Note: This is just a short and kind of sappy Thanksgiving fic set in my Brothers universe.

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Sam was trying his hardest to ignore it, like Dean seemed to be doing. He couldn't help but to be slightly depressed, though. He tried not to let it show as he and Dean sat in an almost totally abandoned diner in the tiny town they had stopped in.

But, it was his first Thanksgiving since his parents and Jess had died, and he couldn't help but to think about it. He looked down at his food. Seriously, this place was rundown. And what diner was even open now, anyways?

Sam supposed that he might be just as depressed when Christmas rolled around, but maybe not. Thanksgiving had always been his mothers favorite holiday. The car crash that had taken their life had actually happened just a few weeks after the holiday, too.

He remembered all the things his mother had done for the holiday, getting into it more than any of the others. He missed that, missed her running around the kitchen and bullying Sam and his dad into helping.

Sam looked up at his brother, who looked like he hadn't even noticed that today was any different than yesterday, but Dean had been the one who had suggested that they stop here for the next couple of days. Sam thought Dean was just trying to give Sam some time before they went on their hunt.

Sam knew that Dean had his own reasons for hating the holidays. Sam had thought about asking Dean about what he remembered from before the demon, but Sam didn't want to bring his brother down with him.

Dean had been overly cheerful all day, making rude jokes and teasing Sam. Sam knew he was just trying to cheer him up. He appreciated that, too. They had finished their meals and paid when Sam looked up at Dean and asked a question.

"Do you remember spending today with your mom?" Dean stopped short and for a moment, Sam saw pain reflected in Dean's gaze.

"Yeah, I remember." Dean said, and turned to walk out. Sam sighed and got up, cursing himself for bringing it up.

When they got back to the motel, Dean went into the motel room first, leaving Sam in the car. Sam sat there for a while, thinking before he got out himself and walked into the motel room.

The bathroom door was closed and Sam heard the shower start. Sam shed his jacket and went to sit down when he noticed something on top of his bag that wasn't there before. Sam picked it up and had to choke back tears.

It was a small picture. It was of Mary Winchester, holding a dark haired baby that was undoubtedly Sam. She was smiling brightly at the camera, and looked beautiful. Sam could see Thanksgiving decorations hanging on the wall behind her.

Sam turned the picture over and found writing there. Sammy's first thanksgiving. Sam stared at the picture. He lifted his gaze after a few moments to the closed bathroom door, and a small smile came to him.

Sam tucked the picture carefully into a side pocket of his bag. Some of his depression left with the simple gesture from his most of the time closed off brother. Maybe, with Dean, the holidays wouldn't be so bad.