I am MEGA sorry for the late update!! Plz don't hate me!! I'm trying to keep up with my other story AND my school work!! ( sigh) Life is not easy. Oh well! Lets get started!

Bobobo Chat Room

Masterofnoisehair123: Bobobo

Rockcandy456: Don patch

Jiggelen789: Jelly Jiggler

Prettyrainbow248: Beauty

Hotrod159: Gasser

Bubbles438: Pokomi

Bigtongue254: Namero

Keyking426: Hatenko

StrawberryFlavoredhead140: Soften

Bigeater466: Suzu

Tofumiso07: Dengaku man

There are the screen names now lets enter the chat!

Prettyrainbow248 logged on

Bigeater466 logged on

Bigeater466: hey beauty!

Prettyrainbow248: hey suzu! Whats up?

Bigeater466: nm u?

Prettyrainbow248: same

Bigeater466: so how did u like the b-day party? Pretty weird huh?

Prettyrainbow248: yea I'll say.

Bigeater466: I cant believe jelly jiggler gave captain battleship a lucky hanky!

Prettyrainbow248: knowing jelly jiggler its not tht hard 2 believe

Bigeater466: true

Prettyrainbow248: I'm trying to get over the fact tht don patch ate the WHOLE cake in 1 bite! Including the candles tht were lit!!

Bigeater466: yea and then his mouth went on fire!!

Prettyrainbow248: yup! He has stomach ache now!

Bigeater466: really?

Prettyrainbow248: yea. He is literally burping flames!

Bigeater466: ouch tht must hurt A LOT

Prettyrainbow248: I bet it does

Rockcandy456 logged on

Rockcandy456: uhhh hey guyyyyyssssss

Prettyrainbow248: um…hey don patch…how r u feeling?

Rockcandy456: uhhhh not so goooooooooddd

Bigeater466: well thts wht u get for eating the whole freakin cake!!

Rockcandy456: well its not MY fault the cake looked soooooooooooo goooooooooooood!!

Prettyrainbow248: well since we didn't get any cake we don't know tht!!

Bigeater466: we all had to get pizza instead!

Rockcandy456: uhhhhhh don't remind me of fooooodddd.

Prettyrainbow248: uh don patch…maybe u should lie down

Rockcandy456: uh oh

Bigeater466: whts wrong?

Rockcandy456: I think I'm going to

Rockcandy456 got disconnected

Bigeater466: ummm wht just happen?

Bigeater466: beauty?

Bigeater466: hey beauty r u there?

Bigeater466: BEAUTY!!

Prettyrainbow248: wht? Sry. Don patch just threw up the b-day cake all over his computer.

Bigeater466: ewww

Prettyrainbow248: I kno tell me about. Oh great

Bigeater466: wht is it?

Prettyrainbow248: don patch is trying to get on my computer now

Bigeater466: really?

Prettyrainbow248: dfgjjgjkgjjgfrfg bvjb gbreaug vergbjkrbjgregbej ebgejrbgfvjrg vdfbgkjfdgkj kfbgkjbgajberjmfjfhdrihnfdhfkndghagnlsdhgdjsbnlkgto;d

Bigeater466: ??

Prettyrainbow248: don patch fjsdfoifdhnos wont sdfnbdsbfbds let go gbdsoubgsogbsdougb of the fdsifosdfnohidshfo key board!! Hdsfghg

Bigeater466: he wont let go?

Prettyrainbow248 got disconnected

Bigeater466: wtf??

Rockcandy456 logged on


Bigeater466: uh…wheres beauty?

Rockcandy456: I told her to go clean my room!

Bigeater466: -.- thts just messed up.

Prettyrainbow248 logged on


Prettyrainbow248: first, im using gascan computer. Second, CLEAN UR OWN ROOM!!

Jigglen789 logged on

Jigglen789: um…don….ur room is starting to smell…bad…in fact there are these cute little things with long tails in ur room.

Prettyrainbow248: I think ur talking about rats -.-

Bigeater466: ewww gross!

Jigglen789: I think there pretty cute! In fact there are some in my room, nibbling at me! Hehehe it tickles!

Prettyrainbow248: uh…thts not a good thing

Jigglen789: and now there nibbling at the computer wires!

Bigeater466: thts not good either

Jigglen789 got disconnected

Prettyrainbow248: now tht was weird

Bigeater466: yea…

Bubbles438 logged on

Bubbles438: hey beauty, can u teach me how to cook?

Prettyrainbow248: um sure! Wht do u want to make?

Bubbles438: pie

Prettyrainbow248: y?

Bubbles438: so I can smash it in big brother's face!!

Prettyrainbow248: y??

Bubbles438: because he is a big meany!!

Prettyrainbow248: sigh fine im coming

Bubbles438: yay!

Bubbles438 logged off

Prettyrainbow248: I'll b bac soon! Oh and don patch?

Rockcandy456: yea?

Prettyrainbow248: CLEAN UP UR ROOM!!

Prettyrainbow248 logged off


Rockcandy456 logged off

Bigeater466: and tht leaves me alone again -.-

Tofumiso07 logged on

Tofumiso07: hi!!

Bigeater466: u kno wht, I think I got something to do! G2g!

Bigeater466 logged off

Tofumiso07: NO! Don't leave me with the computer ghost!!

Iloveanmie9493: who r u calling a ghost?


Tofumiso07 got disconnected

Iloveanime9493: I never get tired of doing tht! Lol!

Iloveanime9493 logged off

Lol! Poor dengaku man…oh well! Again im SO sorry for the late update!! Plz don't hate me!! I beg for ur forgiveness!! (makes a chibi face) Plz forgive me. I'll try harder, I promise!!

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