This is the final chapter of the story

This is the final chapter of the story. In this chapter, it's Ash and Dawn forever!

To the Victor Goes the Cock

"That's right. You, Dawn," Ash said with a smile. He extends his hand to her. Dawn's welled up with tears as she took his hand. Ash pulled her into a hug and they both shared a deep kiss. "I knew it would come to this. Though I'm not happy because he chose her, I'm just happy for the both of them," Misty said as she too had tears in her eyes. "Yeah, I think we should leave them alone for now," Anabel suggested. So she and Misty left the room, leaving May behind. "It's just not fair..." she muttered sadly as she followed the older girls.

The two finally separated their lips and gazes into each other's eyes. "So Ash, what makes me so special compared to the others?" Dawn asked her new boyfriend. "Well, you're unique," the boy replied. Dawn giggled and asked, "Is that because I came a lot more than the others?" Ash's eyes widened and then his face turned back into a gentle smile. "Well, a little. Speaking of cumming, how about we go into my room?" he asked her. Dawn nods and then rushes back into the room she was sleeping in. She quickly ran out with her dildo, but it was different. It was shaped like a Pikachu's tail. "I've got this new toy and it vibrates," she said seductively. Ash chuckled and asks, "How you used it yet?" Dawn shakes her head. "No. But I'm about to," she replied. So Ash scooped her into her arms bridal-style and carried her into his room. He locks the door and even sat a chair in front of it. "Now the fun begins," he said.

Dawn sits on the bed with her legs up to reveal that she wasn't wearing the panties she had on earlier. He noticed that she was a little wet too. "What happened? Panties got soaked?" he asked her. Dawn nods and said, "Uh huh," So Ash lowers his head and pulls up her miniskirt. "This'll be good," he growled as he started licking her cunt. Dawn tightly clenched the sheets as she felt Ash's tongue playing with her wet twat. "Oh, yes..." she moaned. She was getting hot so she took off her black top and white under shirt to reveal her still-growing breasts. Ash licked up and down her pussy as Dawn's moans got a little louder. He even licked up and down the inside of her legs to make the girl shiver. "That's it. Almost there..." she moaned softly as she felt her orgasm approaching. But then, Ash stopped.

"Aw...Why'd you do that?" she whined in disappointment. Ash smiled and took out his member. "To do this," he replied as he thrusts himself into Dawn. Dawn cried out, "Oh, God! Fuck me!" Ash started moving, but he only did so for a few seconds until he felt Dawn cum onto his dick. He pulled it out and showed her the 'damage' she caused. It was totally covered in her juices. "See what you did to me?" he asked her with a devious smile. Dawn got the picture and then she sucked his dick. "Oh yeah. Clean it all off," he groaned as he felt her bob back and forth on his rod. Dawn did what she was told and enjoyed the take. She pulled the penis out of her mouth and said, "So this is what I taste like. I should do this more often," She stroked the rod with her hand as Ash looked down with a smile. "You like it, huh? I call it 'Dawn-on-a-Stick'," he chuckled. Dawn joined him in laughter as she said, "More like 'Dawn-on-a-Dick'," Then she let go of it and pushed him down. "Speaking of which..." she started as she got ready for penetration.

She lowered herself onto his manhood and started riding it. "Wait, hold on!" Ash called out. He reached over and grabbed her dildo and handed it to her. "You may want that," he stated. Dawn smiled and knew where to put it. She stuck it in her ass and panted, "Much better," Then she commenced tea-bagging. She rode him faster than she did before. "Good God, girl! Calm down!" Ash joked as she rode him like no tomorrow. Dawn didn't hear him She was too lost in her own pleasure to pay much attention to anything. Ash took one of his hands and reached down to her pussy and placed his thumb on her clit. He somehow was able to massage her clit while she rode him wildly. "Aaahhh!!" Dawn screamed as she came hard. She stopped and fell onto Ash's chest. "That was my biggest orgasm yet," she panted. Ash could tell that her fast movements and the great climax really took a lot out of her quickly. So he got her up and placed her on her back. "Leave it to me," he said.

He took out her dildo and replaced it with his penis. So now, she had a dick in the ass and a dildo in her pussy. He slowly moved causing Dawn to winch from the pain. "Still not used to a big rod in your asshole, huh?" he questioned. Dawn nodded and said, "It'll get better soon. Just do me real hard," Ash couldn't argue with that request and began plowing into her like a Linoone plowing into the side of a curvy road. Dawn's moans started short, but then escalated into long, drawn out moans. Ash wanted to hear her get louder, so he shoved her dildo further into her hole and cut the vibration on as he shoved his member further in her ass. Dawn gasped and screamed loudly, but only in pleasure. The sudden surprise made her cum again. But that didn't stop Ash from fucking her harder. Dawn grits her teeth as he sped up until he finally came inside her.

Ash pulled out and let the dick dangle in Dawn's face. It had a little bit of his cum leaking out, so she licked the head to get it clean. "Now..." he panted. "Get on your hands and knees," So Dawn complied with his request. He takes the dildo out her pussy and turned it off. He saw the cum that was on it and he licked a little off, mostly because that was a very awkward moment. He hands her the dildo and says, "That's some more 'Dawn-on-a-Dick for you," "Thank you," she replied as she sucked the dildo. Ash thrusts into her wet hole as she sucks the dildo. "You go first," he said. So he remained still as Dawn moved herself back and forth on the rod. She was still sucking on the dildo. She was going a bit too slow for him, so he thought of a way to speed her up. "C'mon, Dee-Dee. You could do better than that," he taunted. Dawn fell for the taunt and her movements became frenzied. "Now this is what I'm talking about!" he thought. He just let Dawn do the work until she tired herself out again. Dawn moans became louder despite the dildo in her mouth. She could feel her orgasm coming again. "Yes!!" she cried as she came. Feeling her reaction cause Ash to come in her too. Dawn feel into the sheets with her face sweating like crazy. "I think...I have one...more orgasm...left," she panted. Ash chuckles and says, "Yeah. I think I can only cum one more too,"

He pulls out and turns Dawn over. They both get into the 69 position and then just let the pleasure take its course. Ash licked while Dawn sucked to get a taste of each other's juices. Ash gets wise and sides a finger in her ass as he licked her clit. Then Dawn decides to fight fire with fire and starts to lick his balls while stroking his dick. They were both fighting dirty with each other. "Cum, Ash. You know you want to," Dawn said seductively as she sucked his dick real hard. "No, you want to cum. After all the nuts you busted so far, you're a cumming machine," Ash replied. Dawn stokes and sucks harder as Ash licks and adds more fingers to her pussy and ass until finally they both shout, "I'M GONNA CUM!! YOU WIN!! AAAAAGGGHHHHH!!" Ash's mouth caught all of the juices that Dawn spurted. Dawn got some of Ash's cum on her face and then in her mouth. They both sprawl out on the bed covered in sweat and each other's fluids. Ash looks over to Dawn to find her fast asleep. He puts his arm over her and says, "Now that's why I chose you," He grabs the covers and places them over their naked bodies and then he drifts off to sleep with his girl snuggled in his arms.

It's a wrap people. This is the end of Ash's Choice. I've decided to be nice and give you all the option of whether I should add alternate endings or not. If so, then you can tell me, but this chapter will still stand as the original story ending. Until then, this is Blazing Sonic signing off! ;)