This is my first M-rated fic. I warn you that there will be some lemons. Ash/Misty, Ash/May, and Ash/Dawn. So if you're not 18 or you can't handle the thought of two people having sex, don't read it!!! I don't own Pokemon, so there.

Which One

Two years have passed since Ash's Sinnoh adventure. Dawn stayed in Sinnoh (mostly because that's her home) to learn more and train her Pokemon to be top notch in contests. Brock went back to Pewter City and relieved his dad of Gym Leader duty. Ash and Pikachu, along with his other Pokemon, went back to Pallet Town. After a while, he found the Battle Frontier president, Scott, and took him up on his offer to become a Frontier Brain. Soon, Pallet Town was home to the Battle Fortress. Ash would stay in touch with Brock and Dawn, along with Misty, May, and fellow Frontier Brain, Anabel. Soon he realizes that he needed something more than just the thrill of Pokemon training.

One day, he flipped on the tube because he needed a rest from training with his Pokemon. The first channel was called 'Kanto's Most Popular Gym Leaders.' "Good evening, Pokemon fans!" greeted the announcer. "Today's most popular Gym Leader is none other than the tomboyish mermaid, Misty!" The camera shifted to the young red head. She stood there in her original clothing: her yellow tank-top that covered half of her torso and her short shorts that were held up by red suspenders. But she changed since she first met Ash. She was bigger and had more delicate curves and she also let her hair down. Ash sat there with his eyes glued. "She's hot!" he thought. He snapped out of his trance when he noticed that he had a bit of a boner. "Maybe I should watch something else," he said as he grabbed the remote and changed channels.

Next was a show being broadcast from Hoenn. It was the Pokemon Contest Grand Festival. "Hello to everyone watching! Today I'm with the new contest champion!" said the MC. "Hailing from Petalburg City, give it up for Gym Leader Norman's daughter, May!" she cheered. Everyone there went into an uproar as May took her place upon the platform. She had her black shorts, but instead of her red top, she wore a red tank-top with a pokeball symbol on it. She was still sporting her red bandana. She giggled as Mr. Contesta handed her the Ribbon Cup. Ash was practically drooling and his boner became harder. He regained his senses again and changed channels.

This next one was being broadcast from Sinnoh. Just like in Hoenn, this was another Grand Festival. They were showing the results of the contest finalists. "I wonder if Dawn made it to the finals," Ash said to himself. Soon the TV shown the top three and Dawn was ranked number two. Ash gawked at her picture. She still had the same clothes, but instead of her pink scarf, she had a jacket and she wasn't wearing her cap. She also grew since they last met. This time it was her boobs, but they were just a bit small. Her skirt was tight and her ass has gotten a bit bigger than last time. Ash's boner grew so hard, that it began to hurt. "This is too much!" he grunted as he switched the TV off.

He left the living room and went upstairs to his room. He laid down on his bed and started thinking about his friends. "Misty, May, and Dawn..." he began. "I can tell they all have a crush on me. But..." Then he turned over. "Which one would be the one for me?" he asked in his mind. He gave it some thought. "I know! Maybe the one who's the best in bed would be right for me," he thought. He sat up and pondered it some more. "But then, what would I know about that?" he asked aloud. "I'm still a..." he said but then was interrupted. "A virgin?" asked a voice. He looked to the door to find Anabel. "What could she probably want with me?" he asked in his head. "And how did she know what I was talking about?"

That was the first chapter. I love cliffhangers like these, so if you don't like it, then that's tough!