Disclaimer: Not mine. If it were, Marie (referred to hereafter in the authors note as the bitch) would have been in that clinic when Pyro torched it. If I'd even let her live that long.

Authors note: This is going to be a multi chapter story, set over and after the three movies. We're going to start with a section of a chapter near the end just to get you intrigued and then work back to look at how we arrived at this situation, and then catch up again. Hopefully it works. Because it's over quite a large timescale the story may jump a bit from chapter to chapter. I'll try and give you an idea of timescale in relation to the films. It may not work exactly with the films, but bear with me! Essentially until we catch up with the starting story again, some of the chapters could be seen as separate stories themselves.

The pairings are:

Bobby/John Iceman/Pyro

Bobby/the bitch Iceman/the bitch

John/Jamie Pyro/Multiple Man

Yup. Multiple Man. Originally this was supposed to be a Pyro/Iceman with just some Pyro/Multiple Man but he went down so well that there's a lot of Pyro/Multiple Man. And you're going to have to wait until the end to find out who Pyro chooses! So in other words…a love triangle! And this is the last one I'll be writing (check the stress in the author's notes) so make the most of it.

There shouldn't be anything too rude in here (I cannot write sex scenes) but there will be plenty of implications and innuendos. Also – John will probably swear...a lot. I'm sure other people will too.

Anyway...enough explaining...on with the story...

Prologue: You're Too Late

(Several months after Alcatraz)

"I thought I'd killed you, John," Bobby's voice was soft and almost trembling as he looked at the mutant in front of him, his icy blue eyes glistening slightly with unshed tears. Pyro's emotions were harder to read as he stared back evenly through burning brown eyes.

"I have a hard head," he mumbled, averting his gaze away from those emotional blue eyes. A slight smile played at Bobby's lips as he moved closer to Pyro, reaching out to brush away some of the blondish/brown hair that had fallen over his face.

"You don't have to tell me that," he whispered, softly running his fingers over the scar just below the hairline. Pyro flinched slightly, closing his eyes briefly against the cold sensation as he told himself to pull away but instead found himself leaning towards the touch, looking back up into Bobby's gaze. Bobby's smile widened slightly as he ran his fingers down Pyro's cheek, cupping them loosely under his chin, moving forward slowly to close the distance between them...


Bobby stumbled backwards, a hand flying up to the side of his face where Pyro's head had crashed into his.

"I told you already, Drake," Pyro spat angrily. "You're too late!"

Bobby bowed his head away from Pyro's angry glare.

"I told you I just needed time," he said quietly.

"Time?" Pyro shouted, shaking his head. "I gave you months!" the anger in his voice disappeared as his face softened. "I gave you time. I gave you space. I stood back and waited for you to be ready but you never were!" Pyro's voice cracked ever so slightly. "You never would have been! Do you have any idea what it was like? Spending all that time with you but having to keep my distance at the same time – I mean you were my only fucking friend, what else could I do?" the hatred returned to Pyro's voice as he bowed his head angrily. "All you would speak about was her! I just had to stand back and watch you two get closer and..."

His words were cut off as cold lips crashed into his. For a moment he tried to resist, but he knew it was futile. Pyro responded to the deep kiss as Bobby's hands slid down and clasped his waist, pressing their bodies closer still. Both inhaled sharply as they parted, breathing heavily. Pyro licked away the blood oozing once again from his split lip as Bobby leant forward and rested his head against the smaller mutant's, closing his eyes briefly before pulling away slowly.

"It's never too late, John," he whispered, hands still loosely on the other mutants waist. Pyro's lips curled into a wry smile as he looked down at the straps binding him to the upright medical table, looking back up at Bobby with a raised eyebrow.

"I'd have to disagree."

Bobby sighed helplessly as he looked at the captive mutant. Pyro just smirked and bowed his head, his own helpless sigh kept to himself.

"Look, John..." Bobby eventually broke the silence that fell over them. "I..."

"What about you're fiancé, Drake?" Pyro cut him off, not looking up. Bobby closed his eyes and sighed heavily. "See," Pyro continued bitterly. "You're still not ready."

"But John..."

"But nothing!" John finally looked up, the anger in his eyes replaced with a tired glazed over expression. "Look, you have Marie, I have Jamie. End of."

Bobby laughed dryly.

"Oh yeah. Jamie. The boyfriend who's left you here – with me – for almost two weeks?"

Pyro's fists clenched as his face hardened again.

"He'll come," Pyro glared at Bobby angrily. Bobby backed away slowly, running his hands through his hair. He opened his mouth to continue, but shut it abruptly as Logan burst into the medical room, his normally composed face flustered as he looked at Bobby.

"I'm sorry kid, they got her."

"What?" Bobby frowned. "Who's got who?"

Logan sighed as behind Bobby, Pyro's lips curled into a knowing grin.

"Marie," Logan answered. "The Brotherhood have Marie."