-1Sakura felt out of place. Well, she used to. She remembered the day when she got paired up with Naruto and Sasuke for their Team 7. She considered herself the luckiest girl in the world. She, Haruno Sakura, was paired up with the two boys who were most popular amongst the current generation. She remembered smirking smugly to Ino when she was paired and her shocked and out raged look.

Uchiha Sasuke was the best in the class. He lived only with his older brother, Uchiha Itachi, as his parents and clan were mysteriously murdered years ago. He was very quiet, stealthy, and anti-social. That only made girls gravitate towards him. He hardly ever spoke, unless asked to, sometimes not even then. He excelled at everything in the academy, from kunai(1) throwing to ginjutsu.

Uzumaki Naruto was much the same. He and Sasuke were best of friends, and there was even a rumor that he lived with the Uchihas. He had the clearest and bluest eyes, which went perfectly with his soft blonde hair and tan skin. He was simply sun shine, if it wasn't for the dark and baggy clothes he wore. He was also anti-social, and only talked to Sasuke. Even so, he was second best in the academy, just behind Sasuke.

All of Konoha knew he had no parents, and that was what pretty much made him to go dark. Sakura remembered that in Naruto's early years, he was always happy, but as the reality of not having parents, and the loathing attitudes the adults gave him sank in, he slowly began to diminish his cheerful attitude.

In the beginning, Sakura felt so awkward around the two silent boys. She soon realized that they were okay though. When Kakashi-sensei gave them the task of retrieving bells from him, Naruto and Sasuke had gotten then from the silver-haired man with amazing teamwork that left even their sensei surprised, but that meant that Sakura still couldn't eat.

Amazingly, though, Naruto and Sasuke had offered her food and fed her. Then, when Kakashi appeared, steaming angry, they firmly stood up for her, accepting her into their team. Pretty much from there, Sakura became friends with the two dark boys. She knew that they didn't tell her everything but enough to keep her satisfied.



"Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura," Tsunade began, "I have an important mission for you three."

Team 7 glanced up, paying up most attention.

"You three will be given an A-rank mission," she said, clearly surprising the fourteen year olds. Such missions were not imposed on them often. "You three will be going to England for year--"

"Tsunade-baa-chan," interrupted Naruto. One of Tsunade's veins visibly twitched. "Why a year?"

"What's an England?" asked Sasuke.

Tsunade sighed, trying to keep her patience. "I was getting to that." She sighed once more. "You three will be posing as transfer students for a year at a magical school called Hogwarts. Your goal is to get near Harry Potter and protect him at all costs without letting him know. Your story is that you three ninjas are doing an assignment on getting to know other countries. Yes, the school will know you are ninjas.

"This Hogwarts school, is for young witches and wizards and is a boarding school. The staff at this school will know your true purpose as for being there, but you must not let the students know.

"England is a country. Not many know this, but our countries here are in a different dimension, unreachable by normal humans. England exists in another dimension, but the Wizarding school has magic around it, keeping away those without the skills necessary away."

There was a bit of a silence, before Kakashi suddenly appeared, scaring the spit out of most in the room. As the smoke cleared, they saw him put his perverted book away.

"Did you tell them?" he asked Tsunade. She nodded. "Most of it," said Tsunade.

The Hokage of the Leaf turned back to the shinobi, "Kakashi will be accompanying you."

The three ninjas; jaws hit the floor anime-style. "Nani?!"(2)

Tsunade looked at them. "Kakashi will be posing as a teacher there. A Physical Defense teacher."

There was a finality in those words that clearly stated that this meeting was over.

"You are to report here the day after tomorrow with your belongings at dawn, sharp."

They were somewhat surprised at how soon they would need to leave. Kakashi bid them farewell, and disappeared from sight, Sakura bid Tsunade farewell as well, and Naruto and Sasuke just nodded.



(1)Kunai: the sharp pointy knife thingy that Naruto and everyone uses,

(2)Nani: equivalent to "what"



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