This Glossary is for CHAPTER 25. Entries on Characters, Places, and Things that have not yet appeared in the story will not be included.



Abbot – A guard at Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. He was Hoxie's right-hand man. [Chapter ???]

Aeacus – [OC] The middle head of the Hacker unit, Cerberus. Rachel Rileigh assumes this hacker alias. Aeacus dislikes heavy coding... [Chapter 4]

Aereon – A crafty wind Elemental who knows of a prophesy involving a Furyan who will bring about the downfall of the tyrannous Lord Marshal Zhylaw. [Chapter ???]

Ali – One of Abu Al-Walid's charges on his journey to New Mecca. Ali was killed by grues on M-344/G, 2. [Chapter 6]

Councilman Alfarsi – [OC] A member of the Helion Council. He is very headstrong and accosts Eve Logan and Terry Chen. He has a daughter whom Jack Badd calls "Spunky." [Chapter 25]

Jaser Al-Khalid – [OC] A student of Kokuei Do under Ken'ichi Kuromori. Jaser told Ken'ichi Kuromori about The Pit (Helion Prime Circuit) and sponsored him. [Chapter 6]

Abu "Imam" Al-Walid – A Muslim priest. He is a member of the Helion Council. [Chapter 1]

Lajjun Al-Walid – Abu Al-Walid's wife and mother of Ziza Al-Walid. She is fiercely protective of Ziza Al-Walid and Jack Badd. [Chapter 1]

Ziza Al-Walid – Lajjun and Abu Al-Walid's daughter. She attends Lucian's Academy's Kindergarten, and later Lucian's Academy's Elementary School. She looks up to Jack Badd and Richard Riddick. [Chapter 1]

Amber – [OC] Doctor Vincent Tachygnic's receptionist. [Chapter 22]

Ami – [OC] A dock worker and union representative at the Nano-Med, Inc. Distribution Center on Nemaeus 4. [Chapter 21]

Anatoli – A guard at Crematoria with a nose that can "smell trouble." He is Douruba's Second in Command. [Chapter ???]

Andre – [OC] An overbearing customer of Madame Marian's Roses. He was threatened and scared away by Jack Badd when he mistook her for one of the working women. [Chapter 16]

Diego Araya – [OC] A Colonel in the Ordnance Corps of the Alliance. His Zolus mirror is Zaira Kassab. [Chapter 20]

Alexander "Xander" Argyros – [OC] A man living in the underwater, underworld community of Tortuga on Aegir. He was once in the collection agency for a major insurance agency. He was falsely accused of embezzlement and fled to the Rannet System. He is now in charge of an underworld bank. Richard Riddick has an account with him. [Chapter ???]

Arthur – [OC] A hacker belonging to the triad, Knights of NI. His partners are Galahad and Lancelot. [Chapter 21]


Jack B. Badd – The main identity of Deirdre Richter. Her history is complicated and few, if any, know it all. She is a fugitive and Richard Riddick's apprentice and accomplice. [Chapter 1]

Bam – A prison guard at Butcher Bay Correctional Facility that was the champion of the ring fights in Tower 17 of Double-Max. [Chapter 15]


Mr. Carver – [OC] Lucian's Academy's instructor for Literature and Advanced Placement Literature. [Chapter 14]

C4sper – [OC] A hacker formerly belonging to the Riddlers. Known as "the friendly ghost." He paused the Stock Trade for half an hour to scroll his riddle. He excels at slipping past com guards. Torvald Mjollnir's assumes this hacker alias. [Chapter 5]

Ceryll "The Gov" Cantaglia – The leader of the prisoner society in Crematoria. He ran the hard end of the Benz-Kardak coda on Sigma Minor successfully for an unprecedented 17 cycles. Although arrested for 23 separate infractions, from extortion to murder, he continued to evade conviction. He was finally brought in for vehicular manslaughter. He and a few others escape Crematoria using Toombs' ship. The Gov promises Richard Riddick aid from himself and his crime syndicate should he ever need it. [Chapter ???]

Terry Chen – A mercenary formerly of Toombs' second crew. Alexis Zimmerman enlisted him and Eve Logan to locate Rachel Rileigh and Richard Riddick. [Chapter 4]

Antonia Chillingsworth – Previous owner of the Kubla Khan, collected bounties and kept them in an advanced state of cryo-stasis as "art." Jack Badd killed her. [Chapter 1]

Benjamin "Blitz" Coleman – [OC] A Zolus regular to Madame Marian's Roses. He's in love with one of the working girls there, Zoe Krieger. [Chapter 18]

Aislin Connal – Jack Badd's alias as co-pilot of the Spirit of Langavat. She is the business deal negotiator of Murdoch's shipping business. Aislin is Morrigan Connal's cousin and Murdoch Connal's niece. [Chapter 11]

Morrigan Connal – [OC] Rachel Rileigh's alias as broker and com specialist aboard the Spirit of Langavat. She is the accountant in Murdoch Connal's shipping business. Morrigan is Murdoch Connal's daughter and Aislin Connal's cousin. [Chapter 11]

Murdoch Connal – Richard Riddick's alias as captain and pilot of the Spirit of Langavat. Murdoch owns a shipping business. Murdoch is Morrigan Connal's father and Aislin Connal's uncle. [Chapter 11]

Jack "J. J." Jarret Connors – [OC] A shy boy who is the only one to ask Audrey Knight to dance during the Lucian's Academy school dance. He later asks her out on a date. [Chapter 8]

Kiara Corvus – [OC] A woman on Daedalus. She joined Jack Badd's posse on Daedalus and acts as their mother figure. She is Pandora Corvus' mother. [Chapter 4]

Pandora "Panny"/"Pan" Corvus – [OC] A girl on Daedalus. She joined Jack Badd's posse on Daedalus with her mother. She is Kiara Corvus' daughter. [Chapter 4]

Cozart Brothers – Two inmate siblings in Butcher Bay Correctional Facility, known as the "Torture Twins." They would torture anyone thrown into their cell and are almost always in Solitary Confinement. [Chapter 15]

Cyrus – [OC] A fighter in The Pit (Helion Prime Circuit). Jack Badd defeated him. [Chapter 6]


Dahlven – A bounty hunter of Toombs second crew. He is a greedy, careless misogynist. He became a mercenary for the power and money the position offered. Richard Riddick kills him on Helion Prime. [Chapter 8]

Mr. Deckard – [OC] Lucian's Academy's instructor for Com Technologies, Advanced Com Technologies, and Calculus. [Chapter 14]

Cassandra "Cassie" Demetrios – [OC] One of Audrey Knight/Jack Badd's best friends. She is a clever girl who stays on Helion Prime and keeps in contact with Rachel Rileigh after she leaves the planet. She is Dawn's younger sister. [Chapter 1]

Dawn Demetrios – [OC] Cassandra's older sister. She owns Nagendra, a pet pythoplec. [Chapter 8]

The Director – [OC] He is Antony Greco's technical assistant, advisor, and aide. He holds Black Clearance in the Alliance. [Chapter 5]

Douruba – The Warden of Crematoria. He is extremely suspicious and slightly superstitious. [Chapter ???]


John "Zeke" Ezekiel – A passenger on the Hunter-Gratzner. Sharon Montgomery was his lover. He was killed by grues on M-344/G, 2. [Chapter ???]


Doctor Ferguson – [OC] A doctor recently recruited to work with Doctor Sorin cel Rau on a special experiment. [Chapter 22]

Gavin D. Ferrel – A Crematoria convict convicted of cryptoterrorism. No one could decipher his whereabouts or identity. He is the #1 hacker in the known systems. Traces of his crimes are spread throughout every known infosecurity network in the known systems. His trademark is a skull icon. These skulls were intentionally left behind. He was apprehended in the Helion Prime planetary network where a "weak link" was placed as bait. His signal was traced to a ship just beyond the Helion Nebula. He gave authorities no resistance. [Chapter 5]

"Flirt" – [OC] A girl in Jack Badd's physical education class. [Chapter 4]

Adela Fortuna – [OC] An ecologist working for Company's subsidiary, E-Co. She is the wife of Aodh Fortuna and is Lynne Fortuna's mother. [Chapter 21]

Aodh Fortuna – [OC] An ecologist working for Company's subsidiary, E-Co. He is the husband of Adela Fortuna and is Lynne Fortuna's father. [Chapter 21]

Lynne Tyche Fortuna – [OC] A girl Rachel Rileigh comes with to the Lucian's Academy school dance. She gets "gut feelings" about things that usually are correct. She lives at her parent's home. [Chapter 7]

Junner Front – Antonia Chillingsworth's right-hand man. He had a rifle with a machete fitted into it. Richard Riddick killed him. [Chapter 1]

Carolyn Fry – Docking Pilot for the Hunter-Gratzner. She was killed by the grues on M-344/G, 2. [Chapter 2]

Furya – A man who led a large clan of Furyans. He was named after his home-world, Planet Furya. He keeps in contact with various Furyans through the Dream Time while in cryo aboard the Kubla Khan. He was the husband of Shira. [Chapter 8]


Galahad – [OC] A hacker belonging to the triad, Knights of NI. His partners are Arthur and Lancelot. [Chapter 21]

Antony "Tony" Greco – [OC] The Lieutenant General of Sentry Sector. He oversees Sentry's activities. He holds Silver Clearance in the Alliance. [Chapter 5]


Hasan – One of Abu Al-Walid's charges on his journey to New Mecca. Hasan was killed by grues on M-344/G, 2. [Chapter 6]

HiddEnigma – [OC] A hacker who belongs to a team of hackers called the Riddlers. [Chapter 11]

Hoxie "The Hox" – The officious Warden of Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. Richard Riddick disguises Hoxie in prisoner garb and goggles, which lead to Hoxie's guards shooting him under the mistaken identity of Richard Riddick. [Chapter 20]



Jackal – [OC] One of the Zolus commanders. The media dubbed him "The Jackal" years ago during his solo exploits as a thief and assassin. His Alliance mirror is Rafe Taylor. [Chapter 18]

Jerrod – [OC] One of the Zolus commanders. He is a large strongman of the commanders, but with brains to match his brawn. [Chapter 17]

Jessie – [OC] A girl in Jack Badd's posse on Daedalus. She is a hacker. Her brother is Mike. [Chapter 4]

William "The Conqueror" J. Johns – A mercenary transporting Richard Riddick on the Hunter-Gratzner. Richard Riddick sets him up to be killed by a monster on M-344/G, 2. [Chapter 10]


Amir Kassab – [OC] One of the Zolus commanders. His girlfriend died giving birth to his daughter, Zaira Kassab. [Chapter 20]

Zaira Kassab – [OC] A young woman in charge of the Zolus weapons supply. She makes deals to sell and buy weapons. Her Alliance mirror is Diego Araya. She is the daughter of Amir Kassab. [Chapter 20]

Audrey J. Knight – Jack Badd's alias on Helion Prime. The system registered her as Abu Al-Walid's adopted daughter. She attends Lucian's Academy High School. [Chapter 1]

Zoe Morrisa Krieger – [OC] A working girl at Madame Marian's Roses. She is in love with Benjamin Coleman. [Chapter 18]

Ken'ichi Kuromori – [OC] A martial artist that fights in The Pit (Helion Prime Circuit). He is part of the Kuromori Clan of New Japan. He is a Fourth Dan practitioner of Kokuei Do. Jack Badd defeated him after an intense match. He is the son of Daichi Kuromori. [Chapter 6]

Kyra – Jack Badd's alias used in various situations. [Chapter 6]


Lancelot – [OC] A hacker belonging to the triad, Knights of NI. His partners are Arthur and Galahad. [Chapter 21]

Lauren – [OC] A working girl at Madame Marian's Roses. She is Marian's lover; they eloped to Daedalus Station years ago. [Chapter 16]

Eve Logan – A mercenary formerly of Toombs' second crew. Alexis Zimmerman enlisted her to locate Rachel Rileigh and Richard Riddick. [Chapter 4]


John Malcolm – [OC] A dock worker on Daedalus. [Chapter 17]

Marian – [OC] The owner of Madame Marian's Roses. She is Lauren's lover; they eloped to Daedalus Station years ago. [Chapter 16]

Micah – [OC] A man in Jack Badd's posse on Daedalus. He was in charge of the posse's security. He is Sebastian's little brother. [Chapter 12]

Mick – [OC] An unstable man in the ranks of the Zolus who owns several "pets." He doesn't like odd numbers. Richard Riddick killed him. [Chapter 17]

Mike – [OC] A boy in Jack Badd's posse on Daedalus. He is a hacker. His sister is Jessie. [Chapter 4]

Minos – [OC] The right head of the Hacker unit, Cerberus. It is one of the dual-run artificial intelligences. Minos is polite, and chose a formal, British-accented voice pattern. [Chapter 4]

Torvald Mjollnir – [OC] A Colonel in the Sentry Sector and secretly a hacker who uses the alias C4sper. He is one of the top operators in Sentry. He holds Black Clearance in the Alliance. [Chapter 5]

Sharon "Shazza" Montgomery – A passenger on the Hunter-Gratzner. John Ezekiel was her lover. She was killed by grues on M-344/G, 2. [Chapter 6]


Nagendra – [OC] A pythoplec pet owned by Dawn Demetrios. [Chapter 8]

Jade Nguyen – [OC] A reporter for the Aquila Major News Network. [Chapter 22]


Gunnar O'Connor – [OC] A detective of the Helion Prime Guard. He is currently investigating Richard Riddick's presence on Helion and the disappearance of Rachel Rileigh. He cooperates with Alexis Zimmerman once she heads the investigation. He is rather easygoing, but also quick to anger. His partner is Hasad Ibn Rashid. [Chapter 11]

Paris P. Ogilvie – An antiques dealer bringing cargo from Earth to the Tangiers System. He was killed by the grues on M-344/G, 2. [Chapter 10]

Douglass D. Owens – Navigator on the Hunter-Gratzner. He died in the crash of the ship on M-344/G, 2. [Chapter 18]


Pope Joe – An inmate surgeon at Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. He stitches Richard Riddick's arm after a bullet grazes Richard Riddick during a run for the Pit. [Chapter ???]

Purifier – A man in the position of Senior Purifier, whose primary function is to advise the Lord Marshal. After a campaign, the purifier speaks of the faith of the Necromongers to the uninformed populace and attempts to gain willing converts. [Chapter ???]



Randal – [OC] A mercenary subordinate who fought in the Wailing Wars. He and the other mercenaries under Richard Riddick's lead betrayed him. He took leadership of the Zolus after he murdered Zed. Richard Riddick infiltrates the Zolusland and kills him. [Chapter 12]

Hasad Ibn Rashid – [OC] A detective of the Helion Prime Guard. He is currently investigating Richard Riddick's presence on Helion and the disappearance of Rachel Rileigh. He cooperates with Alexis Zimmerman once she heads the investigation. He is quite formal, but more levelheaded than his partner, Gunnar O'Connor. [Chapter 11]

Sorin cel Rau – [OC] A doctor who is doing an experiment. He is the Director of Research at the Newtonian Institute. [Chapter 12]

Shawn Reis – A mercenary of Toombs' second crew. [Chapter 4]

Rhadamanthus – [OC] The left head of the Hacker unit, Cerberus. It is one of the dual-run artificial intelligences. Rhadamanthus is sometimes aggravating, and chose a raspy, roguish voice pattern. [Chapter 4]

Rhiana – [OC] The second oldest of Mick's "pets." [Chapter 18]

Brian Richards – Richard Riddick's alias as a mercenary in the E-TAC assist during the Wailing Wars. [Chapter 12]

Deirdre Richter – Jack Badd's true identity. Not much is known about her because Jack Badd blocked out most of who she had been, leaving only the vaguest history. [Chapter 2]

Richard "Big Evil" B. Riddick – An escaped convict; there's more to him than anyone suspects. He often does transporter work for easy money and to lay low. [Chapter 1]

Mrs. Riker – [OC] Lucian's Academy's instructor for History, Government, and Cultures II. [Chapter 13]

Chelsey Rileigh – [OC] Rachel Rileigh's alias when she sends secret messages to Cassandra and Kristen Rileigh. She is Rachel Rileigh's fictitious older sister. [Chapter 11]

Deanna "Grandma Dee" Rileigh – [OC] Rachel Rileigh's grandmother. [Chapter 4]

Liam Rileigh – [OC] Kristen Rileigh's husband and father of Rachel Rileigh. He died during an accident on the job, an explosion in a nano-technologies lab due to an electrical short. [Chapter 13]

Kristen Rileigh – [OC] Liam Rileigh's wife and mother of Rachel Rileigh. She keeps in contact with Rachel Rileigh by sending messages to her daughter's "Chelsey Rileigh" alias after Rachel Rileigh leaves the planet. [Chapter 13]

Rachel "Mouse"/"Vixxie" Rileigh – [OC] One of Audrey Knight/Jack Badd's friends. She is the daughter of Liam and Kristen Rileigh. She's a genius, a hacker, and a sharpshooter. She has taken a liking to Junner Front's rifle. She is definitively "mousy"... [Chapter 1]

Jacquelyn Riley – Jack Badd's alias on Nemaeus 4 during her therapy sessions with Dr. Tachygnic. [Chapter 21]

Richard Riley – Richard Riddick's alias on Nemaeus 4 during Jack Badd's therapy sessions with Dr. Tachygnic. [Chapter 21]

Robbie – [OC] The youngest member of Jack Badd's posse. He doesn't have a responsibility, yet. [Chapter 14]

Rust – The leader of the Aquila gang in Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. He was Abbot's "rooster." Richard Riddick killed him. [Chapter 13]


Nicholas "Saint Nick" Saint August – [OC] One of the Zolus commanders. He was a Special Operations Marine under Lieutenant General Alexis Zimmerman. [Chapter 15]

Ms. Satou – [OC] Lucian's Academy's headmistress. She is a member of the Helion Council. [Chapter 14]

Sebastian – [OC] A man in Jack Badd's posse on Daedalus. He is the leader of the posse. He is Micah's big brother. [Chapter 12]

William Sherwood – [OC] A Chief in the DEA. He is in charge of deals with the Zolus concerning Rush. His Zolus mirror is Jack Vorobyov. [Chapter 20]

Shira – A Furyan Shaman/Seer who died during the Furyan Massacre. She keeps in contact with various Furyans through the Dream Time. She was the wife of Furya. [Chapter ???]

Katherine Soloviev – [OC] Ova donor for Specimen 74 and one of the doctors working for Doctor Sorin cel Rau. [Chapter 20]

Specimen 74 – [OC] A gene-spliced creature created by Doctor Sorin cel Rau. [Chapter 12]

Sphinx – [OC] A master hacker who started a team of hackers called the Riddlers. [Chapter 5]

"Spunky" – [OC] A girl in Jack Badd's physical education class. Councilman Alfarsi is her father. [Chapter 4]

Squirt – Sebastian's nickname for Jack Badd. [Chapter 14]

Suleiman – One of Abu Al-Walid's charges on his journey to New Mecca. Suleiman was killed by grues on M-344/G, 2. [Chapter 6]


Vincent Tachygnic – [OC] A therapist on Nemaeus 4. [Chapter 21]

Rafe "Rampage" Taylor – [OC] A Marine with the rank of Lieutenant General. He is current commanding officer of Spec Ops for the Alliance after Alexis Zimmerman "retired." He also assigns hits to Zolus hitmen. He is Jackal's Alliance mirror. [Chapter 20]

Theresa – [OC] A woman who owns Theresa's Threads and helps Jack Badd in finding a dress for the school dance at Lucian's Academy. She has a laid-back attitude. [Chapter 7]

Toombs – A mercenary upon the Kubla Khan that now hunts Richard Riddick. [Chapter 4]

Tyler – [OC] A boy in Jack Badd's posse on Daedalus. He is the chef, when they have food. He watches out for Veronica and Robbie. [Chapter 14]

Tyler – Richard Riddick's alias when sponsoring Jack Badd in The Pit (Helion Prime Circuit). [Chapter 6]


Urchin – [OC] A young boy on Nemaeus 4 that Richard Riddick pays to keep an eye out for Toombs. [Chapter 23]


Lord Vaako – One of the Necromonger commanders. He is said to be one of the most capable commanders in the Necromonger army. He is the husband of Dame Vaako. [Chapter ???]

Dame Vaako – Vaako's wife and a schemer. She wants to put Vaako on the Necromonger throne succeeding Zhylaw. [Chapter ???]

Vaughn – [OC] A fighter in The Pit (Helion Prime Circuit). Jack Badd defeated him. [Chapter 6]

Jack Vorobyov – [OC] A man in charge of the Zolus drug supply. He is selling off Rush to the Alliance. His Alliance mirror is Chief William Sherwood. [Chapter 20]

Veronica – [OC] A girl in Jack Badd's posse on Daedalus. She is a pickpocket. [Chapter 14]


Kaneonuskatew "Kane" Wesakechak – [OC] A technician from Zilos Corporation who helps install a new cockpit on the Gift of Nyx. [Chapter 24]




Zed – [OC] The former and deceased leader of the Zolus. Randal killed him. [Chapter 15]

Lord Marshal Zhylaw – The sixth Lord Marshal of the Necromongers. He led the Furyan Massacre. An old prophecy foretells his downfall to a Furyan. [Chapter ???]

Alexis "Zimmy" Zimmerman – [OC] An Ex-Marine with the rank of Lieutenant General. Alexis is "retired," and acts as the Physical Education teacher for the girls of Lucian's Academy's High School. [Chapter 3]

Lance Zimmerman – [OC] Alexis Zimmerman's deceased husband. He died of a heart attack. [Chapter 14]



"Ant Farm" – An area on Nemaeus 4, formally the Western Desert. The Ant Farm is home to the largest concentration of formicid and Nemaean anteaters on the planet. It is considered dangerous to traverse these areas not only for the harsh winds throughout the planet, but because of the local wild life. Only scientists and ecologists hold an interest in this area; it is considered too dangerous to bother with by most others.

Aquarius 3 – A lush planet full of grassy plains, thriving forests, massive rain forests, jungles, and broad oceans. The planet is a veritable utopia and under protection by the EPA and E-Co; aside from monitoring outposts, the planet is untouched. Environmentally safe tours are available.

Aquila Major – A thriving business world that is the "entrepreneur's New Mecca." Richard Riddick was here, briefly, while running from Johns.

Aquilan Banking Trust – One of the largest banks that offers intersystem banking. The Knights of NI robbed it and framed Cerberus.


BGP-4 – A Planet in the BGP System. Also known as the "Howling Planet," this large, grey planet has grey clouds... Everything is grey. It is a mass of jagged, hollow, spire-filled plains and mountains. The planet surface is dead and the only life is found in the deepest subterranean caverns. The planet is full of winding, interconnected tunnels. Wind rushing through the tunnels and over the holes in the hollow spires made a constant wailing sound. The Wailing Wars are named after the sound.

Butcher Bay Correctional Facility – A Triple-Max slam in the Thelriss System. Richard Riddick attained his eye-shine here. It was previously thought inescapable until Richard Riddick spent a short time there. Butcher Bay has a new warden and repairs made from the damages incurred to it during Richard Riddick's escape have just finished...


Central City – A city on Nemaeus 4 and the site of most business offices for the various corporations that all but rule the planet. The crime rate is lower here, as much of the housing here is expensive and well-patrolled by the policing units. High-ranking, retired Zolus sometimes live here with CEOs and government officials. Central City is the hub of power for Nemaeus 4, containing the most powerful men and women on the planet, which is not always the government officials.

Coalsack System – A system in a dark nebula which houses an extensive number of settlements following expeditions to the Coalsack Nebula.

Conga System – A system with life on four of its seven planets. The main colony world is filled with deciduous trees and rivers across most of its continents. The other planets sport more desert and tundra climates. William Johns picked up Richard Riddick here shortly before boarding the Hunter-Gratzner.

Crematoria – A planet in the Igneon System that is the location of a subterranean Triple-Max slam. The surface of the planet is heated by the nearby sun, causing a fiery temperature differential.


Daedalus Station – A station that orbits Nemaeus 4. Its layout is a series of ring-like decks connected to a central spire by walkways every quarter-circle. Every ring is also connected by maintenance shafts and air ducts. The decks are divided by 24 corridors instead of blocks. This station is notorious for trapping people with its extortionate prices and slumlord ruled nature. There are rumors that this may change, but not many believe it.

Daedalus Station, Deck 3, Corridor X – The Zolus Headquarters. Deck 3 is considered Zolusland, but Corridor X is considered its heart. The Zolus commanders gather here for meetings.

Dengali – A city on Helion Prime that exports its various aquatic wares to the rest of the planet. There are fishing towns on the shores of the Dengali Sea and Dengali River. There is also a tourist and vacation resort on the Dengali sea shore. Along with the Solaris Crystal Caverns and New Mecca, Dengali is one of the three major tourist attractions of Helion Prime.

Dengali River – A salt water river into which the Dengali Sea empties. Dengali was founded a few miles from its tributary. It is the main site of river-trapping in Dengali. There are fewer fish but in larger concentration, almost no Helion mantas, and a higher concentration of pythoplecs. Concentration of crocodilian habitation in the river is dependent upon their mating and egg-laying seasons.

Dengali Sea – A large body of salt water on Helion Prime that borders the desert land mass where New Mecca is located. It consists mainly of assorted fish and crocodilians, with a healthy number of Helion mantas and low concentrations of pythoplecs. It is a main site of sea-fishing in Dengali.


Epson 4 – A planet in the Epson System with a series of caves that have valuable, refinable sources used to produce ion drive fuel. The caves are covered in a highly necrotic fungus that devours living tissue. Miners wear thick biosuits to protect themselves from contact with the fungus.


Fisher-2 – A penal colony planet in the Fisher System. It is its own holding cell, court, and prison system. It only contains minimum- to high-security inmates. Maximum-security inmates are typically shipped to Butcher Bay Correctional Facility.

Fisher-6 – A highly industrialized planet in the Fisher System. The planet surface is said to look like an old-worlds motherboard, with lots of buildings and wires with concrete and pavement between them. Fisher-6 is home to many mechanical and technological experts. Illegal activities are as common as legal activities and it is a known haven for criminals with techno-mechanical specialties.

Planet Furya – The home planet of Furyans, which was mostly razed by Necromongers led by Zhylaw before he became Lord Marshal during the Furyan Massacre, leaving very few Furyans left in the galaxy.


Gemini 6 – A planet in the Gemini System that is home to New Hong Kong.

Gift of Nyx – Richard Riddick's ship, legally registered to Rick Phoebus. It is a luxury ship that was gutted and fit with what Richard Riddick deemed necessary for training, exercise, and shipping cargo.


Helion 3 – A planet in the Helion System that is home to the luxury planet holding New France, New Italy, and New Spain. Designers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and the idle rich often inhabit this planet.

Helion 5 – The last planet in the Helion System. It is home to New Poland.

Helion Prime – A planet in the Helion System full of seas, rivers, and deserts. It is home to New Mecca. Imam Al-Walid and his charges, Ali, Hasan, and Suleiman, were headed here on the Hunter-Gratzner. The planet shares its light with other planets for power. It is home to the Solaris Crystal Caverns. Its inhabitants are a melting pot of ways of life, religion, and ethnicity. It is governed by the Helion Council.

Highland City – A city on Nemaeus 4 set atop the Northern Plateau. It is the main mining town of Nemaeus 4 and provides a large amount of revenue for the planet. Travel to this city is dangerous because of the deadly crosswinds and drafts by The Cliffs. It is dangerous to fly there even with an experienced guide. By land, it takes several days to reach the pass. Highlanders are isolated and have formed a distrust of the "suits" from Central City.

Hunter-Gratzner – A ship scheduled to arrive in the Taurus System, Helion System, and Tangiers System. It crashed on the second planet of the M-344/G System after flying through the tail of a comet. In events following the crash, Richard Riddick, whom William Johns was taking to Tangiers Penal Colony, escaped custody and is now at large.




Kubla Khan – A merc ship formerly under the command of Antonia Chillingsworth. The ship has a gallery full of advanced cryo-stasis pads housing living statues of captured most-wanted convicts. Furya, the Killer of Men, was among these statues.


Le Rayon de Soleil – A diner in New Mecca near Lucian's Academy. It has an average menu of assorted meals, but its claim to fame is its expansive list of beverages, ranging from alcoholic and mixed drinks to teas, coffees, and fruit or vegetable juices and blends. All items are reasonably priced.

Libra 9 – A planet where Jack Badd followed Richard Riddick to a brothel.

Lucian's Academy – A prestigious K-12 private school in New Mecca that offers many programs. They also have an internship and scholarship deals with many colleges.

Lupus 5 – A planet in the Lupus System home to an (in)famous group of mercenaries, the Lupus Guild.


M-344/G, 2 – A planet in the M-344/G, 2 System that is almost constantly in daylight due to three suns. There is an eclipse of all three suns every 22 years. The planet has an extensive series of tunnel just under the surface where grues hide until the eclipse.

Madame Marian's Roses – A brothel on Deck 2 of Daedalus Station headed by Marian. It is made to look like a brothel from the Elizabethan era.


Nano-Med, Inc. Distribution Centers – Any of the various sites that produce and ship Nano-Med, Inc. products.

Nemaeus 4 – An industrialized planet in the Nemaeus System ruled by a government under the heel of the big business owners. Most of the planet is rock and sand and there are dangerous, strong winds. The oceans are filled with dangerous creatures, but the caves have proven to be invaluable to the economy of Nemaeus 4. Jack Badd grew up in North City and ran away to Daedalus Station, which orbits the planet.

Nemaeus System – A system housing the economically ruled planet Nemaeus 4 and the slum-station, Daedalus.

New France – One of three major cities on Helion 3. Between itself, New Italy, and New Spain, all of the newest and latest trends in fashion and art tend to come from Helion 3.

New Hong Kong – A large settlement on Gemini 6. Qin Fashion is based here.

New Italy – One of three major cities on Helion 3. Between itself, New France, and New Spain, all of the newest and latest trends in fashion and art tend to come from Helion 3.

New Mecca – The major city of Helion Prime, it was the primary colony and also has the largest concentration of peoples. It has the greatest diversity of all the settlements and towns. It has many economic and political power in the Helion System. Most of the Helion Council lives in New Mecca.

New Spain – One of three major cities on Helion 3. Between itself, New France, and New Italy, all of the newest and latest trends in fashion and art tend to come from Helion 3.

Newtonian Institute – An research organization in the Ursa Luna System that is responsible for leading discoveries in the major fields of science. They provided data to the Alliance Shipping Reconnaissance group during the investigation into the crash of the Hunter-Gratzner. Their last known project was to recreate viable grue embryos from DNA recovered from the crash investigation team. Tours are provided by various scientists around the public levels. There are lower levels where research non-public research occurs. Below the lower levels are secret levels with questionable research.

North City – A city on Nemaeus 4 and the main industrial power on the planet. It is the site of the major space port for Nemaeus 4. There is also a thriving fishing industry from the North Sea. North City has a higher than average crime rate and the majority of the population is middle- and low-income. The poverty level is very high in some sections of the city and the homeless can be found almost everywhere throughout it. The Zolus often do their planet-side business in North City. Jack Badd was born here.

North Sea – One of the largest bodies of water on Nemaeus 4 and the farthest one to the north. This sea, like all other bodies of water on Nemaeus 4, is filled with carnivorous and cannibalistic creatures such as Nemaean eels, piranhas, and sea crabs. Its waters are the murkiest on the planet, which make it one of the more dangerous seas.

Northern Plateau – An raised area on Nemaeus 4 marked by a long, sheer ridge that is informally called "The Cliffs." The winds bounce off the high, stone wall of the ridge and create strong crosswinds and drafts. There is a pass to the south that is safer to traverse, but it can take several days by land to get from either Central City or North City by the pass.



PG-151 – A planet with a newly established settlement. Jackal took a contract and assassinated a government official before the Alliance could covertly take the target out. This nearly threw the settlement into a colony war, but the Alliance was able to keep things peaceful.

The Pit – An intersystem, underground fighting ring. Kyra and Tyler make some quick money by fighting in the Circuits. Kyra and Tyler initially fought in the Helion Prime Circuit. One of the largest Pit Circuits is in New Japan.




Sentry Sector – A sector of the Department of Defense that houses top of the line hardware and software used to fight cybercrimes. The most top-secret software and com systems are developed here, including programs such as Sentinel.

Sigma 3 – A planet in the Sigma System where its inhabitants are more or less slaves and the local military is the authority. The entire planet is a festering cesspool of illegal activities.

Sigma Strikeforce Academy – A military academy on Sigma 3's moon, where Richard Riddick learned all there was to know about killing.

Solaris Crystal Caverns – A series of caves on Helion Prime with the largest concentration of heliotite. The caverns are a attraction for locals and tourists. It was voted as most romantic site in the Helion System.

Southern Gate – A large pass by the Southern Plateau of Nemaeus 4. It is the only safe way to access the southern plateau that is close to either Central City or North City. The southern plateau contains the Nemaeus 4 Penitentiary, placing convicts far away from any means of escape by foot. Supplies and new prisoners are always brought by hover-transport through the Southern Gate.

Sparta System – A system with a series of 12 planets, all but two of which are harsh in climate. Those nearest the sun are heated desert planets while those farthest are frozen wastes. Spartus 6 and 7 are the only temperate planets in the system. Spartus 7 was colonized first.

Spartus 7 – An average planet in the Sparta System. The planet has a successful economy and a healthy government. It is the site of Spartus University and Spartan Industries.

Spartus Industries – A business on Spartus 7. They focus on the manufacturing of advanced com systems, production of reliable operating systems, and coding of programs and software engines.

Spartus University – A university on Spartus 7. It is distinguished for its prominent Medical, Business, Com Technology, and Architecture curriculums. Many of the most prominent businesses are headed by people that graduated from Spartus U.

Spirit of Langavat – The alias of Richard Riddick's ship, Gift of Nyx.


Tangiers Penal Colony – A slam where Richard Riddick was an inmate at one point in time. William Johns was headed here with Richard Riddick on the Hunter-Gratzner before it crashed.

Taurus 3 – A planet in the Taurus System. Jack Badd was headed here on the Hunter-Gratzner before it crashed.

Theresa's Threads – A tailor shop on New Mecca where Jack Badd bought two dresses.


U.V. 6 – A planet in the Frigido System composed of rock and ice. The planet has large planes of ice rings caused by glacial drifts or icefalls that appear as fingerprint-like shapes on the planet. These ice rings typically found around mountains. For five years, Richard Riddick used this place as a hideout. It is also the home of the Urzo Giganticus.



Western Sea – The third largest sea on Nemaeus 4. The waters are clearer than the North Sea, but they are no less dangerous. For ecological and human safety hazards, considerations for building a settlement by the Western Sea were abandoned when it became apparent that it was the watering hole of the Nemaean anteaters and formicids.






Alliance – The body of intersystem governments participating in a peaceful alliance, forming a network across the known systems. It uses a house of representatives to pass laws. It contains a military; executive, legislative, and judicial branches; and dictates standards of life for its citizens, including economy, health care, security, and education.

Alliance Clearance Level – The various levels of access to classified information within the Alliance government. They rank from lowest to highest as follows: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, and Black. There are two special operations ranks above Black: Silver and Gold.

Alliance Congressional Senate – The legislative branch of the Alliance, formed of various representatives. The representatives are elected through a voting system by planet and by system. The Senate balances power so that no single system or senator controls the Alliance.

Alliance Executive Offices – The executive branch of the Alliance, formed of various leaders of planetary/systemic governments. These leaders govern their worlds or systems and are typically elected to their positions by the people of that planet or system. All executive leaders are of equal footing in the Alliance, but cannot issue orders to another system or planet outside their jurisdiction.

Alliance Judicial System – The judicial branch of the Alliance, formed of many judges and courts.

Alliance Shipping – The Alliance-run, intersystem company that chartered the Hunter-Gratzner. It was responsible for sending the Alliance Shipping Reconnaissance investigators to M-344/G, 2 to research the ship's crash.

Alliance Shipping Reconnaissance – A sub-group of Alliance Shipping that investigates disappearances, crashes, and other internal affairs of Alliance Shipping.

Aquila Major News Network – The primary reporting network for the Aquilan System and Aquila Major.

Arachnoids – These large, ten-legged arachnid-like creatures are native to Nemaeus 4. They resemble a cross between daddy-long-legs and tarantulas. Their diet consists of the fungus the grows on the cave surfaces, which they sweep up with chelicerae. They are harmless. The webs they spin are vestigial and only serve as transportation and nests. Their bodies are about the size of a human head, with six-foot legs. Some Nemaeans have begun keeping them as pets.

ATC – An automated teller com. It is a com limited to banking activity. One can get statements and make deposits or withdrawals from them.


The Box – A shiv that Jack Badd made for Pandora Corvus. It has the appearance of a skull with fangs on its hilt; the blade looks like the tongue of the skull. The pommel rotates out from the handle to reveal the hollow handle, which has a set of lock picks inside it.


Cerberus – A triad of hackers: Aeacus, Minos, and Rhadamanthus. Known as "Ternion Sentinel at the Gates of Hades." Cerberus is the #3 hacker in the known systems, below Gavin D. Ferrel and Sphinx... but is moving up in the world.

Cinch – A supplemental product that eases women's menstruation. Should be taken with vitamin supplements and a meal.

Coca-Cola Company – A beverage company that has been around for ages. It has a famous line of drinks. Its competitor is PepsiCo, another long-standing beverage company.

Com – A computer. They can vary in size, design, and build.

Com-Pad – A hand-held computer screen smaller than a com, but larger than a data pad. They can uplink to other com devices via cable or virtually synchronize with them. They can vary in design and build, but are typically between the sizes of 6"x8" to 9"x12".

Company – A corporation spanning Alliance systems that dabbles in nearly all forms of business and commerce. Rumor has it that there are several branches with shady business deals; further rumors state there are "secret" branches that deal only with criminal or government agencies.

"Croc'ed" – A term used by Dengali fishermen describing a poor haul due to crocodilians. The crocodilians have adapted to the fishing business, stalking fishing boats when the fishermen cast out bait and chum in hopes of catching an easy meal. If the crocodilian hovers too close, it will scare away most of the fish and devour any that come close, leaving the fishermen with a small catch.

Crocodilians – A reptilian predator species of Helion Prime closely resembling a crocodile. Crocodilians can grow to 30 feet long. Their usual diets consist of fish in the Dengali Sea and Dengali River, but will eat pythoplecs if the opportunity provides. They have also been known to scavenge Helion manta carcasses. Seasonally, they will migrate up the Dengali River to mate, and then again to lay eggs. During this time, they can be found sunning on the river banks instead of the shores. Crocodilian hunting habits have adapted to intelligently herd fish to Dengali fishermen boats, using the fishermen's bait and chum to catch an easy meal.


Data-Pad – A smaller, hand-held com for quick data storage, input, and retrieval. They can uplink to other com devices via cable or virtually synchronize with them. They can vary in design and build, but are typically between the sizes of 2"x3" to 5"x7".

DiamonDrill – A company that makes diamond drill bits and other power-drill accessories.

Discussion Channels Index – A database of all Open Discussion Channels and "listed" Private Discussion Channels. All channels are sorted according to the following: Category, Subject, Title, Description, and Type. The index can be searched and sorted to find a specific channel using key words and optional attributes such as: Date Created, Text-Only, Video-Only, Audio-Only, and more.

Dream Time – A mental/astral plane accessible to Furyans capable of projecting themselves into it. They may also invite another mind into the Dream Time provided that mind is unconscious.


E-Co – An ecology organization created and funded by Company. They often work with the EPA.

Big Evil – A shiv that Jack Badd made. It has a long, broad blade that is hooked at the tip and serrated on its back edge. This blade is symbolic of Richard Riddick.

Lesser Evil – A shiv that Jack Badd made. It has an average length and width, but has a flame-blade style of hilt-facing points on each swell. There are two swells per edge. This blade is symbolic of Jack Badd.


Flitter – A small, two- or three-person hover-ship made for limited travel. Usually deployed from a larger vehicle. Many news networks use them for aerial shots. They are environmentally safe and near silent. They are slow moving, with a maximum speed of 20 kph (14 mph).

Formicids – Ant-like creatures with eight legs native to Nemaeus 4. A formicid drone and workers are usually an inch and a half from mandible to sting. The drones and workers build a nest for the queen formicids, which can be up to four inches in length and have four wings. Typical formicid hills are between two and four feet high, but can reach heights of six feet; the hives also extend underground for several yards. They are the Nemaean Anteater's food source.

Furyan Massacre – A battle between the Furyans and the Necromongers on Planet Furya. The sheer number of Necromongers overwhelmed the Furyans. Led by Zhylaw before he became the Lord Marshal, every man, woman, and child found was to be murdered. The resulting near-genocide left only a few hundred Furyans in existence.


"Girl Mood" – A confusing emotional state of females that Richard Riddick does not understand. It occurs when he does or says something and receives an unexpected reaction seemingly disproportionate to the severity of said action or words.

Grue Tooth – A tooth from a grue that bit Richard Riddick's leg. It was removed and Jack Badd currently wears it on a necklace. She uses it as a source of comfort.

Grues – A species of feral, subterranean creatures native to M-344/G, 2 formally known as bioraptors. They have prehensile hands on long arms that house bony spikes that can extend from the wrist, just below the palm. In addition, they have a long, prehensile tail and large wings. Their heads are crescent-shaped with two stalks on either side used to capture sound for echolocation. Their sense of smell is very acute. Grues are cannibalistic and photosensitive to the point where they will break out into boils—and sometimes flames—in light. They come out from their subterranean lairs when the planet is eclipsed.

Heavy Guard Unit – Medium-tonnage exo-skeleton units housing pilots. These units are capable of dealing with individuals as well as small- and medium-size hostile groups. They have weak armor plating on their backs where the pilot enters.

Riot Guard Units – Heavy-tonnage exo-skeleton units housing pilots. These units are capable of dealing with large-size hostile groups, medium-tonnage exo-skeleton and mechanized units, and other large-tonnage exo-skeleton units. They have heavy armor and are not easily destroyed.


Helion Council – A group of representatives that make up the governing body of Helion Prime. Councilmembers are generally well-placed and wise to the needs of society.

Helion Guard – The combination police and military force on Helion Prime. In harsh times, they have barracks where the guards stay "on call."

Helion Mantas – A filter feeder species of Helion closely resembling the stingrays. They can grow to be 80 feet from wingtip to wingtip, with a 45- to 50-foot body from anterior to posterior, and a 20-foot, narrow tail with a barbed stinger at the end. They glide through the water and pick up plankton. They will turn vertically and let the current blow plankton into their wings, which have slits to allow water to pass. Another tactic Helion mantas will use is jumping out of the water and "belly-flopping" onto the surface to capture plankton on the water surface in bulk. They are generally harmless and have long life-spans and a single mating period in their lives.

Heliotite – Also known as "sun-wind crystal," these crystallized mineral formations are clear and prismatic. They form in veins in and around caves on Helion Prime. Light passes through heliotite slowly and the crystals emit the light that "charged" them in an ambient rainbow of color between two and sixteen hours. The people of Helion Prime have refined this crystal and began synthetically producing it, using the material for their light-gathering towers to share light with other planets in the Helion System.


Ident – A person's registered identification, including several headings of pertinent, public information about the individual. Everyone is registered an Ident at birth and information is added onto it through their life. Certain information can be marked private or legally sealed from the public.



Kicktoss – A game comprised of influences from football and soccer. It is played with an offensive and a defensive team. All players are free to move about the field, and may use the hands, feet, or the head, to move the ball down the field. However, the offensive team may not travel the ball backward, but may pass laterally by toss (but not hand-off). The ball may only be intercepted or blocked while on the ground or in the air, but not stolen while in the hands of another player. The offense must move the ball toward the defense's goal—a soccer-like net. A single player from each team tends the goal; they may not move from a specified radius of ten meters from the goal (marked by a circle around the goal). Whoever has possession of the ball is the offensive team. Possession changes when a ball goes out of bounds by the team that had last contact. Possession also changes when a team scores goal, in which case the defense becomes the offense. The game plays to 15 points (professionally) or 5 points (short game).

Knights of NI – A triad of hackers: Arthur, Galahad, Lancelot. They robbed the Aquilan Banking Trust while posing as Cerberus.


The List – A compiled list of all known hackers in the most-wanted category. The three requirements of being on The List are that the hacker has a well-established record of cyber-crimes, be uncaught in all crimes, and have a reward for capture.

Lupus Guild – A guild of mercenaries based on Lupus 5. The mercenaries in this guild are some of the most greedy, ruthless and—sometimes—unstable.


Mercenary Jacks Or Better – A guild of mercenaries that no longer exists. MercJOB signed up all its mercenaries and then drafted more to complete a 500-man contract for an E-TAC assist for the Marines on BGP-4 during the Wailing Wars. Riddick killed all the mercenaries belonging to this guild and put it out of business.


Nano-Med, Inc. – A corporation responsible for the creation and distribution of Nano-Med products. Richard Riddick has a shipping deal with them under the alias of Murdoch Connal.

Navigear, Inc. – A corporation responsible for the best and latest in environmental, hazardous materials, pressure, and space suits. Richard Riddick has a shipping deal with them under the alias of Murdoch Connal.

Nemaean Anteaters – This species native to Nemaeus 4 closely resembles anteaters, but tower at eight feet and are covered in thick, wooly fur. Their paws have long claws for digging into formicid hives. Their trunks are long and their tongues are covered in sticky saliva. They are easy to spook and may trample smaller creatures.

Nemaean Chiropterans – This species native to Nemaeus 4 very closely resembles the fox-bat, but is about the size of the common brown bat. They use echolocation to hunt and their calls sound like the buzz of cicadas. These creatures will perch on any available still surface inside the caves.

Nemaean Eels – This species native to Nemaeus 4 resembles eels. However, they have long, snake-like bodies comparable to an anaconda and a powerful set of jaws lined with razor teeth. Their main prey consists of the hard-shelled sea crabs and piranhas when the opportunity presents itself. Nemaean eels that survive to adulthood can grow to be 45 to 50 feet long. They are quick and vicious, even to their own kind. Copulation is done carefully by the males, as the females may kill and devour the male in rejection. Their main diet consists of young, Nemaean piranhas.

Nemaean Piranhas – This species native to Nemaeus 4 somewhat resembles a basking shark, but with six rows of teeth. At first glance, these creatures are seemingly innocuous. However, they can enter a feeding frenzy with their school at any moment. A school of piranha are usually between 30 and 50, typically with twice as many males as females. They can grow to be 25 feet long and swim through the waters, looking for anything smaller than them that they can fit in their jaws, which can expand up to four feet. Anything that enters their mouth is summarily chewed and torn to pieces. Their diet consists of other schools of smaller Nemaean Piranha and Nemaean eels who have not reached adulthood. Two battling piranha will gape their maws at each other in challenge.

Networks – A series of networks joining coms together; an internet.

New Oslo Shipping Corp – The company that owned and operated the Hunter-Gratzner.


Open Discussion Channel – Abbreviated ODC, these are public chat rooms where people can converse on coms over the Networks. ODCs are accessible to anyone. All open channels appear on the Discussion Channels Index. Some ODCs are regulated by a moderator or moderators. Both commercial and noncommercial ODCs may have rules set by the moderator(s) of that channel that one must agree upon before participating.


PepsiCo – A beverage and snack company that has been around for ages. It has a famous line of drinks. Its competitor is Coca-Cola, another long-standing beverage company.

Petameter – Also known as "petas." This is the standard unit of measurement for interstellar travel. 1 petameter is equal to 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quadrillion) meters.

Private Discussion Channel – Abbreviated PDC, these are private chat rooms where people can converse on coms over the Networks. PDCs are only accessible via invite or if one knows the name of the channel. If these channels appear on the Discussion Channels Index, they will have passwords locking them from public use; these are known as "listed" Private Discussion Channels. Some PDCs are unlisted on the Discussion Channels Index. PDCs may have moderators the same as ODCs.

Pythoplec – A snake-like species native to Helion Prime, between one and three feet in length, and no thicker than four inches around. They are generally brown to black in color, sometimes with black spots on the lighter color. They have two, small, red eyes set to the sides atop their heads, which see in the infrared range. They require almost constant warmth and light to survive. They use suction mounts and rough tongues to eat algae off heliotite and stay close to clean, "charged" heliotite. Some people of Helion keep them as pets.


Qin Fashion – A designer clothing company that is foremost in fashion from the Gemini System. It ships some of its hottest items to the Helion System.


Riddlers – A group formed by Sphinx of the most elite hackers on the Networks. The group consisted of Sphinx, C4sper, and HiddEnigma. Sphinx invited Cerberus, but Aeacus turned him down. Later, C4sper left the Riddlers.

Rush – A drug formerly manufactured by the Zolus under the command of Randal. "Rush" is an illegal performance enhancement drug that briefly enhances synapse fire rate. It is a derivative of an amphetamine formula. There are some very severe side effects. Its usage is heavily discouraged.


Sentinel – A learning AI developed for the sole purpose of using its networking and database abilities to find and use information. The information Sentinel reaped could be utilized in a number of ways by a director or operator. It was left inactive when its programmer died before finishing it.

Big Sister Blade – A shiv that Jack Badd made. It has an average length, slightly longer than the Little Sister Blade and a smoothly curving blade and a handle tailored to fit her palm. The guard of the shiv can rotate ninety degrees to the side, which opens a hole in the pommel where a spike in the handle drops through. Returning the guard back to its previous position locks the spike in place.

Little Sister Blade – A shiv that Jack Badd made. It has an average length, slightly shorter than the Big Sister Blade and a smoothly curving blade and a handle tailored to fit her palm. The guard of the shiv can rotate ninety degrees to the side, which opens a hole in the pommel where a spike in the handle drops through. Returning the guard back to its previous position locks the spike in place.

Sons of Freedom – A anarchist group of terrorists that considers the Alliance full of tyrannical overlords, conspiracies, cover-ups, and oppression. They have made several attacks upon Alliance organizations and individuals. After several major strikes, the Alliance retaliated; this started the Wailing Wars. The Sons of Freedom took a severe blow from the war and are nearly crippled, but they were not eradicated.


TardisCo – The leading brand-name in power cells for medium and small appliances.

Tauran Landshark – A sand-burrowing creature resembling a shark on Taurus 3. They are essentially blind and hunt by sensing vibration. Tauran Landsharks are typically tan with a darker brown underbelly. Their adult size ranges between 16 and 20 feet. Their diet consists of anything buzzard-sized or larger that has meat on it.

Trashy Romance Novels – Also known as "bodice ripper" fiction, a few of these stories might have plot... but that's not why most people, generally women, read them. They come in a variety of settings and cater to a broad range of lifestyles. Rachel has a small but growing collection of them.


Universal Denominations – The accepted currency of the Alliance. The exchange rates differ between other currencies, but UDs are accepted everywhere in the Alliance. There is no guarantee of their validity or fair exchange outside Alliance territory.

Urzo Giganticus – A species of large, powerful predators on U.V. 6. Reminiscent of a yeti, they stand around eight feet in adulthood and are covered in a long, thick, white coat of fur. They have very long and sharp teeth and claws. The Urzo giganticus sees in infrared. These dangerous carnivores will hunt and attack almost anything.


V-Arms Training System – A virtual training program for firearms, produced by Company. It has a vast array of training options including a scenario function.

Vanguard – A com's primary firewall. It monitors most of the commonly used ports and access points on a computer. There are two ways to bypass a vanguard. Usually, backdoor ports and lesser-known commands are exploited to gain access to the computer. A more slippery method is to trick the vanguard into granting legit access to the com. It is never wise to rely on the vanguard alone to protect a com from viruses and hackers.

Vec-Corp – One of the major corporations responsible for production and distribution of vectran throughout the systems. Richard Riddick has a shipping deal with them under the alias of Murdoch Connal.

V-ID – Virtual-Identity. A com-registered identity; a virtual address for that specific com. A com with more than one user may have more than V-ID. V-IDs are used to log in to a com and are the finger-print of the Networks. There are ways to prevent leaving a trace to one's V-ID, wipe a V-ID's trail, and prevent a V-ID from being discovered.


Wailing Wars – A war between the Alliance and the Sons of Freedom. The Sons of Freedom had based their operations from BGP-4. When the Alliance found them and attacked, its tunnel-ridden underground served as the lair of the Sons of Freedom. The planet turned into a killing field for both the Alliance and the Sons of Freedom. The war has had a traumatic effect on many of its participants.




Zilos Corporation – A company that manufactures security and battle product technology, including robot guard units.

Zolus – A gang originating on Daedalus Station that slowly expanded into various systems. They are a major underworld force. Once led by Zed and then Randal, the Zolus are now in the hands of its commanders. Nicholas Saint August has a plan to take the Zolus in a new direction and make them a more powerful force than ever before.


I will update this glossary regularly with new terms every chapter whenever someone new comes on-scene! I hope this helps confused readers!

Sources include Chronicle of Darkness (this story), PitcherBlacker, Wikipedia, Amita4ever's "The History of Riddick A Writer's Tool," and the Chronicles of Riddick series (movies, videogames, and books).

-Lynx Klaw