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Will You Be My Friend?


Chapter 1: The Begining


Why does my mind keep going back to him...? Is it because I feel pity for him...? Or is it because I went through the same thing in my old school that he's going through now...?

I sighed and brought my hand to my aching head. I was definitly thinking too much and too hard lately. But no matter what I do I just can't seem to get him out of my mind... Sabaku no Gaara.

Sabaku no Gaara is the loner of my new school. It's pretty easy to tell since I've never seen him talking to anyone before. It's like he's not even there. I can see the hate in everyone's eyes when they look at him, and i see the loneliness in his eyes. He know's he's hated.

So bacically, everyone ignores him in Leaf High, as though he was just a mere ghost, and I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one who sees him... the real him. That I'm the only one who stops long enough to see that he's in pain. That I'm the only one who gives a damn about how he must feel every time someone laughs at him or calls him names.

It's weird though, really. You'd think with such bright blood red coloured hair and thick eyeliner going around those calm - but full of pain - see green eyes of his that he would stand out of the crowd. Stand out from everyone else in school. But the thing that stands out for me the most is the tattoo on his forehead... love. It's beautiful, like him.

I noticed that throughout the week that I have been in my new school, Leaf High, that Gaara-sama has been back and fore to the nurses' office almost everyday. It could be that he was nursing an injured wrist against his chest, or trying to stop the blood that was gushing out of his - more than likely - broken nose. I found out from Ino that it was Sasuke and his gang that were doing these horrible things to Gaara-sama.

Sasuke is the most popular and hottest - not in my opinion - guy in school, and has almost every girl - not including me - falling to his feet and telling him how much they are in love with him. But he obviosuly dosen't give a damn about them, the ungreatful ass! The other's in his gang, that I found out he like to call his "followers" are Naruto, the class clown. Kiba, could be Naruto's long lost brother their so much alike. Shikamaru, the genouis of the group and also the lazy bum. There's Choji, the could and would eat any type of food you'd put in front of him, crums and all. And there's Shino, the quiet one that likes to keep to himself and has a weird facination with bugs.

I wasn't popular in my old school. In fact, I was just like Gaara-sama. I was the loner of Suna High and I hope to never go back to that hell hole. Well... I wasn't totally alown, I had one friend that i loved like a big brother but well...

I shook my head from side to side to get rid of the memories. There was no way I was going to remember that day now. Not now, not ever again.

I looked around me. It was fifth lesson and I was in P.E. Gai-sensei said that we would be doing track today. So at the moment I am sitting on one of the metal benches, with Sakura to the right of me and Ino on the left. TenTen was behind us.

I guess you could say that I have finally made it into the popular group.

Sakura is the most popular girl in school and has a huge crush on Sasuke, although she calls it love. She's also a girl you would defintly not want to mess with. Say one bad thing about her, do something she dosen't like or ask Sasuke out on a date and she would make the rest of your High school life a living hell. Which, basically means that Ino, TenTen and myself are her "puppets". She can do whatever she wants to us and will get away with it.

I know, I know. It's not the best friendship to have, I'll admitt. I mean it's obvious Ino and TenTen are terrifide of Sakura and I am more that terrifed of her. Well... not of her excactly, but of what she could do. But, hey, i'm not alone anymore.

I let out a long sigh. I was soooo bored! I've been waiting for my turn to do track for whatseems like forever to me! I love to run. I'm not too sure why though. I guess it's because it's one of the few things i canactually do?

I looked around. I was searching for someone. No. Not for someone but for Gaara-sama! Again! Why?! Gaara... Gaara... AH! Found him!

He has his head down, not paying attention to what is going on around him. Not knowing someone can see him. I notice that once again - no big surprise - that he is on his own. He has a blank look on his face, but i know better. I can see it in his eyes, he's longing for someone to talk to, for someone to be there for him, for someone to ask "Will you be my friend?"

And for a scary moment. Just one long moment, I wanted to be that someone.

I continued to stare at him openly not noticing the adjitated look that was on him face. Then suddenly, as if in slow motion, his head shot up and his calm sea green eyes met with my pale lavender eyes.

So much pain in his eyes... I couldn't help but think.

With much difficalty, I managed to tare my gaze away from his eyes and turn to stare down at my shoes as if they were the most interesting things I had ever owned.

My heart rate was irregular, it had gone up mabie twice the rate it should be and made me pant for breath as I put all my energy into focesing to keep my blush down. But it failed and I bet if anyone was looking at me at that moment, they would have mistaken me for a tomato.

Oh God! He saw me staring at him! I was screaming in my head over and over again.

I was so deep in thought that i didn't hear my name being called for the fifth time by my new blonde friend, Ino "Hinata! Stop daydreaming! I swear your as bad as Shikamaru!" I blushed more at this "It's our turn, now cummon!" She should while dragging me over to the tracks by my arm, over to where TenTen and Sakura were.


Why can't I get her out of my mind...?

Is it because I feel that there is something different about this girl...? That she makes me feel weird and tingley all over...? Yeah. She is definitly different.

She may not have ever talked to me, hell no one talks to me!, but at least she looks at me. She actually looks at me. That is more than what anyone in thisdamned schoolhas ever done before. I'm the loner of Leaf High. Why...? I have no idea... maybie i'm just not a likeable person?

My older siblings, Temari and Kunkuro, have told me millions of times that all I need to do is socialize more, but I know that if I go up to someone and try to start a convosation, they wouls just end up calling me something like monster or demond or loner. I get that enough as it is and I don't need it anymore. So i just keep to myself and hope that no one will try to beat me up again today. Which means keep the hell away from Sasuke's group.

But Hinata Hyuuga is different. She makes my heart beat speed up to a rate it's never been to before and it's every time I look at her or if I notice her looking at me. I also get the feeling that millions of butterflies are flying around in my stomache... but it's a good feeling. I even feel heat rising to my cheeks at times.

And no matter what I do I can't help but think about how beautiful she looks with her waist length navi coloured hair and her soft pale skin which looks as smooth as silk. Her eyes i like the best about her though. Her pale lavender eyes seem to be able to look into my soal...

I can feel someone's gaze fixed on me and i wasn't surprised. It's usually Sasuke-dope or someone from his sissy group. So i got ready to give them one of my infamous glares, but when I looked up I didn't expect to see what I did.

My sea green eyes locked with Hinata's lavended tinted eyes.

I felt my breath catch in my throat and my heart beat started to speed up once again. And to make things worse, the butterfly feeling in my stomache came back with vengance. as we stared at eachother that what seemed - to me - an eternity.

But unfortunally, for me, she turned her gaze to her shoes.

Something warm and fuzzy filled my heart as i watched her face getting redder and redder until it was finally as red as a tomato and watched as she took small panting breaths to get the air back into her lungs. Does this mean she felt the same weird feeling as I just felt...? I asked myself. A small - bearly noticable - smile came to my face at the thought that someone finally likes me. And it happens to be the girl that I want to be friends with.

Hinata has made me feel this way since the first time I saw her, one week ago from today. I had no idea what this weird feeling was and needed to find out what and how to get rid of it. And so, even though I promised myself that I would never do it, I asked my sister for advise.

After I had told her about my weird feeling I kept having every time I saw Hinata, Temari had squealed so high I had to cover my ears to stop my ear drums from busting, and she jumped off my bed and started doing a victory dance around my bedroom. I thought that my sister had finally gone crazy... but once I got her to settle down again and get her to sit on my bed, she had looked at me with a serious face that I had never seen on Temari before, and told me that I was... in love... Love at first sight... LOVE!

I, Sabaku no Gaara, in love? Can that even be possible? I didn't know how to reply to that and at first I refused to think that I could actually be in... in... Love! But now, with each passing day that I get to see her beautiful face, I am starting to believe my big sister.

In fact, I had pland everything out. I was going to ask her to be my friend today, then maybie within time if I knew she felt the same way, I would tell her how I feel. But when I found her she was with the pink slut and her friends. And then, with a heavy heart, I finally new that my only chance of getting a firend was gone...

I shook my head to get rid of the depressing thoughts. Instead, I decided to keep my mind busy and saw that Hina-hime and the bitches were getting ready to run.


After I stretched, I got into persition with the others following closely behind.

I felt a wave of excitment run through me as I heard Gai-sensei counting down from 3.

"3, 2, 1, GO!" Gai-sensei shouted.

As soon as I heard the word "GO" leave Gai-sensei's mouth, i pushed off with all my force and ran as fast as my legs could. I loved the feel of the wind blowing my bangs out of my face.

When we were about half way around the track, I looked behind me to see that Sakura was hot on my heals, with a determand and slightly annoyed look on her face. TenTen was arms length away from her and poor Ino was last and bearly keeping up.

I looked back in front of me and i could see the finish line comming into my view. I closed my eyes ans savourd the feeling of the wind blowing in my face. A genuin smile came to my face as I pushed myself to go even faster as I felt my chest become tighter.

I opened my eyes again to find myself crossing the finish line.

I'm first! I've never been first for anything in my life before! I shouted in my head

I couldn't help the triamphant grin that spread it's way across my face as I was finally able to stop. I bent over, gasping for breath, and rested my hands on my knees while talking in sweet, sweet gulps of air.

"Well done Hinata-san! You should try out for the track team!" Gai-sensei told me while taking a good guy pose. Sparkly teeth and everything!

"I'll... t-think... about... it." I managed to tell him, still taking in the sweet gulps of air.

"Hina-chan! That was amazing!" TenTen shouted while jogging up towards me. I straightened myself up, still with the triamphant grin on my face.

"Yeah! You never told us you could run!" Ino pitched in as she came up behind TenTen

"T-Thanks. I guess I n-never t-told you because I d-didn't t-think it was a b-big deal." God I hate the fact that I stutter! But I can't stop!

I saw Sakura walking over to where we were sitting before and noticed she was glaring at anything that got in her way. She was obviously not happy... but why? "I-Is Sakura-chan alright?" I asked the two girls in front of me.

They both looked back to where Sakura sat, glaring at the ground and muttering something under her breath. They then turned their heads back to look at me. "Well..." TenTen started "You see... Sakura dosen't like to loose to anyone to anything. But don't worry. She'll let it slip this time because your new."

Okay... I was surprised that Sakura could be so childish. Pouting over a studip thing as loosing in a race? Shit... I was going to get it! Were the girls really telling the truth when they said I had one chance? I hope so.

Ino put a reassuring hand on my shoulder and gave me a big smile. "Don't worry. Everyone get's one chance."

I nodded even though I was still kinda nervous encase she did do something. But i let TenTen and Ino drag my by my arms over to our seats.

When we got there I expected her to say something horrible to me and even slap me across the face, from the things I've heard people say she does, but she just gave me and evil glare before turning her attention to the tracks.

I sighed a silent sigh to myself as I sat back down where I was before. Ino sitting on the left of me again and TenTen behind me. We waited for Gai-sensei to shout out the name's of the people for the next group to run.

Gai-sensei shouted "The next up are... Sasuke, Kiba, Naruto... and... Gaara!"

And that's when I felt it... Dread. Just by the look Sasuke gave Gaara before heading off to the track, I knew Sasuke was planning something. And the plan was to hurt Gaara.

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