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Grounded Angels

(Fang's POV)

"This place is awesome," the Gasman whispered. The church we had entered radiated security. I could feel all the people of the past: their fears, their hopes, their dreams. Every private thought and every word they spoke to God.

That was my skill. I saw the past. Really, it was more than that. The past enveloped me. I could relive anyone's past. I was the past, the present. The future.

Angel led us to a pew and knelt down to pray. Not wanting to feel like an idiot, I followed suit.

"Dear God," I heard Nudge mumble. "I want real parents. But I want them to want me too. I want them to love me. I already love them. Please see what you can do. Thanks very much. Love, Nudge."

I repressed the urge to smirk. Then again, I wasn't one to talk. None of us knew how to do this whole prayer thing.

"Please help Angel find Celeste. And help me be a better leader, a better person. Make me braver, stronger, smarter. Help me take care of the flock. Help me find some answers. Uh, thanks."

If only Max knew. She was already the best person she could be. She was the best leader we could ever hope for. She kept us together.

She kept me together.

God, I thought, or whoever's out there. Please just help us. I know we're not saints or anything, but we try. It's the thought that counts, right? Help Iggy see again and help the little ones be able to be kids. But most of all, help Max realize how wonderful she is. If you can do that, if you can just help my Max, I'll be okay.

Fang, I heard in my head, all of this struggle is important. But just trust me, in time you will all get the life you deserve. You're my Grounded Angels. Take care of this Earth for me. I can promise that it will be worth it in the end.

Was I going crazy? Did I get a voice in my head like Max?

No, Fang. I am God.


Just trust me.

Okay. I'm a bird kid that hears God in his head. That's normal. Note my sarcasm.

Watch after Max for me, Fang. Give this all two years. You'll see what I mean.

Um, yes sir...

Goodbye, Fang. I'll contact you again later.

And the voice was gone.

What on Earth was he talking about? The Grounded Angels?

I guess we kind of are. The Angels that fell from the sky. Who knows what's in store for us?

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