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Okay, I won't blather on. Savior, Chapter 1!

A peaceful summer afternoon had settled over the Leaf Village. People bustled through the market's main street. Smiles graced every face, and the warmth was just warm enough to not bother those accustomed to the heat. It wasn't cold, or blisteringly hot.

"All the girls are going after you, my masked friend." Might Guy commented, rolling his eyes. "And you push them away like a bashful old man! It's utterly un-youthful!"

Kakashi laughed. "I'm only 18, and in the ANBU… I have the rest of my life."

They both stood upon the roof of the Leaf Village's highest building, staring out over the village. They had discarded their masks a while back, choosing to relax in more casual clothing. Might Guy glanced at him.

"I'm serious, Kakashi. You can't let yourself get all caught up in this ANBU nonsense. Loosen up. Get a girlfriend."

Kakashi shook his head. "Thank you for your worry, Guy, but I must decline the girlfriend idea."

Might Guy threw his hands into the air. "Suit yourself, Kakashi. I won't stop you."

Meanwhile, the Hokage sat in his office, stamping paper after paper. "A beautiful summer's day, and I'm stuck inside with paperwork. Maybe I could convince somebody else to do it."


The Hokage jumped up, spilling most of his papers onto the floor. "What the hell was that?!" he grumbled. "Too much for an old man, I almost had a heart attack…"

Kakashi and Might Guy glanced towards the smoke rising from the downtown area.

"What was-?" Guy said, only to be interrupted by a shadow blocking out the sun. Birds… giant birds.

Kakashi gazed at them, almost transfixed by the sight. Then, raining from above were bombs, lots and lots of bombs, too many to shoot down with shuriken. They pelted the buildings, exploding on contact.

Kakashi and Guy could only duck for cover, and hope the village pulled through.


Finally, the sounds of explosion stopped. Kakashi and Guy got up, slowly, and surveyed the damage. From afar, it seemed minor. Many windows had been blasted out, but no truly permanent damage had occurred to any of the buildings. The birds were gone.

Kakashi paused, glancing at Guy, who also seemed confused.

"What was that?" Kakashi mused.

"I don't know." Guy said. "We should check on the Hokage."


It didn't take long for Kakashi and Guy to reach the Hokage. He was fine, if not a bit distressed. His office had been shaken by the explosions.

"Ahh! Kakashi and Guy, from the ANBU. Is everything okay?" the Hokage asked.

Kakashi and Guy nodded. "From what we saw, there was minor damage, but nothing big." Guy said.

"Perhaps a warning…" the Hokage mused.

"A warning, Lord Hokage?" Kakashi asked, perplexed.

"Indeed. If they truly wanted to harm us, they could've done a lot more damage. I have received reports that other villages, both ones hidden and not, have been attacked by these sorts of bombings. Tell me. Did you see any birds?"

Kakashi nodded. "Indeed I did, Lord Hokage."

The Hokage nodded. "So it is the same group. The only village that hasn't been attacked is Iwagakure… perhaps this is their doing."

Guy blinked. "Iwagakure?"

The Hokage smiled. "Come, boys. It's off to The Village Hidden In The Rocks."


The group of people laughed, landing.

"Did you see that one woman?"

"I scared them silly!"

"Stupid village!"

The ages of the group differed amazingly, from six to twenty six. Some danced at their accomplishment, laughing and joking as for all the world they had just won a soccer game, rather then landed a bombing on a hidden village. The only ones that weren't rejoicing were two men, one twenty at the least, the other in his late teens. The younger one was smirking gently, and he brushed the long blond bang in front of his right eye away from his face, though it easily fell back into place. The rest of his blond hair that didn't cover his head was pulled back into a large ponytail. He glanced at the older one, who had short, messy red hair and dark brown eyes. They both wore a black short sleeved t-shirt, and loose jeans, a casual outfit. The other men in the group seemed to also wear the same thing, though accessories and such were added at the person's leisure. The girls wore skirts over black knee length pants and black tang tops.

"What a group of misfits, un." The blond haired boy joked, shaking his head at his group's antics.

"What a sour co-leader." The red haired man replied, shoving the blondie forward slightly. "Go join them, Deidara."

"I don't deserve it. I provided transportation, is that enough, un?"

"It is."

"Leader-danna!" Deidara protested. "I wish to show off my art, un!"

"It's Tamaki." Tamaki said, then shook his head. "We are simply revealing that we are here, and that we are a force, Deidara. I've seen your skills, and that is why you are my co-leader, because you will be useful beyond compare in battle."

Deidara didn't seem too impressed.

"We are not out to kill yet, Deidara. The time will come."

"Yes, Tamaki-danna, un." Deidara finally said.

"Good boy. Now, go have fun."

Deidara glared at him for a few more seconds, and then joined the crowd. They cheered at his appearance, and instantly pulled them into their dance, despite his rebelling. Tamaki laughed as Deidara finally melted to their charms, laughing and dancing.

"He thinks he is ready." He voiced, to himself. "Only 18, and yet so mature."

Tamaki sighed, leaning against a tree and watching the group fall down, laughing, out of breath, Deidara with the biggest smile of all. "Deidara, be a kid. Be a kid… while there is still life left in you to be one."