::End:: Brave New World

"Hmm...I can't tell if I like this vest or not. I mean, I can't wear orange with it because it clashes too much with the green."

Sakura turned around on her seat to face Naruto who was frowning down at his Jounin vest. She rolled her eyes. "Orange clashes with everything, baka."

Naruto sighed. "Well at least the cast is gone." He said proudly, holding up his unscarred right arm.

Upon returning to Konoha, Sakura had plastered up his forearm and spoon feed him for a week because she didn't want him using it. Kakashi also made due on his promise and both were promoted to Jounin a few days after their return.

Naruto had abandoned his orange and black jacket for a black shirt that he wore under his Jounin vest with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Sakura kept the same outfit on underneath, but left the vest unzipped.

Naruto took a seat next to Sakura when Sai poofed in front of them, perched on the counter. He quickly jumped off before Ayame could catch him. Ayame was pretty brutal with Sai when he wasn't respectable, but that was only because she had a crush on him…although Sai didn't know it yet.

"Well," Said Sai, standing behind them. "What do you think?" He asked, gesturing to his new outfit.

Sai was now sporting a normal ANBU outfit complete with the silver chest armor and a mask he decorated himself sitting on the side of his head. His ink, brushes and scrolls were strapped on a belt around his waist.

"I think it's great you left Ne." Said Sakura smiling.

"Yeah, I bet that Houtai Omo never saw it coming." Grinned Naruto. Sai shrugged.

"Danzo-sama is just out of his league. If Tsunade-sama gets her way, he's gonna be out of here. It's good you left, Sai." Said Sakura.

"Danzo-sama was wrong to repress such an interesting thing like emotion," Said Sai talking a seat. "Maybe I'll kill him in his sleep."

Naruto and Sakura stared at Sai with their mouths open before Naruto started forcefully laughing. "Haha! Your first joke, Sai!"

But Sai just stared at him blankly and Naruto's smile faded.

"Are we interrupting something?"

Team Kakashi whipped around.

"Harry!" Naruto yelled, flying out of his seat to hug Harry.

"How have you been?" Harry asked as Naruto moved to Hermione and Sakura hugged Harry.

"Everything's been great." Smiled Sakura.

"Welcome to Ichiraku's!" Said Naruto spreading his arms wide. "Come, have a seat! Hey...old man!"

Teuchi quickly appeared. "Hey, Naruto...new friends I see."

"Yep," Said Naruto proudly, "Now, they are new to ramen so you better bring them a sample of everything."

"Everything?!" Teuchi exclaimed.

"Hell yeah!" Said Naruto.

Teuchi walked in the back, shaking his head.

"Ron, you're looking shiner than usual." Commented Sai.

"It's these clothes!" Said Ron, spreading his arms out. "Business is good! And…guess what? George got a girlfriend!"

Hermione and Harry turned to Ron. "You're kidding. Who? You never told us this." Said Harry.

"You won't believe this...it's Angelina Johnson!" Said Ron.

"What?!" Cried Hermione.

"No!" Shouted Naruto. "The Quidditch Captain?!"

Ron eagerly nodded his head.

"What about you Harry?" Asked Sai.

"I've started training to become an Auror." Said Harry happily. "It helps out a lot that Kingsley is Minister too."

Teuchi returned with their ramen and the wizards were overwhelmed by the amount. They all dug in, happily chattering.

Naruto couldn't help smiling as he ate. Sakura caught this and smiled herself before kissing him on the cheek and then returned to her ramen.

"I'm proud of you kit." Said Kyuubi.

They may have been from different worlds, but now, they were just six friends eating ramen.

Life was good.


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