Title: Stargate Wives: Season three

Author: JovianJeff

Category: AU

Content Rating: T

Content Warnings: None

Pairings: Jack/Sara; Teal'c/Drey'auc, Daniel/Sha're

Season: Three

Spoilers: Into the Fire (Part 2)

Summary: Stargate wives is where the series generally ran as it did, but Sara, Sha're and Drey'auc are apart of the regular cast like Gen. Hammond and Dr. Frasier. Diverging from "Cold Lazarus" for Sara, "Bloodlines" for Drey'auc and "Forever in a Day" for Sha're. Seen through diary entries or introspective thoughts of the wives.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author. This story may not be posted elsewhere without the consent of the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Arthur notes:

Stargate wives was born out of a hobbyhorse of mine about couples in scifi. I know it's the reality of the medium, but it's sad that maybe three science fiction television shows in the past forty or so years have had three married couples as regulars, and Firefly killed off theirs in the movie.

The Stargate Wives concept was inspired by the works of LE McMurray and C. L. Kamnikar.

This begins season three, Sara and Drey'auc have an established friendship. The adventures continue with the both of them, adding in Sha're to their circle after "Forever and a Day" and the Interlude "Eurydice Ascending".

This season also brings with it some crossovers with other author's works that I had become particularly enamored with. Like Kitipurr's take on a different Stargate SG-7, and LE McMurray's premise for bringing back Claire Jackson, Daniel's mother.

This season also continues the tradition of 'Cameo Crossovers' from season two. The majority will be in the form of other SG teams, background characters or races from other television show with Stargate's universe as the default. The crossovers won't be due to time travel or travel from other realities, they are all assumed to be in the same universe just tweaked to fit with the Stargate mythos. And it is my intension to keep them background characters to not repeat the too many directions of season two.

Into the Fire

Sara's diary

I wasn't at the gate when Colonel Makepeace came rushing in with his team. 'Toto' came and told me that they'd found Jack! It was the oddest thing too, the official story is that the Tok'ra found SG-3 on their off world mission and informed them they had an operative where Hathor was keeping my Jack and SG-1. However what Robert actually reported to General Hammond was something different. And yes, he brings news about Jack, he gets called Robert in this diary. Where Robert's actual report included that hadn't made the base's grapevine is that it wasn't the Tok'ra that delivered the news, it was the Re'tu.

Apparently my idea of typing on the computer when Charlie's mom was here gave Ma'chello an idea and now they could 'speak' over the radio, though K-9 is quick to correct me it's not quite speaking, it is a form of digital radio. With Maureen's stopgap measure of medicating a Tok'ra symbiote with a concoction derived from a plant on PJ2-445, the Tok'ra and Re'tu have begun talks about working together against the Goa'uld.

Anyway, while Claire and I listened to him I hazard a guess that with the accuracy of K-9's report that he had to have been listening in on the debriefing Robert was giving General Hammond. It's too soon to be in the computer, though I have a sneaking suspicion that means little to Toto here. Claire pretty much confirmed both suspicions when she admits she knew an earlier mark of K-9 when she offhandedly mentioned she once traveled with the Doctor.

This floored me of course. Finding out that Claire had time traveled, or that was what I thought she meant when she told me traveled with the Doctor.

To try and cover my shock, I attempted to change the subject, suggesting that we might want report what K-9 could do to General Hammond as a possible security breech, but Claire's reasoning easily brushed aside my stated concern. It wasn't actually a concern I had, but I wanted to say something and not just gape at my next door neighbor with this casual revelation. She vouched for the Doctor and he vouched for K-9 which she reminded me was fine with the General. So unless Toto lets someone else knows he can eavesdrop -through- walls, this will just have to be our little secret.

Claire pointed out to me that a girl's got to have some secrets.

K-9 ability to sense Re'tu will not one of those secrets. Not that it was one we had to keep, as General Hammond called and asked me to bring K-9 to see him. Seems he guessed, or knew, what Toto could do too. He wanted to find out if any Re'tu came in with Robert. Two had, and that was as many as Robert said had come with his team. Apparently they were organizing something like SG teams for now. If or when Sam, Maureen and Ma'chello perfects their masking thingie, then the Re'tu could start spying more directly on the Goa'uld.

This time they were acting as messengers, trying to find any SG team to pass on what the Tok'ra had found out and just so happened upon Robert's team. K-9 acted as their translator and even got a 'good dog Toto' from Robert and several of his men.

I was so moved when I heard that General Hammond was going to send every available SG team. If only most of them were not off world. It's not like we could wait until they get back, nor send our two Re'tu to go and search for them. So it was SG-3, 5, 6 and 11 that were going to go after them. I knew Robert of course, as well as Major Richard Thacher who led SG-6, and met Captain Conner of SG-11. He's especially motivated as SG-1 saved him twice. Once when he was apart of SG-9 as Lt. Conner and then later on at PX4-887, Tonane's planet along with the rest of his team SG-11 as Capt. Conner.

They were motivated, armed for bear and I had expected them to bring SG-1 back. However, hours later General Hammond was talking reinforcements, apparently all did not go well for them. There would be no shortage of volunteers for reinforcements sent. By now, quite a few SG teams had checked in as if they somehow heard that they might be needed. Chris, Lou, Guy, even Dave offered his team to go reinforce the rescue, General Hammond would have SG 2, 7, 8, and 13 ready to act like the cavalry if he gave the word.

It turned out the word wouldn't be given as Washington had another idea, which was to not send in reinforcements. All I could think was Kinsey, it had to be him. But there was no way for me to know and even Toto has range limitation. If General Hammond knew he didn't say either way. Though from the tone I heard him talking about it, he doesn't know for certain.

That's what he did the unexpected. He couldn't send any SG teams, and since he promised reinforcements, he decided to go to Chulak to get them. His plan is to see if Teal'c and Drey'auc had raised the army they had hoped to in order to go find SG-1. If anything, Will assured the General that Robby is like a tank in firepower and protection. Rob alone should add heavy firepower to a team of one Major General George Hammond.

Now I only found out about the General's plans because he asked K-9 to establish a radio link to Robby and soon afterwards I watched as General Hammond head off world to Chulak. Hopefully he'll be able to fulfill his promise to his teams, and they in turn bring SG-1 and my Jack back to me.

Drey'auc's day

I still think it a wonder that no-other Goa'uld had moved to take over Chulak. Perhaps it wasn't considered as important as it was not Apophis' throne world. Still we were ready to do battle upon exiting the Chappa'ai. Soon after our exit Robby assures us no threat existed in the vicinity. However, he did let us know we were not alone.

Teal'c spotted our son first, not showing his pride that Rya'c's skills towards becoming a warrior have increased. I could tell he was proud of our son, but he would not express this as it might spoil his training to even speak of it. As our son approached, we immediately know something was wrong before he starts to babble something about Master Bra'tac. After making sure Rya'c was indeed well, Teal'c raced ahead while I and Robby tended to my son.

Robby fascinated my son with his size and ability to check for injuries by scanning. When Rya'c found out he was built by his Tau'ri friend Will Robinson, his eyes grew wide in away I have not seen in years it seems. His childlike wonder as Sara would put it came back in 'spades', a high number from what I can determine from the way the Tau'ri talk. There was also pride with his Tau'ri friend to make something so much more magnificent than what the false gods could come up with. At least to his eyes.

Once I know Rya'c is well, we traveled to Master Bra'tac's where my son had just escaped from a gathering of former Serpent guards there. Rya'c still felt badly for leaving Master Bra'tac and I had to often remind him of the very story he told us, where he was ordered to go and wait by the Chappa'ai. To make sure no other forces had come through while Jaffa is divided against Jaffa.

When we arrive I see the wounds upon Master Bra'tac and know the next time he orders my son to go, it is likely Rya'c will chose to disobey his tec'ma-te. We stay with Master Bra'tac as my husband and Robby go out in the town. Their return has the air of success, and my husband believe many will come to the meeting tomorrow where Teal'c will speak with them. With Robby as guard, the four of us are able to kel'no reem that night. Tomorrow brings a day for the tongue to win a battle of words to raise an army to go search for SG-1.

I listen to my husband talk, watching with pride as he addresses the throng before him. Glaring at those who will not hear his words, only lay the blame of their woes on the one who would free them from the slavery of the Goa'uld. Young and old, men and women, they listen, or rather they hear and do not fully comprehend what this means.

I could not hold my tongue as some started to walk away. Not when the women were the first to turn from the words of freedom that my husband offered. I started to speak, moving out of the alcove where I and Rya'c stood waiting.

Teal'c flinched, barely noticeable by any who knew him. He did not expect this, Master Bra'tac did not and I am sure Rya'c did not either as he stood astounded as I move forward, my staff weapon upright in hand as my husband carried his. That fact was not lost on any in the assemblage and as one the women stopped, turned and I believe started to listen.

They could see I was armed when it was not appropriate to be so. Women defended, they did not take up arms unless our men had either failed to stop the enemy or another had come while they were away. I say as much, almost making it sound like an apology for appearing before them armed as I am as the words come to me.

"...and I do not apologize for appearing before you today. For I am armed with freedom and no longer have to follow the ways our false god had imposed upon us. I can choose to fight. I can choose to be with my husband and make a stand. I have known the sweetness of standing by my husband as we fought side-by-side as one." Pausing I hear the murmurs, some approving, some disbelieving, others with their sensibilities shocked, yet all were paying attention.

"I speak to you mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, sim'ka. You may enjoy this freedom now. You could choose to use the skills we have cultivated to keep our homes safe and take them to the enemy before the enemy comes to our doorstep, to our families, and to our children."

By now I stood by Teal'c, Bra'tac looking on, everyone watching my every move as I plant my staff weapon and continue to recall my husband's words from just moments before, tailoring them to my tongue, "We shall grow stronger. Together, men and women, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, we shall grow stronger. Forging alliances with one another and in turn more with other Jaffa beyond the Chappa'ai. Then we shall stand taller than the Goa'uld who uses us as their power. We shall be a power onto ourselves. I ask the words my husband asks of you. Who will join us?"

I could not imagine what the numbers would have been had I let my tongue be stilled. I saw old men who still have life to raise a weapon, and I saw warriors who wear our armor, but most of all I see the small numbers swell as far more women stand with them. Some side-by-side with mates, with fathers and brothers, with sim'ka.

And I see General Hammond which shocks me more than perhaps my family had been that I spoke.

We will not have to search, he knows where SG-1 is and in fact has come to ask if we could help with SG teams all ready sent in to retrieve SG-1. Yet as General Hammond describes what awaits us on the other side of the Chappa'ai Master Bra'tac seems a fire with an idea. He, my husband and General Hammond go to follow his thought while Rya'c, Robby and I wait those who pledged their help to arrive at the Chappa'ai.

Soon I see what could only be a cha'tak. Rya'c has never seen one, and it has been years since my husband came home radiant with excitement having flown one. Few can properly pilot a cha'tak to thread the needle with what Master Bra'tac describes to General Hammond a 'Gate Glider', however it will improve our battle strength as much as Robby and those we have gathered.

Rya'c was not happy about being left behind. Yet Master Bra'tac was adamant, and said his skills were not yet ready for the challenge this combat will present them. I could feel my husband's relief that it was the teacher, not the parents, forbidding his going into this battle. Had it been either Teal'c or myself attempting to reason with our son we might well be discussing it for days.

Finally my husband and General Hammond flew the cha'tak through the Chappa'ai, with Robby and then the rest of us following. The two Staff towers are dealt with quickly as the cha'tak takes out one, Robby the other, the rest of us charge and fire at the mixture of elite guards that are in the service of Hathor apparently.

Serpent, Horus, Jackal of Anubis, Unas mask of Sokar, Dragon of Yu, Yoruba mask of Olokun, Noh mask of Amaterasu, Crocodile of Sobek, Minotaurs of Cronus, so many gathered under Hathor as if she were a Supreme System Lord. It later we find that O'Neill cured her of that delusion with her death. Again the Tau'ri lead the way of victory, there can be no doubt of their prowess and their eventual leading us to freedom.

Sha're's story

Qetesh has 'asked' my demon to her court. We find that she wishes to boast how wise my demon had been to accept her hospitality. She teases my demon implying news of a Tau'ri victory weeks ago has many System Lords talking. My demon in turn toys with implications of the treasure she would share with Qetesh and she relents to tell my demon the news.

Hathor is dead.

She had captured SG-1 in her attempt to gain information about the System Lords. Information the Antianeirai would not share and she dare not try other ways as it had been discovered she took elite guards from all over the Goa'uld Empire. The demons Anubis and Sokar did not care so much, and the likely dead Apophis had no say in the matter. However, Cronus, Yu, Heru-ur, and Sobek very much did object.

I realized before my demon that there was more than merely the boasting of 'good judgment' to leave Hathor and ally with Qetesh. She now enjoys the service of Serpent guards that were once in my demon's lord's service. I feel her fury each time my demon sees them on either side of Qetesh on her throne. They are a constant reminder of the price she had to pay for the 'good sense' to accept the hospitality of Qetesh.

Qetesh informs my demon that we shall have visitors coming. Two will be from the court of Cronus. Out of the two of them Athena, Qetesh warns my demon, will wish to curry favor and will accompany her sister Aphrodite on this visit. She suspects that Aphrodite wishes to confirm the death of Hathor, of whom my demon informs me they were bitter rivals.

My demon also wishes to see Aphrodite as that demon is thought to be one of the possible demons responsible for my demon's former host being 'poisoned'. That word is what she sneers that my 'primitive mind' could comprehend of na-no-cytes that a Sarcophagus could not heal her from. So my demon's lord removed her from her host before she died and placed my demon in a loyal Jaffa.

In the quietness of my mind I realize that whoever poisoned my demon earlier is the reason I was taken. My demon's lord went immediately to search for a new host for Amonet and I was among those abducted. I soon find out that I was not Teal'c's first choice. While I do not blame the Jaffa for doing what he had to, I know now that he might have been trying to shield me by choosing Tau'ri woman in my place. What blame I did have for Teal'c was laid to rest after meeting him for that short time on Abydos, and meeting his wife, Drey'auc. I know she will look after my Dan'yel as Teal'c will look after O'Neill.

The arrival of Kishijoten is a surprise to my demon who expected Amaterasu. Because other than Athena, the rest of the demons gathered here are queen-mothers. Amonet is somewhat mollified as Kishijoten brought along her geisha that my demon is looking forward to being well entertained by. Entertainment might explain why their faces are painted white for I see no other reason for it, nor does my demon explain. I think she does not know and will not admit her lack of knowledge.

Finally Cliodhna arrived from the court of Camulus with some of the most unusual attendants I have seen so far in my captivity. Tiny winged women that fluttered around her singing her praises. If I had mastery of my own body my mouth would gape at the sight. So small, nearly a cubit tall with wingspans just over two cubits wide. My demon senses this amazement and informs me that Cliodhna created these cha'tar. It is what gods and goddesses do, create life or end it. I quietly pretend to accept her statement, she would go on and on otherwise. There are better thoughts to think about.

Dan'yel would ask so many questions now and I would love hearing his theories as he shared his thoughts. He would explain what the word geisha means and why they attend Kishijoten. He would tell me what a fairy is and why my demon calls them cha'tar in her mind. She also calls them spies and I have doubt they would make good ones. They are so small, can fly, they could go many places Human, Jaffa or Goa'uld could not.

Athena starts to question Kishijoten why she is here in place of Amaterasu, a question my demon wants an answer to as well, when Aphrodite interrupts by asking my demon about her clothing. My demon beams with the compliment one moment, suspect treachery the next. Convinced that she was going to once more copy her style back among the court of Cronus and claim she came up with it.

Amonet seethes thinking of the time Aphrodite stole her favorite perfume and only calms when she recalls that Aphrodite just could never achieve the regal look my demon had cultivated for millennia. She knows she must remain calm, for while Aphrodite appears purely vain and vacuous on the surface, beneath that she is an intelligent, ruthlessly cunning and a master deceiver. She is perhaps the most dangerous of the queen-mothers at this gathering.

I find my demon has definite opinions on each of the queen-mothers visiting, boasting that none could match her splendor that she defines the very essence of being a queen. All the others try to comfort themselves with vain attempts of displaying some facet of self conceit, and such gatherings are typically only for the purpose of showing theirs to the others.

Cliodhna typically flaunts her intelligence, Qetesh her allure, Amaterasu her grandeur, reminding the rest of us that she rules on her own without a lord and Aphrodite wants to make sure everyone acknowledges that she is the most beautiful.

She could very well be the one who poisoned us. For once my demon and I have a common goal to find out who it was. I want to know which demon was responsible for taking me from my home and my Dan'yel.

Author's notes;

Goa'uld-Jaffa language lesson--sim'ka means 'fiance(e)', or 'betrothed' and cha'tak I made up, the 'cha' as in Chappa'ai as in the Stargate, it also is used to mean small or young and adding a 'tak at the end as two ship types Ha'tak and Tel'tak have. I also made up cha'tar the 'cha' meaning small and the 'tar seem to mean human.

You'll notice a lot more of the helmeted Jaffa mask in this one as unlike the show, fanfics don't have to worry about budget. So instead of just letting them fade into the background as they had to do in the series, I can have the System Lords with their own Jaffa masked guards. So with these stories more than Apophis' Serpent Guards and Heru-ur's Horus, or even the movie's Anubis helmeted guard for Ra will show up.

Aphrodite's character as described in this chapter is a creation of LightningCount for the fanfic series "Stargate: Invasion" by Some guy.

The fairies are from another fanfic series "Don't Call Me Tinkerbell!" by Livi2Jack. And lest anyone think I've fallen off the scifi wagon, Livi did come up with an excellent rational for a fairy in Stargate that is not supernatural nor ignores physics;

They have many nodules of brain-like tissue all along their spinal cord and even in other areas of their bodies. These nodes a kind of neural net. They have two hearts and an air sac in their body cavity linked to their lungs to give them oxygen on both inhalation and exhalation. They have bones that are mostly hollow and gossamer wings.

Again for Sha're I went with cubits. Here are the measurements taken from Livi's stories of the 'fairy' in her story; 11 inches tall and a wing span of 3.5 feet.