Author's Note: Well, I really started this fic out of sheer boredom, and reluctance to do my already growing pile of homework. Yes, I am aware that I have another fic there. However, I really feel no urge to work on it now. Reading a semi-well done self-insertion fic inspired this. I had the bright idea to insert myself into a universe. I have actually done this many times back in the role-play group I had. I actually inserted myself as a character with powers. However, this time will be different. I shall appear in the universe as I appear now, with one minor change.

I have no official name for the class I am, but it is a character concept I had been juggling in my head for a while. I do not mean to overpower my character, and it is most likely later on in the story that I will find a preference, but for the beginning, I shall be a general magic user and bowman. I could not figure out which one to make myself, and I had always been fascinated with combining two things together, similar to how Mist was able to use swords, despite being a magic user.

In addition, I would like to note that this fic is not taken as seriously as my other fic, A Lifelong Promise. It is just something to do to avoid doing homework, and I do not want to put myself in as serious of a mindset as my other story. This is more of just light writing… writing for the heck of it without worry of how many words per chapter or putting it through my absolute quality standards (which are rather high at times). However, I believe I have rambled enough. I have digressed enough. Presenting to you, "Fire Emblem self-insertion fic that hopefully doesn't look like a Marty Stu character because I'm trying my best not to make it that way".

Disclaimer: I do not own Fire Emblem. If I did, there would be more girls and Ike would not be such a glory whore in being the only beorc to hurt Ashnard. Makes me wonder if I should say that to his face when I get the chance…

Chapter One:


"Shit, man… I have had it up to here with this homework," I sigh angrily as I sit down at the computer. It was a bright Thursday morning, roughly ten o'clock. As with every Thursday and Friday this semester, I had the day off to recover from the ten A.M. to nine P.M. schedule on Wednesday and to catch up on homework. I looked at the neglected pile of Computer Programming homework, wishing it was next semester so I could work on what I really want to do. Music composition has always been a favorite thing to do, and it has always been a dream to be a composer for some big video game company one day. Square Enix or Intelligent Systems did not seem like too bad of a choice.

I pulled the USB drive out from around my neck and plugged it into my computer. I entered it to see the clutter mirror the massive clutter in the room. Files literally were thrown everywhere just as random pieces of paper and notes were strewn about the room. Completely ignoring the folder of computer programming projects, I found solace in going into the only other organized folder in the drive, labeled "Fanfiction".

I opened up another folder labeled "A Lifelong Promise" and smirked to myself. Although only chapter three had been posted up, I already had chapter five written. However, I refuse to post the next two chapters before polishing them up. It has always been a tradition to withhold chapters until it fits my borderline obsessively impossible standards. I opened up the document labeled Chapter 4 when a meowing sound reaches my ears. I turn to see my cat had walked into the room and was standing next to my trombone case. It rubbed its head against the case, which was an unfortunate thing as the case was open. The next thing that happened was that the lid snapped shut on its tail. It let out a yelp and a hiss before tugging itself free and running out the room.

I sighed as I walked to the kitchen, stealing a quick glance at the piano as I walked by. It had been a few days since I practiced Celes's theme, and I needed to get a move on if I wanted to get the medley down and memorized before Christmas. I walked into the kitchen, to the back door, and let the cat out when a nagging urge told me to go to the family room. As I walked in, my Wii copy of Radiant Dawn lay on the table, taunting my lack of a Wii to play it on. I smirked as I realized I had never completed my "Radiant Dawn Playthrough" as I called it. It was a playthrough of my favorite characters to max them out for transfer data to Radiant Dawn when I got my Wii.

I turned on the television set and turned on the Game Cube and waited as the game loaded. My face fell with agony and anger as the message popped up that the memory card was corrupted. My current playthrough was my seventh one! I was so close to getting Petrine for the Trial Maps. I said the first four words that came to my mind to express my feelings.

"Son of a bitch!"

Infuriated, I set my controller down on the table… the only calm thing I did. I took a deep breath, and formatted my memory card. Well, there goes five years of Melee records and four Tales of Symphonia playthroughs down the drain as well. Starting a new game, I decided to re-do the Radiant Dawn playthrough. As the intro video played, I got up to get something to eat. As soon as I got up, my cellphone rang. It was my mother… calling me to tell me to go to the store and pick up a gallon of milk and some eggs for a party she was hosting soon. Grumbling in a dark mood, I concisely replied that I would do it.

I sighed as I got my car keys, went out the door, and went out to my old car to start it up. As I drove to the store, my mind wandered to the fact I completely forgot I left the game on. I also forgot about the computer as well. Great. Now I'll have about six messages on AIM going "Where are youuuuu?"

As I made a left turn onto the highway, a blinding light from the sun flared on my eyes. Expressing the same expression I uttered not ten minutes ago, I swerved on the road. As the sun got out of my eyes, I heard a low honking noise. In front of me was an eighteen-wheeler coming at me head-on. A painful realization came to me that I swerved into the oncoming lane. Not much ran through my blank mind as I saw the middle of my bumper crash into the front-right tire of the trailer in a horrendous crashing sound of glass and metal. Man, how troublesome. I did not even get to tell her I liked her…

Darkness. I knew it. I'm dead. Damn it! What the hell is? I can't tell if my eyes are open or not. I can't feel them. I can't feel anything. I can only hear right now. I can't even smell anything. A voice echoed out into the darkness and said, "You have been given another chance. You will be placed in another world… another universe that exists. Another world that has been created by one of the people from your home world."

I thought to myself for a bit. How the hell can someone from my world… wait my world? Anyway… how the hell can someone from my world create a universe into existence? I wanted to ask these thoughts but I had no mouth to speak with. Thinking about no mouths, my whole body wasn't there either! No wonder I couldn't sense anything. Funny how I could still hear.

"I can read your thoughts you know. I'm talking directly into your spirit's mind. In your world, certain people are born with the ability to create universes based on their thoughts. It is rare, but you are actually one of them. Whatever world you create with your mind would have existed. In fact two are in existence right now, connected to each other."

I rolled my eyes… metaphorically speaking. That's all I needed. Real versions of my characters running about. Although, it wouldn't be that bad meeting some of them. I'd definitely have to avoid Kate and Celeste though.

"No, you won't be sent there yet. I have something in mind for you. Something that you might enjoy in four years time."

Four years? What the hell? That's not good! Four years is a LONG time to wait.

"Yes, it is. Don't worry. After a while, you'll enjoy it there. You'll actually have friends and allies and people you know you can trust. Also, I'm giving you a small present… consider it a head start in this new world."

Before I could think another thought, I could see a light. The light slowly grew as the view around me faded into vision. I was in a forest, slightly darkened by trees around me. I could hear a slight rustle in the bushes near me. Cautiously, I walked toward the bushes. I could hear shallow and rapid breathing on the other side. Sounds like it was either a small animal or a very frightened person.

Carefully, I pushed aside the bushes and walked through to spot someone in front of me. Her green hair flowed down slightly past her shoulder blades, and her orange dress seemed a bit dirty. Her eyes widened in shock as I burst through, but seemed to relax a bit when she realized I was not a soldier. Before I could say anything though, three soldiers ran in front of the bushes she was hiding behind, from where I had just come from. I barely managed to keep myself silent, though a gasp nearly escaped from me. They looked like Daein soldiers… which means this girl must be Princess Elincia.

Great. Just absolutely great. This is the perfect thing. I am stuck in the middle of the forest, near the princess they're hunting. I cannot fight, except maybe a little bit with a bow. I have no abilities in any other weapons. I don't think I can use any magic. Right about now would be a good time to find out what kind of present I got. Another group of soldiers ran past us. I decided it probably would be best to keep to the introductions to later. Unfortunately, it seemed the princess was not as blessed with common sense as I was. She opened her mouth to quietly ask, "Who are you?"

Annoyed and irritated at her lack of either a brain or just common sense, I pressed my finger to my lips to signal her to be quiet. I assumed, though, that customs in this world would be the same as ours. Either that, or royalty did not bother to learn basic sign language. She whispered, "What does that mean?"

At that very moment, I was frantic. This couldn't be possible. The very same Princess Elincia that was to become the ruler of the country did not have enough common sense to be quiet while surrounded by people who wanted to kill us. If she gets me killed, I swear, I'm haunting her ass… except for when she goes to the shower. I still have some decency intact, although I wish I could say the same for my sanity.

About a minute later, I heard a huge clashing sound, along with a slight gust of breeze whistle by me. It seemed that Elincia was learning, as she made no further attempt to start a conversation. A gust of wind seemed rather peculiar, although it could be just a regular breeze. Still, I was hopeful that it might have been Soren using his wind magic. Hopefully. I don't think I can stand being around Elincia much longer. I never really was fond of her character in the games… no reason why she would be that much different in person.

Elincia stood up to see what was going on, when her dress rustled against some bushes. Man, first thing she needs is to get out of that stuffy, bright orange dress, and get into a t-shirt and jeans. Or at the very least, something that will not make so much sound and will not stand out like a neon fluorescent sign. Immediately, I heard voices as footsteps approached. Man, I wish I played through the intro again before I left. It would help me remember who was coming. I think it was Ike and Soren. Either way, they were coming over. I paled as I realized I didn't have any kind of cover story for being there.

Before I could come up with a story, I saw Ike push his way through the bushes near us, followed by Soren and Titania. Man, they look a bit different in person, considering it was real life and not any kind of graphics engine or a simple drawing. Nothing seemed to do these characters justice. Ike had that look of concentration drilled on his face that just made me shiver slightly. He had that aura of determination that I could feel. However, I knew that he was a calm person when he wanted to be, and he wouldn't hurt someone without a reason. I felt a bit safe. Soren looked somewhat the same as he did in the games. He did have that calculating look on his face, as if he was constantly thinking about something and trying to balance out a pro and con. To be honest, I didn't really know what to expect of Soren. My friends back at home always made a joke that my personality was a weird mix of Soren and Shinon. Maybe not the best kind of personality to be having considering my situation, but it was all I had to work with.

I had to hold back laughter when I saw Titania. I had used her official art and manipulated it in Photoshop to best show what one of my characters had looked like. In person, she didn't seem as old as she seemed in the game. Her characteristics seemed relatively feminine, considering she seemed to be that type of girl who could do a man's job just as good as most guys could if not better… and still enjoy it. She had that simplistic beauty that just seemed to complement her tough exterior. I also found it rather interesting how she was the only one of the three wearing any kind of armor.

Ike looked at Elincia and bluntly asked, "Who are you?"

Naturally, I knew he had his policy of being as impolite as possible, but I had hoped that the game really was exaggerating a bit. Turns out, it was dead on.

Elincia, as expected, seemed rather unaccustomed to the gruff lack of respect and general rudeness by the commander, which caused my opinion of him to go back to normal. So much for holding him in high respect. Elincia replied, "I am Elincia, Princess of Crimea."

Ike and Soren had somewhat disbelieving looks on their faces while Titania merely had a look of simple shock. Soren suspiciously inquired, "How's that possible? There was no news of your birth at all."

Elincia sighed and said, "My father kept my existence a secret from the kingdom."

Ike nodded and said, "That would explain why those Daein soldiers were chasing after you."

Titania looked at me with a sharp look in her eyes. I could tell she was trying to figure something out. I didn't like the look of where this was going. After a minute, Titania stopped and asked me in a tone that was a little more polite than Ike's, "Who are you?"

I bit my tongue, not knowing what to say. I decided it would be best to come up with a general cover story. A brilliant idea hit my head as I opened my mouth. I said, "I'm a simple traveler looking for the nearest town."

Soren glared for a second before forcibly saying, "Cut the theatrics. Who are you, why are you here, and why were those soldiers after you?"

I replied in what I hoped to be a slightly scared voice, "I don't remember. I woke up in the middle of this forest with a pounding headache and nothing in my pockets. I was looking for the nearest town when soldiers stopped me. Wrong place and wrong time I guess."

Ike simply replied, "I see…"

Soren still glared at me, clearly not believing my story. As well as he shouldn't. He was the paranoid tactician of the team. I was a bit surprised he did not outright say, "Bullshit!"

"Please my lord, he speaks the truth. He was not after me… he was simply hiding with me," the princess said. Well, I guess she does have her uses after all.

I looked at Ike and said, "Please. I wish to come along with you. I promise I won't give you any kind of trouble, commander!"

Ike gave me a puzzled look and said, "I'm not the commander. My father is."

Inwardly, I smacked myself. How the hell could I have forgotten something like that! Damn it, if I want to make it alive in this world, I better make sure that I don't screw anything up. I looked at him and said, "If possible, I wish to talk to him. There is something I need to discuss with him, as well."

Titania, this time, was the one who asked in the suspicious voice, "What do you need with the commander?"

I replied, "You wouldn't believe me even if I wanted to tell you."

At that moment, Shinon walked into the area. Apparently the delay I was giving the three actually allowed him time to loot the bodies of the dead, as he seemed to be carrying a lot more items than an agile archer should. I groaned inwardly. There was no way in hell Shinon was going to let me go. However, before anything could be said from Shinon, Ike stated, "You can come along with us. Can you fight?"

I winced slightly at the question and said, "I know very little about any kind of weapon, though I do have a preference for bows."

It was at that moment that I regretted that answer. I looked at Shinon to see him looking back at me, piercingly scrutinizing me with a look of disbelief and loathing. He simply pulled off one of the two bows he was carrying and tossed it to me. I held out my hand and attempted to catch it.

… well, at the very least I was graceful in my humiliating failure.

I bent over to pick up the bow when I saw a few arrows land on the ground in front of me. Well, land was an understatement. More like the arrows were shot into the ground. I looked at Shinon who simply said to me, "Show me what you can do."

Titania stepped forward and growled in a commanding tone, "Shinon, that's enough."

I held the bow and picked up the arrow. It had been a few months since I last shot a bow. I don't know if I can do it or not. I carefully nocked the arrow, keeping the point to the ground. I could see a smug smirk on Shinon's face as I raised the bow, pointing it toward a somewhat fat tree about fifty feet away. Man, what a jackass. I wish I could shoot him right in the face. He'd deserve it for what I knew he was going to do in some time.

I pulled the bowstring, expecting it to be really hard to pull, like the composite hunting bow my mom's friend had. Surprisingly enough, it was somewhat easy to pull. It was probably an iron bow. I'm not that skilled with a bow just yet. I probably will be if I want to live in this world. I want to call it a nightmare, but in a way, it really is not. I can't describe how I feel about this world. It was this feeling that allowed me to feel comfortable around the very characters I had grown close to and it was this feeling that somewhat subdued the trembling my hands were going through.

I let go of the bowstring with a slight twinging sound, recoiling in pain at the basic fact I forgot the bracer. I quickly rubbed my arm where the string painfully made contact with my skin. I could hear some soft laughter coming from Shinon's direction as I realized that he left the bracer out on purpose. I turned to him, ready to say something smart to him. Master archer or not; mercenary or not… I don't care. He's gonna get an earful if he doesn't shut up. However, before I could say anything, Titania tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to the tree. I looked as well, fully expecting anything but what happened. The arrow was actually lodged in the tree.

Ike walked over and took the bow from me. He examined it and said, "Good job, Shinon. You gave the new kid a steel bow."

Shinon looked at me and mumbled, "Yeah, yeah, pure luck."

I was about to voice my agreement at the pure luck statement when I realized that I had just made him look like a total asshole. Instead of admitting to the fact it was luck, I bit my tongue and decided to let him steam for a while. Lucky shot or not, I'll never make a shot like that again. I'm just not good at that kind of stuff.

Ike shrugged and said, "Yeah, kid, if you're going to come along, you better keep up."

There I was, walking along with a few of the Greil Mercinaries. It was going to be a long, winding, boring road ahead, but I was actually here. For better or for worse, this was my new life and I plan on sticking with it until the very end.

… I just hope the very end isn't anytime soon. I'd like to find out someday what Radiant Dawn is like.