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The white tom was tired, this was true; but his green eyes were locked on the sleeping scarlet she-cat. Sparkfur's beauty was beyond him, and one thing wasn't: He was in love with her.

He glanced over at Fawnstream, curled up with her six kits: Russetkit, Quailkit, Cherrykit, Beechkit, Larkkit, and Ivykit. This was his sister's third litter, and this was the most she'd ever had. Because of the coming winter and lack of food, exhaustion gnawed at her heels especially; she had six little ones to feed, not to mind her own body. Moonheart bit his cheek, feeling a twinge of worry in his belly.

He heard a voice. "What're you doing?" Moonheart whipped around quickly, and found it was only Mothflower. She chuckled. "I noticed you kept staring at Sparkfur. Got a crush on a foreign cat?"

The tom flattened his ears and hissed. "No. She's…just pretty, that's all."

"HUH WHO DAT!" Sparkfur leaped in the air, swung her head around, and then collapsed again, snoring loudly.

"Quite a keeper," Mothflower commented.



The tan tom swished his tail, a lust for power filling his stomach. Swiping his tongue around his lips and tasting only last night's meal, he whipped around. "You lot! Is there any food?"

No one replied, so Deaddust stalked to the pit where the fresh-kill was kept. It wasn't really a pit, more like a steep dip in the hill. Peering in, he saw a few bird carcasses, some mice, and…ah! Perfect! He tenderly picked out a juicy vole by the tail and strutted back to his perch above the hollow. As he crunched on the meat, he spotted a gray she-cat padding out of the hollow. An extra-hard bite gave him a scratch on the inside of his cheek.

"Deaddust? Do you really think we should kill off ThunderClan? I mean, they don't deserve it," a voice sounded. He turned. It was his mate, Bloodrose.

"Ha! Until the Black Raven appears, they deserve everything I give them!" he snarled, slashing her face. She flinched, but lowered her eyes and turned her white, scarred body away to find the medicine cat, Killingfang. Peering around, he noticed Poisonclaw lean over and whisper something to Evilbite.

"What did you say?" he growled, padding over. The tabby tom looked horrified. Deaddust pressed his skull against Poisonclaw's. "What. Did. You. Say?"

"Nothing. Nothing of disrespect, Deaddust!" Poisonclaw howled, rolling onto his back in a doglike submission.

"Good, because if you did, JaggedClan would have to, well, you know—kill you." He gave him a glance, smacked him in the face with his tail, and darted away. Deaddust peered over the edge, then spun and called, "Evilbite! Get me a few rocks."

The golden queen picked up two large stones and dropped them at the tom's paws. He dipped his head, then looked down, judging who he should hit. A brown tabby she-cat trotted below the hollow, just in the right range…and he slid it off the edge. Crack! It hit her with a sickening crunch. She crumpled to the ground, bright red blood oozing from her wound. A dark gray tom bounded toward her. "Brook!" he yowled, amber eyes glinting with sorrow. He looked up to see a tan tail just disappearing.



The red tom looked over the blind medicine cat's apprentice shoulder. "How is she?"

Jayleaf growled, pushing him away with his tail.

"We don't know. The wound was bad, but smell the rock that hit her," Jayleaf mewed. Leafpool pushed it toward him. It was mostly smooth, a dark gray spattered with blood with one jagged edge. He gave it a sniff.


"What?" Leafpool prompted.

"JaggedClan!" Redstar hissed, bristling. He turned and ran out of the den, taking a flying leap up onto the Highledge. "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Highledge for a Clan meeting!"

The cats, all inside because of the snow, trudged through the fluff to the Highledge. They were surprised to see him panting for breath. "Cats of ThunderClan!" he meowed. "We all know Brook was hit by a rock. Not just a loose one—a JaggedClan cat pushed it over the edge!"

"What's JaggedClan?" called Bumblebee.

"Who remembers Deadkit?" he yowled, looking about. A few cats meowed they remembered. "He hated his name. He hated it all. He left! He built a Clan."

"I thought he'd drowned!" said Brackenfur.

"No. He's mad at us. And now, he plans to kill us!" Redstar yowled.

"Kill! Kill!" chorused a few dozen voices, there was a crack, and Redstar fell from the Highledge.


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