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Scorpina's Sting

Chapter 3

The Megazord Battle From hell!

After the monster had grown to full size the Rangers called on the Dinozords and boarded them.

"Guys we need to form the Valkerysarus Megazord, it's the only way to defeat him." Tommy ordered.

"You want us to form the Ultrazord?" Kira asked.

"None of our other weapons worked on him." Trent reminded her.

"Isn't that a little extreme?" Ethan asked.

"Ethan our strongest blaster couldn't make a dent in that guy." Conner said.

"We have to make this as quick as possible. The longer we draw it the less likely our chances of winning." Tommy said.

"Right." Ethan said.

"Ok." Kira said.

"We're all in." Conner told him.

"Count on it." Trent nodded.

"Let's bring them together!" Tommy said.

"Right! Valkerysarus Megazord!" They yelled.

The main team formed the Thundersarus Megazord while Trent flew in with the Dragozord and formed the wings of the new Megazord while Tommy formed the platform with the Stegozord. The Mesodon Rover lent its axes and helmet attaching them to the Megazord. The Tyranno tail and Tricera shield detached revealing a pair of small black hands. The Valkerysarus stood on the tail of the Brachiozord forming a makeshift ramp for the Megazord.

"Whoa!" said David.

"Let's hope this works." Tommy said.

"And if it don't?" asked Kira.

"Then we're in trouble." Trent said.

"All right guys let's do this!" Conner yelled punching the air.

From outside the Ultrazord the Brachio roared at the Stegostroyer.

"What is that?!" he yelled.

"Your worst nightmare." Conner said.

"Let's take him!" Kira yelled.

The Valkerysarus barreled down the Brachio's spinal column and launched itself into the air. The Stegostroyer looked on in terror as it took to the skies. Wanting to make quick work of the monster the Rangers used their finishing move, Twin Axe Takedown. The Megazord brought together forming a single axe and hurled them at the monster like a saw blade. The weapon made contact with the monster's chest resulting in a massive explosion but didn't destroy it. Instead it rebounded and threw the weapons back at them. The Valkerysarus was struck and the Stegostroyer bum rushed them and took them out of the air. This was something the Rangers weren't expecting. The monster used his ball mode and attacked the Rangers pushing the Megazord back. It was too powerful there's no way they could defeat it, not even with their strongest Megazord.

"Disengage Ultrazord!" Trent yelled.

"What?!" said Conner.

"Huh?!" said Ethan.

"If we do we're toast!" Kira said.

"Just trust me on this!" he said.

The Dragozord and Stegozord separated from the Thundersaraus and quickly formed the Dino Stegozord. The Stegostroyer threw the Thundersarus to the ground and blasted them with an emerald lightning blast from its mouth.

"Leave them alone!" Trent yelled the Dino Stegozord flew at him headfirst and knocked him to the ground. The White Ranger's zord stood guard over the fallen one.

"You guys all right?" he asked.

"Yeah." Said Kira.

"We'll live." Said Tommy.

"How about a little warning next time you do that?" Ethan said.

"Sorry guys, but its going to take everything we have to defeat him." Trent apologized.

"He's right." Tommy told him.

"All right let's get back in the fight." Said Conner.

The Megazord was back on its feet the same time the Stegostroyer was. The monster's eyes glowed yelled as it rolled into ball form and went after them again.

"Tail attack!" Trent yelled.

The Stegozord's tail extended and leaped into the air and intercepted the Stegostroyer with its own spin attack. Sparks flew as their giant spikes ground into each other but the Stegostroyer was too powerful and knocked Trent out of the sky. And fired a blast out of its mouth while he was down.

"Trent!" Kira yelled.

The Thundersarus threw its Pterarang at the monster and struck him in the shoulder the monster turned its attention on them and charged in.

"Look out!" Trent yelled the Meagzord jumped to its feet and blocked it with his staff holding it off as long as he can.

"Hold on Trent!" yelled Kira.

The Thundersarus jumped over them with the Mesodon axes still in hand and slashed at the monster from behind. The monster growled as it slowed down Trent saw his chance and slashed it with his Drago Stinger it was enough to knock him out of ball form and onto the ground. Trent charged up his Drago Stinger and launched it at the monster but it had no effect.

"Full power!" Conner yelled.

The two Megazords stood side by side. And fired a concentrated blast at the monster. The massive energy wave washed over the monster but it still wasn't enough to defeat him.

"This is nuts!" Conner said.

"How do we beat this guy?" asked Ethan.

"We have to recombine the zords." Trent said.

"Make up your freakin' mind already!" Conner yelled.

"Conner!" Kira yelled.

"I'm sorry I'm just trying to figure out a way to beat him." Trent said.

"We have to try something. Re-align configurement." Tommy ordered.

The Valkerysarus reformed and took flight.

"Head into the sun, I have another plan." Trent said.

"All right." Conner said.

The Valkerysarus headed towards the sun the closer they got to the atmosphere the Megazord started to heat up. The entire thing was glowing gold. Kira and the others were in awe.

"I get it. We're going to use all this heat to plow into him." Conner said.

"You got it!" Trent said.

"That's so cool. Wait, we're going to be made into a living projectile!" Ethan said.

"That's the idea." Trent told him.

"Trent are you sure about this?" Tommy asked.

"As sure as I'll ever be." He said.

"Trent if we die I'm going to kick your ass." Kira said.

"It'll work guys don't worry." He said.

"If it don't I got dibs!" Conner said.

Fully charged the Ultrazord whipped around and headed back toward earth in a living fireball. The monster growled as they came towards him.

"You really think I'm going to take this laying down?! Think again!" he yelled and propelled himself into the air in his ball state and flew towards the oncoming Valkerysarus.

"Hang on guys!" Trent yelled.

Kira grabbed onto Conner's hand, as he was the closest and headed towards the monster.

"Everyone brace for impact!" he yelled.

The Rangers clinched their eyes as they braced for impact, the Red Ranger threw up his arm to cover his eyes the Stegostroyer barreled towards them and then impact. A massive explosion incinerated the monster, the Dinozords were blown apart, the Rangers were forced back into their zords but some of them didn't make it back as the zords crashed into the ocean in burning heaps. Kira, Conner, Ethan and Tommy fell into the ocean Trent was the only one that made it back.

"Guys!" he yelled.

Trent dived in after them and rescued Kira, he then managed to grab onto Conner, as Tommy rescued Ethan. They surfaced in the middle of the wreckage. The zords were mainly in one piece but were still burning from their trip to the atmosphere Trent managed to get Kira and Conner onto the Dragozord's beak and removed their helmets under their own power as the helmets floated in the ocean. Tommy and Ethan were resting against the Tyrannozord's leg.

"Is everyone ok?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah." Conner said.

Ethan choked up some water as they floated there.

"Kira? Kira are you all right?" asked Trent.

The Yellow Ranger laid on her back on the Dragozord's beak. David swam out to meet them. Trent shook her but got no response. Conner made his way over to her.

"She needs CPR." He said.

Just as he was about to deliver, Kira held him back with a finger to his mouth.

"Don't even think about it." She told him.

"Kira!" Trent said enthusiastically.

"Trent do me a favor, don't ever do that again." she told him.

"You got it." He said.

The White Ranger put his arms around Kira's neck as she held him in her embrace. Conner sulked arms crossed and floated there.

"Everyone all right?" David said making it to the rest of the Rangers.

"Yeah we're all fine. The Dinozords are going to need a little work though." Tommy said he and Ethan surveyed the damage.

The damage seemed to be fairly minor nothing more than a few scorch marks in the armor.

"We wont know till we get them back to base." He said.

Once they returned the zord to thier secret hiding place. Haley took account of the damage while the Rangers waited in the lab. It was then the team's technician entered the room.

"Ok, after going over the zords' bio-systems there seems to be very little damage considering what they've been through I should have them up and running in a couple hours." she told them.

"Ok, thanks Haley." said Tommy.

"So in the meantime what do we do wtih him?" asked Kira.

"I think David has more than proven his medal. What do you guys think?" he asked the team.

The guys looked at each other and nodded.

"Yeah sure." Conner said.

"I'm all for it." Ethan said.

"Me too." said Kira.

"Trent? What about you?" Tommy asked.

Trent just bowed his head. He wasnt sure what to think.

"Trent?" he asked.

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