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Scene 5: Roboticized!

"Rotor, I´ve had enough. I´m going out there."

"No, Sonic, you can´t!" The plump purple walrus, just as pale as the hedgehog, was standing in the door of the Freedom Fighter Headquarters, a small little room underground in the Great Forest.

"Rotor, contact with Sally broke up five minutes ago with a terrible scream. For all we know she could be dead!" Sonic was now staring up at his friend with a mixture of panic and fury as the other Mobian was still blocking the ramp that he needed to leave HQ with his wheelchair.

"Get out of my way or I swear I don´t know what I´ll do!"

"Sonic, we´re the back-up team staying behind and what will you do when you get there anyway?!" Rotor wailed and although he tried really hard not to look at the hedgehog´s legs he couldn´t help it. Sonic noticed his gaze and his face darkened dangerously.

"Listen, I might not be able to walk but I´d rather die or be roboticized than wait here like a trapped rat for Sally to fall into the clutches of that bastard! Now get out. Of. My. WAY!"

He bellowed that last sentence with an un-Sonic-like rage but also with the determination that was one of his trademarks. Rotor´s legs reacted before the walrus could think and stepped aside in shock. That second was all Sonic needed to wheel himself out of the door.

"Sonic, wait!" the voice of his friend called behind him but the hedgehog knew the walrus was too frightened to actually follow and stop him. He shot along the path through the forest to the place where he knew Sally and Bunnie had gone to destroy a roboticizer today. His jaw was clenched and he refused to let his tears spill as he knew just how ridiculous this whole enterprise was. He wasn´t even in possession of a fully working body and he was rushing out against a robot-commanding overlord to save two girls.

He didn´t stand a chance in hell. None of this had ever made sense from the beginning. All the 'Freedom Fighters' had managed to accomplish so far was to wreck maybe one or two simple machines. Antoine was already robotcized. Knuckles´ first duty was to Angel Island, where he had also taken Amy. Here, they couldn´t even kill a simple battle robot.

But Sonic was prepared to fight to the death, even if it was futile. Everything was better than waiting for the rat catcher to come to you.

Because this was Sally in danger… and he still remembered.

Years ago, other kids had been teasing him, as low-down as only children can be. 'Wheelie', 'Slowpoke' and 'Freak' had been his nicknames, or even their favourite…"Sonic".

A cruel mockery. An eternal reminder of what he would never be able to achieve. And then they would push him down, steal his chair and laugh. Laugh their heads off when he couldn´t even escape.

She had come to his aid, then. Probably the first princess ever to return home with a bloody nose from fighting with a bunch of bullies on the street, Sonic had thought later.

But she hadn´t cried. She had offered her hand and helped him up instead. Talked to him. Even asked for his name, which he didn´t want to give. 'Olgilvie Maurice the Hedgehog' was probably part of the reason why they had been picking on him anyway. So he had raced away.

And Sally had been panting incredibly hard as she finally caught up with him.

A wheelchair doesn´t mean you have to be slow, he had explained as she wouldn´t give up. At least downhill, or on horizontal stretches.

But the world wasn´t all horizontal and the others still had caught him everytime

Oh really? The young squirrel had asked. Then those guys were right. 'Sonic' is a name you truly deserve…Sonic.

And he had smiled.

And now he was racing again, trying to save the life of his first friend ever.

Sonic reached the clearing and stopped dead as he saw the scene. It was Robotnik himself. And he was just about to drop Sally into the roboticizer, a huge, bulky machine that whirred and clicked as if in evil anticipation of the helpless victims to be dumped into the black hole that was its opening above.

"NO!" Sonic shouted stupidly and only realized that he had just now forfeited his advantage of surprise as the fat human turned around. And then the Doctor´s face broke into a horrible leer.

"Well, well, well, princess, look who´s come to join us. It´s your little blue cripple and I think he wants to save you. How sweet of him, no?"

Her head snapped up. Something in Sonic broke as he saw the look of pure agony on Sally´s face as she realized that her friend was now in danger, too.

"You want to watch as the princess gets roboticized?" the voice from the Doctor penetrated the fog of fear that had momentarily paralzyzed his brain and shocked him back into action. The repulsive human was by now dangling the squirming squirrel above the hellish machine again and his eyes flickered with twisted glee.

"Do you like seeing your 'leader' like that, rodent?"

A red mist descended in front of his eyes and Sonic charged. He crossed the clearing in moments, adrenaline and rage propelling him faster than should be possible. Right before crashing into the human, he screamed and launched himself from the chair, the momentum flinging him high into the air as the brakes stopped the wheels short. He flung himself at the surprised human and bit him hard into the ridiculously large nose as his hands were clawing into the red fabric of the dictator´s suit.

Robotnik screeched out in pain but recovered quickly and flung the princess to the ground in order to pluck the blue attacker from his face. He held Sonic by the neck and glared at the offender.

"I changed my mind, rodent." He snarled, "I´m going to turn you into a slave first and she can watch. Won´t that be nice, you pest, to be responsible for causing your friend some grief before you die?!"

The hedgehog just glared back, not bothering to struggle. His lower body hung limp anyway and he was just trying to buy Sally and Bunnie some time to escape.

"My name´s Sonic, Robuttnik. Sonic the Hedgehog!"

"Or serial number 223223, as you will be known in a few seconds." The human retorted unfazed and quickly entered a code into the machine to prepare for a hedgehog model.

Sonic watched from the corner of his eye as Sally had managed to sneak past the human and was by now just cutting through the ropes that bound Bunnie. When it came to victims, Robotnik fortunately appeared to have the attention span of a kitten locked in a room with two hundred neon mice on ecstasy. He held Sonic above the opening.

"Prepare to serve your new master, hedgehog!" The Doctor called out and dropped him. The last thing Sonic saw was the horrified face of Sally and then everything went dark.

Metal claws grabbed him. He could feel them ensnaring his wrists and indirectly also his legs, as a few muscles in his lower abdomen were stretched. The four pincers were now spreadeagling him flat on his back somewhere inside the machine and bringing him into position for the procedure. Sonic grit his teeth, preparing for the process that would not kill him but mean a fate worse than death. A mind slave forever…but maybe he would see his roboticized parents again this way…

Outside seemed to be some sort of fight going on but Sonic couldn´t hear clearly over the workings of the machine. He gasped as suddenly a green neon bright light flashed into life and a broad ray started to sweep over his body slowly. An incredibly cold shudder ran over the hedgehog´s entire skin and he almost screamed as he dared to raise his head a little when he saw that the biggest part of his feet had already been turned into shining steel.

Panic overtaking, Sonic squirmed and bucked helplessly against the restraints binding him but to no avail as the merciless light made it´s way all the way higher up his body, now already past the knees. He knew that when it reached his head it would be all over…Sonic closed his eyes as the deadly ray was creeping along his thighs. He didn´t want to watch as his living flesh was turned into this.

And then a terrible shock shook the entire machine. The light went out and Sonic´s eyes shot open.


"Sonic!" Sally´s voice cried out from outside.


"Oh my god, he´s still in there! He´s alive! Get him out of there NOW!"

Another forceful crash impacted on the roboticizer and Sonic´s eyes grew wide as a spiked fist smashed through the metal wall a few inches from his head.


"Yeah." Was the gruff answer and a second fist made its brutal way through the hull, before a dreadlocked head followed. "Seems I got here just in time, huh?"


Sonic looked at his legs which were by now gleaming metal. The echidna followed his gaze.

"…oh crap."

"Sonic! Sonic, are you alright?!" Knuckles was suddenly shoved from the hole and Sally´s worried face poked through instead, a relieved smile breaking out on it as she saw the still tied-up hedgehog.

"Well, at least half-way, it seems…let´s get you out of there!"

"Wait a minute, where´s Robuttnik gone?!" the blue hedgehog asked incredulously, still not quite believing that certain death had just passed him by this time.

Sally shrugged. "Knuckles chased him away. After you distracted the Doctor, I could send out a distress signal over Bunny´s telecommunicator and he heard it. But you are half-way roboticized…are you sure you feel fine?"

"Well…apart from being chained up", Sonic began, eyeing the metal restraints pointedly, "just as usual. Numb, you know?"

"Okay, Echidna blacksmith coming through. Please make way!" Knuckles called out as he dropped into the machine from above, thus cutting their conversation short. He took hold of one of the steel arms pinning Sonic´s hand down and gave a short grunt, before breaking the thing in half. The procedure was quickly repeated with the other one and the hedgehog sat up as Knuckles started work on the other two binding his legs, which proved to be harder.

"So…how are you and Amy doing? You are not living with us, I have no idea what´s up." Sonic asked casually.

"She´s got abducted by Robotnik. I´m going to get her back." The guardian looked away as he said this, obviously not wanting to see Sonic´s expression.


"Yeah. Your legs are free now, by the way, need my help to lift you outta here?" the echidna straightened up from where he had been working and turned around to the hedgehog again before he simply stared.

"She´s got abducted?!" Sonic repeated, a wild look in his eyes.


"What?" the hedgehog asked at the bewildered face of the echidna and took a reflexive step backwards.

And paused. And looked at Knuckles. And then, very slowly, looked down.

Looked down where he was standing as he had jumped up at the mention of Amy in captivity.

Nerve poison didn´t affect electric circuits...

"Sally!" both Mobians screamed.


"I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!" Robotnik was screaming too, although it was several months later. Right now, he had just been handed another defeat.

By Sonic.

Oh, how he wished he´d never have learned that name….!

Then he remembered again that he had even been responsible for creating his personal Number One Spiky Reason For Migraine in the first place. The overweight human screamed some more and threw a fit while thumping and hammering on the remains of his former battle mech and present scrap-heap, all the while howling in rage about a certain blue bane of his life.


Sonic however, was grinning. Racing through the streets of Robotropolis, his metal feet clattering against the ground, he felt as if this was where he truly belonged. The objective of today´s mission, some data disc Sal had wanted him to procure, was packed safely into his rucksack and he was now on his way back to the massively expanded headquarters.

Who knew ol´Robuttnik had been able to build robot legs able to move faster than the speed of sound…?

Sonic ran on into the sunset, a booming noise in his wake shattering the last windows of Robotropolis.


…'Mekion rip-off'? I don´t know what you´re talking about.

Naaah, hopefully it´s not that bad. Your legs talking to you would be kind off weird.

But where´s Tails, you ask?


Kitsune almost shrieked as suddenly the glass pane next to him exploded. But years of training had taught him that noise meant discovery and discovery meant death, so he hastily clamped a gloved hand over his mouth and his scream was soundless. Before him, Rouge hadn´t even flinched, just shoved him backwards, further into the ruin they were currently hiding in, so they wouldn´t get caught in the flying splinters.

"Rouge...what was that?!" he whispered, catching his teacher´s narrowed eye.

"I don´t know. Maybe some more of the Doctor´s insane booby traps. But we shouldn´t waste any more time. If we want to sell GUN those secret plans he supposedly has stored somewhere, we need to move fast. Do you have the moving of his robots?"

"Yes." the fox checked once more on his wrist computer. All the red dots were in another part of town. But these readings couldn´t be correct! Why else would the bots be running in circles, crash into each other or just vanish completely?

"Okay. Let´s get moving, then. Are you okay?" She asked, a little bit more emotion in her voice now than she´d usually let slip in when on a raid.

"Yes..." he answered and Rouge nodded, sneaking ahead with practiced stealth. Kitsune followed her, casting a last cautious look through the window that had just shattered. He thought he had seen a blue blur…

For the first time since Rouge had found him, the Prince of Thieves suddenly felt as if he missed someone.

There he is. Sneaky cub was hiding right under your nose, of course. ;)

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