Note: Just recently I came across the Five Things That Never Happened device in the Yu-gi-oh! fandom. I immediately took a great liking to it and just as the author (Scribbler) of the fic I read, did, I am going to include the instructions for the concept below, in the hope that it will spread. Happy typing to y´all!

Instructions: "Basically, it consists of writing five scenes that are a departure from canon, either drastically or more subtly. They can be interconnected, or they can not be. The whole point is just to come up with five separate possibilities."

Note II: All five scenes can be read independently from each other. Most will be set in the SEGA universe. For scene one there´s a slight Archie/SatAM warning, but you can read it even if you don´t know much about that sonicverse - the only things you should know are that Sonic lives in the village of Knothole with lots of other anthros (calling themselves Freedom Fighters), and that Sally is his friend and the princess of the royal family of Acorn. There you go. Please enjoy!

Five Things that Never Happened

by Taranea

Scene 1: Still the Fastest

Sonic was grinning. The air was rushing past him and he was winning the race. All of the other contestants were far behind him and he could hear the voices of his friends chanting in his ears, cheering him on. His muscles were already aching, but now he put on an extra dose of speed. The finishing line came in sight and he went for it. The band tore as he pushed through and the rush of adrenaline and happiness was what he lived for.

Sonic proudly sat on the pedestal as the gold medal was awarded to him and later joined his friends who were now hailing him towards them.

"Great job, Sonic! I´m so happy for you!" His oldest friend Sally bent down to hug him and he joyfully returned the gesture, high-fiving Rotor the walrus with the other hand.

"Eet vos a marvelous race, I´m sure." Antoine commented, receiving a grin and a thumbs-up from the hedgehog, who knew for a fact that the coyote had probably spent the entire contest looking not at him but ogling their friend Bunny Rabbot instead, whose slender, entirely amber-furred body had already won a lot of beauty contests and could deter the focus of any teen-aged male. Still, the azure hedgehog didn´t begrudge Antoine. Sonic was always winning the races he entered, and as long as everyone was there to celebrate with him afterwards and have fun, it was fine. Sonic wasn´t a glory-hog.

They meandered around the competition grounds some more, watching some other contests or chatting to the occasional parent who showed up. It wasn´t until later that the trademark cheerful mood of Sonic became a little more sombre and by then, only Sally was with him, slowly walking behind and pushing.

"You seem distracted, Sonic." The ground squirrel commented, "Is something wrong?"

The hedgehog gave a sigh and a slightly sad smile. "Not really. But you know how it is."

She saw where his gaze had traveled and also looked at the other pair in front of them, walking hand in hand in the light of the sunset.

"Oh, Sonic…" the princess gave him a painfully understanding look and squatted down next to him, putting an arm around his shoulders and resting her head against his, as the two friends watched the lovers. Right then, the pink hedgehog suddenly stretched on her toes and kissed the red echidna lightly on the cheek, who rested his hand on her hip in return, before they both walked on and vanished from sight.

Sonic dropped his gaze.

"You know, Sally, I´m really happy for Amy and all, but…"

He trailed off, but the silence between the princess and the blue hedgehog was an understanding, not an awkward one. Sonic knew that Sally, who had been his friend from childhood on and always helped him through difficult times, knew exactly what was going through his head.

"I just wish she´d ever really notice me. That´s all, Sal."

"I know. But she does like you. As a friend, anyway."

"Yeah." Sonic smiled wistfully. "But she´d never love me. Amy only falls for heroic guys like Knux."

"For me you are a hero. The princess hereby says so." She snuggled a little bit closer over the arm rest and hugged him tighter.

Sonic gave a chuckle, running a hand along the back of his friend.

"Yeah, right. The 'Crippled Hero of the Castle of Acorn', how´s that sound?"

She looked up. "Well, you did just win the Knothole Olympics, that should count for something."

"The Para-lympics, Sal. Knuckles is the one who could enter into the real ones, with all his strength, and Amy would love him for it." He sighed, although a small smile was still visible on his features.

"...sometimes being born paralyzed from the waist down really sucks."

"Now, don´t talk like that." Sally replied sternly, catching his eye and to her relief still seeing that sparkle behind that emerald gaze that made Sonic into the wonderful guy he was, his inner strength and spirit outshining everything his body lacked.

"You know what, blue boy? For me you´re still the fastest."


As Robotnik attacked two years later, the Freedom Fighters didn´t stand a chance.

There. Saw it coming?

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