By: Manna (Kitten Kisses)


Tiny ants with their miniature horses and tiny toys roam across the camp, but she can't tell one apart from another, even though she knows them all. Their hair and eye color is lost to her sight because of their sheer difference in height, and she giggles lightly when she realizes that from where she sits, lithe, thin Lady Lyndis looks the same as the strong, brash Lord Hector.

She closes her eyes, and can only hear the occasional whicker or soft flap of Huey's wings from either side of her. Sighing happily, she gathers the reins in one hand and lays her cheek against the snowy white fur of her mount's neck as the runs her free hand through his mane, untangling any small knots that may have formed in the time since they had taken to the sky.

"I think that this must be as close to freedom as one can get," she tells the exuberant Huey, who looks happy to be in flight.

Flying was the best way she knew of to feel free, but even then, the wonderful feeling of the wind blowing through her long hair and the amazing sights that she could see from beyond the clouds would eventually have to come to a stop. Huey would become tired after awhile, and they would have to return to the ground so that he could rest his wings.

Looking to the horizon, her eyes fill with longing. Responsibility, hurt, sorrow… None of it can be found in the rays of orange and red that cast their shadows over Elibe, and the thought makes her heart leap with a strange sense of happiness.

Flying eventually would have to come to an end, if only for a short while… but the sky… Day or night, the sky is forever. She knows that she can look to it and always be reminded of the fact that there is more out there for her to see, to explore, to experience.


Author Notes:

This might not have turned out quite like I had hoped, but it's definitely better than the rough draft, which surprisingly, was written on Route 460E in Virginia, just over the state border of Kentucky. On my way down there to visit my friend (who had a preemie baby) and her hubby, traffic came to a screeching halt. Who would have thought that people would get out of their cars and mingle like they were at a party?

After people watching for a bit, I just started to write, and this is what I came up with. (I was stuck there for 45 minutes, after all…)

Comments and constructive criticism are very much appreciated. Thanks for reading!