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"Spoken" fiancée


Hello Kitty!

--- EPILOGUE ---

The pigtailed boy sighed. He'd been right and taking Akane to the school dance had sparked Fiancée Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Rivals. Still it hadn't been quite that bad since he'd gotten his third kiss from Akane after they had left the restaurant he'd taken her… with Genma's money much to the Panda's dismay. The second kiss had been a reward for turning Ukyo down when she approached him about the dance.

First half had been fine, until Shampoo had crashed through the wall and demanded that her 'Airen' dance with her. All would have been fine and normal and there would have been a fight between Ukyo and Shampoo and Kodachi, who had also shown up, were it not for the fact that Tatewaki Kuno had been up to no good and had liberally spiked the punch in hopes of getting either or both of his loves to reveal their true feelings. Fortunately Ranma didn't get splashed and his male half had a reasonable tolerance for alcohol… unfortunately Akane didn't have quite the capacity and she was somewhat tipsy.

As a result she, due feeling threatened by Shampoo's arrival on top of the other fiancées or fiancée wannabes, reacted by pulling Ranma into their fourth kiss… and first with tongues and all… and in front of everybody no less. It should be noted that Ranma was far too stunned to actually return the kiss but that didn't matter for those who fancied themselves as potential love interests for either Ranma or Akane.

Ranma winced as he moved slightly, favouring his left shoulder where Kuno's bokken had cut his suit. Not that there weren't more similar wounds all over his body seeing as he'd tried his best to keep Akane out of the way of flying kitchen implements, spiked clubs and other such things.

The girl in question was snoring gently in his arms, sleeping off the alcohol that had been slipped into her drink and presumably dreaming of a certain pig-tailed martial artists since she was very reluctant to let go. So reluctant that Ranma had given up on trying to pry her off himself and just resigned to the fate that he'd probably be beaten up in the morning again. Unless their fathers found the two of them from the Dojo attic… then he'd get beaten up and most likely stuffed into a wedding kimono. The boy tilted his head. 'Come to think of it they've been awfully quiet about us going to the dance together… the fools probably have a wedding planned for tomorrow anyway. Or something totally underhanded like a trip to a local 'Rabu-Rabu Hoteru''

Ranma sighed, looked around to make sure there was no-one watching and snuck a quick and guilty kiss on Akane's forehead before leaning back and muttering. "Ah hell… it'll be worth it."

That and seeing Nabiki's face when he threw a few comments about cute Hello Kitty underwear was priceless…


rabu-rabu hoteru is… dun dun dun… yes it's a love hotel!

Anyway I kind of cooked this up whilst having a pneumonia and being totally delirious from the meds and fever combination. As the story started to take form I realized that in the first version Neko-Ranma just fixed everything and that was pretty boring… soooo I reworked some scenes (most notably the amazon scene).

This was originally an oneshot but I decided to cut it in three since nearly 9k words is a bit longish for an oneshot. And just had to add the epilogue…

So… who's going to make the insane Christmas story this year? Where Mousse is mistaken for the turkey and Ryoga gets an apple in his mouth… mmmhhmm ham…