Second chapter of this fic. In Ash's time of need, dear Anabel is here to help. But how? You'll just have to read.

I Can Help

"Hello, Ash," greeted Anabel. "Uh...hi, Anabel," Ash replied. He was nervous about Anabel hearing his conservation. "I couldn't help overhearing you," she began. "Oh, well, that's alright. It's not your fault," Ash assured as he got off of the bed. "So, what's up?" he asked. Anabel blushed a bit at his question. She looked down to her feet as a sheepish grin covered her face. "Well..." she started. "I came here to tell you something that I wanted to tell you for quite some time," "Really?" inquired Ash. Anabel took a big gulp as she started to spill her secret. "I..." she droned. She couldn't think of the rest of the words to her sentence. She was so nervous that a familiar pressure was building in her groin. At the last second, she blurted something she thought she would've regretted. "I want you to fuck me!" she blurted. As soon as she blurted that out she quickly brought her hands to her mouth. "What did I just say?" she thought frantically. Ash was dumbfounded. "Say what?" he asked. Anabel was totally silent, for she didn't want to say anything else outrageous.

She thought fast to cover up her last sentence. "I meant to say that I want to help you with your virgin problem," she stated with her face blushing brighter than before. Ash turned red just like his friend. "Really?" he asked. "So you're not" "Well, I still am. But I know how to do it," she replied. Ash gulped loudly as he asked "And how's that?" Anabel blushed brighter as thoughts her masturbating to the fantasy of Ash screw her raced through her head. Ash could sense that she was reluctant to answer so he told her she didn't have to answer if she didn't want to. "What I'm saying is this: you're a virgin and I'm one too. So we should both help each other out, right?" Anabel asked. "Yeah..." Ash nodded in response. Anabel then started to feel more confident. "So let's do it! I'm ready to be deflowered!" Anabel exclaimed. Ash was still a bit unsure about all of this, but he wanted answers to his problem and Anabel was here to help. So he had no choice but to take this opportunity.

Anabel pushed Ash onto the bed as she seductively took off her clothes. First was her button-up shirt. Ash gazed as she slowly unbuttoned it. She turned around as she continued unbuttoning. Then she revealed one shoulder that looked like it was as smooth as silk. Then she revealed the other and Ash grew harder. Then she let the shirt drop, revealing her bare back. Ash's eyes widened as Anabel stood there and then she turned around and winked. Her mid-sized breasts taunted Ash. He tried to get up to grab them, but Anabel pushed him back down. "Not just yet," she said.

Then she went to her pants. Ash's dick grew harder as she slowly pulled down her pants. She revealed a pair of lavender panties that matched her hair. She then turned around like last time and began to slowly pull down her panties. Ash couldn't take it anymore. He started pulling off his clothes but never taking his eyes off of Anabel. With her panties to her ankles, she bent down to reveal her moist pussy. Ash's heart pounded and his thoughts raced. "Go and screw her!" yelled his conscious. She slid her feet out of the panties and tossed them aside with the rest of her clothes. She was amazed to find that Ash was fully undressed and also at the size of his member. "Can we get on with it?" Ash pleaded. Anabel giggled a bit and went over to him.

What she did first was grab his dick and jacked him off. Ash groaned as Anabel's delicate fingers started to dance across his head. He closed his eyes at this amazing feeling and then suddenly opened them to an even better feeling. He looked down to find his lover sucking on the head of his dick. She licked and sucked it. Her head rapidly bobbed up and down. She would hum around it, causing Ash to moan from the vibrations. She then stopped and looked at Ash's sweating face. "Good, huh?" she smiled. Ash couldn't reply. So she continued her blowjob. "I can feel it..." Ash panted. Anabel stopped and got up. "Hey, why'd you stop?" Ash asked in disappointment. The only response he got was her pussy hovering over his face. "Now it's your turn," Anabel said.

Ash grabbed her hips as she slowly lowered herself onto his face. He lapped at her goodness with the ferocity of a Munchlax at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Anabel moaned loudly as the feeling built within her. She tightly shut her eyes as Ash continued his feeding. She was really surprised when Ash flipped her on her back. He then started licking her clit. Anabel nearly went crazy. She turned red in the face as Ash suddenly jammed his tongue into her entrance. "Aw, yes! YES!!!" she screamed. But soon she calmed down when she realized that Ash stopped. "Are you ready for the main event?" he asked. Anabel was panting heavily. She was too out of breath to answer, but she nodded to his question. "Okay, then. I'll start slow," said Ash.

He positioned his dick near her entrance and slowly penetrated her. Anabel gasped and moaned as Ash continued to slowly enter her tight hole. When he felt her barrier he thrust past it, causing Anabel to scream. Tears rolled down her eyes. Ash stopped to make sure she was okay. "It's alright," she said. Ash then continued and started pumping. He held her legs back, trying to get all she could give to him. Anabel started moaning loudly and soon they turned to screams. Just hearing her voice made Ash go faster. Anabel's screams became more frantic as Ash continued his thrusting. Next thing Ash knew, he felt her tighten around him and noticed white fluid spilling from her. "Please, keep it up!" she wailed. Ash was amazed, feeling her juices flowing made the whole experience more satisfying. Anabel screamed again as she came again on his inserted member. Ash couldn't hold it in any longer. He felt like he was about to blow. Anabel wrapped her legs around him to help him go deeper inside her. "Anabel..." Ash began. "I know!" she panted. "Let me have it!" she moaned. Ash held it in as long as he could. Then when he released, he exploded in her. Anabel moaned as she felt the warm fluid flood her body. Then she responded by releasing her juices. Ash fell on top of her as she embraced him. They were both panting heavily. "See..." said Anabel. "I told you I could help," she panted. Ash chuckled a bit. "I guess you're right," he said. The two stayed like that for a while and drifted off to sleep.

The next day, they woke up to find themselves sore. "Thanks, for your help," said Ash. Anabel went to the door and smiled. "No. Thank you for helping me out," she said. Then she went out the door. Ash laid there and then began to wonder which girl to go with. He decided that if he couldn't make up his mind, he'd hook up with Anabel. He gathered his clothes and set off to Cerulean City to meet Misty.

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