To be a Band Member…

A slightly more serious tale by Leoshi, Class of 2008

Yes, I am in marching band in my High School – Birdville. It's been a great four years, but I know that the last I'll ever get to wear my well-deserved uniform is for some Senior pictures. I'm not ready to let my legacy go just yet, so I wrote something on our bus ride home from Wichita Falls. I remember it well, and now I will expand on it. It told of the many differences between being a "student" and a "member" of a marching band. This did apply to me, greatly so, so I wish to share it with you.

Marching Band: To be a Band Member…

To the new user of this uniform and hat box,

You don't know me, and probably won't see me until later in the Season. I am a senior of '08, French Horn player, and…tonight sees my absolute last time to wear this uniform as a member of the Mighty Hawk Band. Many memories lie within these fibers and buttons, as well as experiences, mistakes, and achievements. To you, new member, I wish to pass on several statements of what it means to be one – a member of the Band.

-To be a student is to have priorities.

-To be a Mighty Hawk Member is to act upon them without regrets.

-To be a student is to practice.

- To be a Mighty Hawk Member is to perform, and perform greatly.

-To be a student is to find friends.

-To be a Mighty Hawk Member is to be accepted into a family.

-To be a student is to see obstacles.

-To be a Mighty Hawk Member is to leap over them, landing with grace, dignity, and perfection.

-To be a student is to play a show.

-To be a Mighty Hawk Member is to present your art before the populace, and knowing they can enjoy it.

-To be a student is to be "present."

-To be a Mighty Hawk Member is to exist.

To you, hatchling, I give you my wisdom. See these sentences, learn from mistakes, and always – always – leave the field proud of what you have accomplished. As you will hear your new directors say: "Look up; the ground isn't going anywhere." Indeed, new Member…look to the horizon, prepare for a journey, and enjoy…cherish…the years spent learning, growing, and achieving with fellow Mighty Hawks.

May fortune follow you.


Author's comments: Well, here's another little oneshot-oriented tale. Granted, it is more advanced than what I left in my hat box, it does portray the message I wanted to portray, if not more so. Please, PLEASE, tell me if this is good. I need to know.