Author's Note: Been meaning to do a fic like this for a while. I was reading a story a while back that I thought seemed really intrestring at first, but was really disappointing once I read it. Anyway I noticed a couple stories that talked about a Green Dino Ranger so I thought I'd take a crack at it. Let me know what you think.

Scorpina's Sting

In the heat of the day one afternoon the DinoThunder Power Rangers were in the middle of a battle with a powerful new monster. The new monster had green skin with a muscular upper body and wore black leather pants with orange and red flames on the legs and wore suspenders. He had large metal fists and wore sunglasses with a black high-top hairstyle and looked like something out of 1993. The monster's name was Flex Funk a hip-hop kickboxing monster that was like nothing the Rangers had ever seen before, literally.

"The name's Funk Flex fool let me break it down. I'm here to trash this town, anybody that messes with me will get beaten down by the awesome funkitude of the flexmaster!" he said while beating his chest.

Flex Funk's bizarre statement left the Rangers scratching their heads.

"Huh?" said Ethan.

"What?" said Kira.

"Did you understand of that?" Ethan asked.

"No idea." Replied Conner.

"Looks like this guy's stuck in a time warp." Said Tommy.

"Are you challenging the Funkinator?" the monster shot back angerly.

"Man this guy's giving me a headache." Ethan commented.

"Ohhh! That's it! Consider yourselves terminated!" Funk yelled and attacked the Rangers.

With little time to react Flex Funk attacked the Rangers with a barrage of punches from his oversized steel fists. The Dino Rangers were knocked aside one by one like rag dolls the monster concentrated his attacks on the ill-prepared Kira who had little more to defend herself than her hand-to-hand combat skills. Flex punched Kira in the side as hard as he could and sent the Yellow Ranger tumbling to the ground. The monster raised his hands above his head about to crush Kira when Trent jumped in with a power punch to the chest knocking him back several steps. The White Ranger dropped in between Kira and the monster fortifying himself as a human wall. Flex Funk was unimpressed and went to attack Trent to make him pay for his interference. Trent stood his ground and wrapped his arms around the monster's waist and held him off while Flex's arms failed helplessly in the air.

"Trent!" yelled the Yellow Ranger.

"Get out of here Kira, I can handle him!" yelled Trent.

"Not for long!" Flex shot back.

The green skinned monster-punched Trent's side sparks flew as he held his ground determinately against Flex's attacks. Funk continued to pound away at Trent in hopes that he'd relinquish his grip but the White Ranger wasn't about to give in. Flex drew back his fist as far as it would go. Tommy lunged at Flex to stop the attack and latched onto the monster's arm. Conner and Ethan threw themselves at the monster while he was distracted by Tommy to keep him from finishing their friend. Bolts of lightning shot out of Flex's eyes and sent the Black Ranger flying. Grabbing Ethan and Conner and picked up the Red and Blue Rangers and tossed them aside. Flex drew back his fist once more and connected with Trent's chest at long last and watched him fly backward several feet before hitting the ground. Flex turned his attention to a downed Black Ranger and fired his eye beams again at Tommy causing even further damage. Kira launched herself into the air with her Thundermax Saber drawn and slashed Funk across the chest with her sword earning a scornful swipe by Flex's right arm and sent her to the ground.

"Kira!" Trent yelled.

"You stay out of this. Once I'm done with her, I'll deal with you." Flex told him.

"Oh that's it." Trent said.

Spurned to action because of Kira, Trent launched himself into the air and delivered a highflying power kick to Flex Funk's chest knocking him back several steps. As he came back to earth Trent drew his sword from its sheath and struck him across the chest knocking him back even further. The White Ranger spun and kicked him with a fully extended sidekick he spun around again this time with his sword and slashed the monster across the midsection knocking Flex Funk to the ground electricity began to crackle as he was losing power. This however wouldn't be the end of Funk Flex as he stood up once more to challenge the Rangers. Flames spewed from the monster's mouth enveloping the Rangers. The five Dino Rangers were knocked a considerable distance and forced to eat gravel. Too weak to fight back they watched in terror as the monster came towards them. Tommy got to his feet in order to save his students and was willing to do everything in his power.

"Dr. O!" Conner said.

"What are you doing?" said Kira.

"My job." He told them.

"Brachio Staff full power!" he yelled drawing the weapon into a circle creating his signature move.

"Energy Orb!" he yelled.

"Chew on this!" he told the monster and fired.

The energy sphere flew across and struck the monster but didn't envelop him, as it was suppose to. Flex was actually holding off the attack with his bare hands and dismantled the attack throwing a large portion of it aside and exploded behind him.

"What do you call that?" Flex retorted.

"Impossible!" Tommy said stunned.

"Time to finish it." Flex said.

"Maybe I can help?" a voice said.

"Huh? Who said that?" said Conner.

The team looked around to see where it was coming from and saw a young man with medium length blonde hair standing behind them on a cliff wearing a black jacket and pants with a green t-shirt underneath. The young man held out a green dino morpher and a card with his zord's picture on it.

"Dino Fusion Power Up!" he yelled.

Swiping the card over the slot on the front of his morpher he pointed the mythical device straight up as emerald flames shot out of the morpher enveloping him morphing him into the Green Ranger. Rays of golden light swept across his arms and legs from front to back creating the diamond patterns on his suit. The top and lower half of his mask came together along with the visor completing his transformation.

"Allazord! Hiyah!" the newest Ranger yelled.

"DinoThunder Green Ranger!" he yelled announcing himself.

The new Green Ranger sported a pair of shoulder pads similar to Tommy's with a small gold v-shaped bar going across his chest above his DT logo connecting the armor. And posed on the rocky ledge above the team.

"Whoa!" said Kira.

"Check that out." Said Ethan.

"I didn't know there was another one." Said Conner.

The Green Ranger flexed his right arm in front of everyone.

"Need some help?" he asked.

"You bet." Said Kira.

"Couldn't come at a better time." Added Ethan.

Trent, Tommy and Conner all looked up at the mystery Ranger as he flipped through the air and landed in front of them. And summoned a large green boomerang with a blade on the outside of the weapon.

"Boomerslayer!" he called out.

"Give it your best shot!" said Flex.

"You got it!" said the new Green Ranger and threw the enormous weapon at the monster.

The Boomerslayer sling through the air, the sun's reflection glinting as it sailed towards the monster and sliced his left side. Sparks flew as the monster spun through the air and hit the ground. The Boomerslayer came back around, Flex Funk got back to his feet as the giant boomerang struck him in the back and returned to the new mystery Ranger.

"Good bye." He told Flex.

Taking the Boomerang in hand. The Green Ranger swung the weapon sending out a massive blade of energy that sliced through the monster's stomach like tissue paper the boomerang never leaving his hand. The Green Ranger turned around to face the team as Funk fell and was disintegrated in a tremendous blast. The Green Ranger walked up to the team and ran his first and second fingers along the top of his visor saluting them before giving the command.

"Power down." The Green Ranger reverted to his civilian form as the others did the same.

"That was amazing. Who are you?" asked Tommy.

"Thanks, name's David." He told them.

"How did you know we'd be here?" asked Conner.

"I got the alert on my morpher that there was a monster attack near by. Good thing I came." He said.

"You're telling me." Commented Ethan.

Tommy narrowed his gaze at the mystery Ranger.

"So you guys need another man on the team?" David asked.

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