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He that is taken and put into prison or chains is not conquered, though overcome; for he is still an enemy.- Thomas Hobbes


"Itachi Uchiha is currently being detained in cell block six, cell number five hundred. You, Sakura Haruno, are ordered by the Godaime to interrogate him. You are to find out the Akatsuki's whereabouts, their plans, and members. You will also be healing him after physical interrogations. Is that understood?"

The ANBU waited for her answer even though he knew what it would be.

"Yes sir."

"You are dismissed."

Sakura left the room with fear in her heart. She understood exactly what this meant


'Why would Tsunade-shishou have me do this?' Sakura wondered as she walked to the cell block underneath the streets of Konoha. 'I'm not with the interrogation squad and I'm definitely not qualified to have an inquisition with a dangerous S-class criminal.'

She reached the large and intimidating gates of cell block six which were locked with chakra. As the ANBU guard saw her, he broke the seal to let her enter. Sakura anxiously walked through the gate, hoping the fear would eventually dissipate. She knew she was too strong to be fearful of a man who was subdued by chains.

As Sakura walked the length of the corridor, she noticed there weren't many captives left. Most of their skeletons remained though, as a warning to the criminals being brought in. The hall was dark and damp, with torches lit along the wall, casting shadows that seemed to be fighting one another. The smell of death tainted the air and she felt a wave of nausea. As she came closer to cell number five hundred, she began to reconsider and halted in her stride.

This was Itachi Uchiha that she was going to be dealing with. He was the infamous murderer of the Uchiha clan and member of the Akatsuki organization. Who knows what to expect from him. She was only a nineteen year old jonin whose only skills lie in deceitful genjutsu, taijutsu, and healing abilities.

'You can do this,' she reassured herself. 'Show Tsunade-shishou how far you've come.'

Sakura took a deep breathe and continued walking. She tried her best to ignore the rotting smell that seemed to seep into the grime covered walls.

490, 492, 494, 496, 498...

Sakura stopped and bit her lip.


She didn't need identification because of her signature long pink hair, which was plaited down her back, so the sentry broke the seal immediately upon seeing her. The metal bars made an irksome noise as the cell door was opened. Straightening her back, Sakura entered. There was a hallways lighted by torches that led her to the actual containment area.

The room was lit by a lone torch and was otherwise dark. She could tell the area was rather large, but also cold and desolate. There wasn't any furniture or other accommodations as far as she could tell. It was just a simple room with four walls and the smell of death wafting through the musky air.

Then her eyes fell upon him.

His head was lowered, and it looked as if he was sleeping. He was chained to the wall by shackles that had chakra running through them. There were gashes seen on his chest, and his clothes were torn and bloody. He wasn't wearing the signature cloak with red clouds, but a black shirt and pants. His black hair fell around his shoulders and she couldn't see his face.

"Welcome back to Konoha," Sakura said, knowing he was awake.

He slowly raised his head. When she saw onyx eyes, she had to stifle a gasp. They were just like Sasuke's. But that was the only resemblance between the two. He didn't look as much like his younger brother as people had said.

But she knew he was definitely Itachi Uchiha.

"I guess I should heal you first," Sakura said, walking over to him carefully.

As she knelt next to him, he muttered, almost tauntingly," Why heal me when I'll be beaten again."

"If you die, we won't get any information from you," she said, uncomfortable talking to this man.

Actually, Sakura didn't know what exactly the case was. She didn't know how Itachi was captured or when it happened. It's rather strange though, that someone with his power could be imprisoned. But she didn't ask questions. She only did what she was told.

The injured flesh on his body slowly returned to normal, and Sakura felt drained. Whatever they did to him, it must have been more painful than anything she could imagine. Some cuts were so deep they reached his bone. She could guarantee scars.

As Sakura finished, she walked back to the other end of the cell, keeping her distance. Itachi sat there quietly, waiting for whatever she was going to do.

"What? No thank you?" she asked.

He didn't respond.

"Fine, I guess I should begin," she said. "I know you won't give me any answers immediately, but at least this is better than torture."

There was still no response.

Sakura sighed. She had no idea what she was doing. She wasn't trained for this, and she never saw an interrogation before.

"I'm Sakura Haruno," she said, trying her best to stall. "My birthday is March 28; my blood type is O-"

"You have no idea what you're doing, do you?" the prisoner interrupted.

Sakura pursed her lips. It's not good for the captive to know that. He won't take her seriously now. But who does, what with her pink hair. Looks like she was failing already.

"No," she sighed, knowing that she wouldn't be able to lie to him.

'So much for impressing the Hokage.'

"You're pitiful," his monotone voice sounded, once again slightly taunting.

"Hey!" she yelled. "I just healed you! And I'll have you know that I'm the Hokage's top student and her right hand woman."

She hated saying that part. Sakura became Tsunade's right hand woman after Shizune died on a mission. Even though she liked the position, it felt as if she was taking something away from Shizune.

"That means nothing," Itachi said.

"What?" she asked testily.

She had the overpowering urge to kill him right then and there. The girl had already hated him for killing his own family but now she had other reasons for murdering him.

"Just because the Hokage thinks you're good doesn't mean you are."

Now Sakura regretted healing him.

"I'm not going to stand here and argue with you," she said.

"What else are you going to do?" he asked.

He was right. What could she do? Talk to him so much he'll be forced to give her answers just so she'd shut up? Or argue with him until he gives in? Either way didn't seem too promising.

"I'll be back tomorrow," Sakura said.

Without another word, she turned and left the depressing room. She had an idea that will hopefully help her. Sakura was going to ask Ibiki Morino for help.


Itachi looked at the woman's retreating form. Unsurprisingly, she had inherited her master's temper. It would be easy to take advantage of her if she was so easily upset by the slightest of insults. He was a bit disappointed, though. He was hoping to challenge a more capable interrogator. Sakura was only a child to him; she could not begin to compare to Ibiki Morino.

She could not even begin to comprehend what she was in for by interrogating him.


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