your own size!"

"Oh better yet, the likes of the White Pintara can teach you a thing or two" added Rodolfo as he entered into the battle.

"So this is what the opposition has to offer?" asked the el chupacabra as it squashed the last of the tomato creatures that Dr. Chipotle Jr., had created, "I'll enjoy squashing the rest of the resistance."

The el chupacabra then raced toward the likes of the Puma Loco to which the Puma Loco used his large mech suit to block the attacks from the el chupacabra. One of the claws from the mech then managed to give the el chupacabra a good smack right in the face sending the creature flying right where the likes of Dr. Chipotle Jr. was located to which the evil genius quickly got out of the way to dodge the oncoming el chupacabra's body.

"And now creature" said Rodolfo as he stood firm as the el chupacabra looked up and noticed, "prepare to face the likes of the White Pintara!"

Rodolfo then charged at the likes of the el chupacabra using his powers from his boots. He then gives the el chupacabra several good punches along with a few kicks to which then sent the likes of the el chupacabra right into the air. As the battle seemed to have continued, Manny finally recovered from the attack and noticed that the likes of the el chupacabra had been weakened thanks by the likes of the Puma Loco, Rodolfo and the tomato creatures from Dr. Chipotle Jr.

"Come on Manny" said Rodolfo who noticed Manny had fully recovered from the previous battle with the el chupacabra, "finish it off!"

"With pleasure" said Manny as he gave a loud roar and leaped right up in the air where the el chupacabra was.

As the likes of the el chupacabra was up right in the air, the creature was too weak from the battles with the mutated tomatoes along with a surprise entry from Rodolfo and the Puma Loco. Manny had leaped right up to the level of where the el chupacabra was and gave the likes of the creature one good punch sending him falling right onto the ground.

"Well" said Dr. Chipotle Jr., as the el chupacabra laid on the ground unconscious, "it's time that I take this creature back to where I found it."

"Manny" said Rodolfo after the likes of Dr. Chipotle Jr. left the scene with the unconscious el chupacabra, "I am proud of you that you did a good deed, even if you happened to side with the lesser of the evils here."

"But do you think that Dr. Chipotle Jr. could one day take control of the el chupacabra?" asked Manny.

"Don't worry" replied the Puma Loco, "we'll worry about that for another day."

"Yea, come on let's get the heck out of here" added Frida.

But of course a villain such as the Puma Loco couldn't be more right as the likes of Dr. Chipotle Jr. who was heading back to his newly built laboratory began to make his evil laughter as he had plans for the chained up el chupacabra.

"Thanks for all your help El Tigre!" laughed Dr. Chipotle Jr., as he took a peak of his plans that would be in the works, "You have been quite the useful idiot in subduing such a vile creature to now come undermine control!"

The scene then ends with Dr. Chipotle Jr., making his evil laugh as the el chupacabra was being hurled into a bigger, more secure chamber for future preparations.