Leaning on a Shovel, Hoping for a Hole

By: supernaturaldh

Disclaimer: I don't own the Winchesters or characters from the series, but the others are all my own.


The evening sunlight was falling just above the trees as the Winchesters and Bobby made their ways back to their vehicles, the remains of Beauregard Plymouth finally salted, burned, and sent back to hell. John glanced down at his watch, noting the time as 2:30 p.m. Still time to get Sam's school records. He flung the shovel in the bed of his black Chevy and gave Bobby a grin. "Well, we finally got that son bitch where he belongs."

Bobby nodded in agreement, as he opened his own truck door, and placed his salt gun on the seat. He reached a hand up and tugged off his ball cap, rubbing lightly against the lump on the back of his head. "I need a beer."

Dean and Sam brought up the rear, Dean's hand still grasping his brother at the elbow, to make sure he was steady. Sam was compliant, he looked tired, worn out, and Dean was glad this whole 'Ole Bo' episode was done. He eased Sam down into the passenger seat and looked over at his Dad.

"Dean", John gazed at his nineteen year old, "Take Sam, and go back to the school; he needs his records for the next one. Then meet me at Bobby's."

Dean watched as his Dad leaned down slightly to see Sam sitting in the passenger seat, head leaned against the window, eyes closed. "Don't dawdle; you both should be resting after your accident. I'll be looking for you to be there soon after we are."

"Yes sir." Dean scuffed around to the trunk and stowed his salt gun, then made steps to the driver's door, taking his spot behind the wheel. He checked Sam to find him sleeping peacefully against the window. He reached around to the back seat, gripped the wool blanket and pulled it over his sleeping brother, tugging it up to his chin. He smiled to himself as he started the Impala and pulled out on the roadway, going the opposite way of his Dad and Bobby.


The Impala pulled to a halt just in front of John Davis High School, school just out, the students all exiting the building for home. Dean reached his caste hand up and tapped Sam lightly on the shoulder. "Come on little brother, we need to get your records from the school office."

Sam shifted in the seat, eyes blinking open to look at Dean. "Get my records for what?" Sam mumbled in a sleepy tone, confused face gazing over at Dean.

"You're school records, come on." Dean wretched open the heavy metal door and made steps around the car toward his brother. Sam's hand opened the door; he pulled the sling over his head, and removed it from his shoulder. He shrugged on his jacket against the cold afternoon breeze. Dean's hand fell to the top of his little brother's arm, but Sam instinctively yanked it away, sudden recognition creeping across his face "I got it Dean."

Dean shrugged. Sam obviously did not want everyone seeing him needing help walking straight. So be it, but he would be right next to him the whole damn time.

Sam's long legs made slow even steps across the school lawn, Dean so close; he could feel his brothers breathe on his neck. Jeez Dean, some personal space here dude.

"Dean, I'm fine, really." He whispered, turning his head and giving him the standard Sammy eye roll. Dean gave him a cocky grin, and continued his pace right on Sam's heels.

Sam stopped abruptly, causing Dean to ram haphazardly into his brothers body.
"Damn it Sam." Dean blurted out, as he rolled on the balls of his feet to steady himself. Sam's body stood stock still, Dean stepping to the side to see what had caused this sudden stop in movement. Dean's eyes grew wide as he absorbed the petite black haired women, with piercing blue eyes standing directly in front of Sam. Katie Hacker? Damn it. He glanced from her face to his brothers. Sam's face was lax, eyes wide, as he looked at the girl in front of him.

"Ex... excuse m...me." Sam whispered, staring intently at the girl who gazed at him.

Dean rolled his eyes. This bitch again? Okay, Sammy, lay it on her. Tell her off, put here in her place.

Sam shuffled uncomfortably from one foot to the other, his hands pushing down in his pockets, as his eyes fixed on the pretty girl in front of him. She looked so familiar, but he just could not place a name with her face. She was sure pretty...

"Hi Sam." Katie's flirty lips curling up in a grin. She leaned in closer toward Sam's face, hand clasping at his jacket. "How are you?" She looked intently at him, swinging her hand back and forth, Sam's jacket clutched in her hand. She noticed the bruises and cuts and lifted her hand gently to touch his cheek; Sam flinching from her fingers. "I have missed you, Sam."

"Missed me? Who…who are you?" Sam mumbled as he pulled back from the girl, uncomfortable feeling settling in his stomach. Dean felt his brother tense up and then sway lightly on his feet. He placed a firm hand on Sam's back.

"Keep your hands off my brother." Dean barked as his caste hand came to tug Katie's fingers away. Sam's eyes darted from Katie to Dean, curious look rising on his face.

He noted her furious leer at Dean as she took a step back, eyes squinting up in anger.

Maybe she wasn't so pretty after all.

"Come on Sammy, we got to get your records." Dean nudged his brother lightly forward with his hand.

"Sam, don't you want to talk to me. I'm not going out with Scott anymore. I told him he lied to me about the locket. Sam? I really like you." Katie whined as her voice rose up behind them.

Oh shut up bitch. The tone of Katie's voice made Dean cringe. He so wanted to punch the girl's lights out. He continued to nudge Sammy onward.

Sam walked unsteadily around Katie and toward the school doors, Dean's hand grounding him and pushing him forward. He stopped on the steps, hand gripping the glass door. He wished he could remember the last few days, but all he got was a total blank, no matter how hard he concentrated. "Dean, did I know her?" Sam asked as he turned to look inquisitively into Dean's face.

Dean stopped, eyes fixed on his kid brother, memories of his harsh encounter with Katie Hacker rushing in his head. It only took a moment for him to consider all the variables; tell Sam the truth, causing him to need all the details and hurting him all over, or just letting it go, knowing full well that Sam would experience the troughs of young love all over again, at the next school. While, he knew he could not stop if from happening, shield his brother from the hurt; he could protect him this time. With his mind made up, he smiled warmly at his brother. "No Sam, you did not know her at all."

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