Blinded by Love.

Aang bent over the water, the gang had stopped at a near by lake to rest for the night they were on there way to the Southern Air Temple Where They had decided to set up head quarters for the new joint nations, it had been two years since the Avatar had defeated the Fire Lord two years since Aang had told Katara he loved her and two years since Zuko had joined the gang and taught Aang how to Firebend and one year since he had become the new Fire Lord, and although the world was better then when Katara and Sokka found Aang there were still Fire Nation rebels that needed to be taken care of. Aang smiled at his reflection as another face appeared in the water behind him she to smiled today was Katara's sixteenth birthday to day she became of age to marry and today was the day Aang was going to ask her to be his wife.

"Hey Katara, happy birthday" Aang said cheerfully.

"Thanks Aang, I can't believe I'm sixteen I'm officially a woman of the Southern Waterbending Tribe, isn't it great Aang I'm of marrying age and…" Katara stopped noticing the blush creep up on Aang's face. "What is it Aang?"

"Nothing Katara I just never mind, I'll um…" Aang put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a tiny blue stone with the water and air sign caved deep in the stone a thick darker blue ribbon holding it to the center "um… well Katara will you m…m…marry me"

Katara sat stand silent she loved Aang and she knew that Aang loved her but this was still unexpected she new she was going to except she just couldn't find the right word, Katara had been thinking to long and Aang's face fell he stood to leave.

"I'm sorry" Aang stood up to leave spinning his glider open and crouching to jump off the ground, Katara shock her head clear.

"Yes, Aang I will marry you"

"What you will really"

Katara nodded "yes"

"WooHoo" Aang yelled jumping into the sky taking Katara with him and gliding back to camp "we have to tell the others right away"

"Ok we have to start planning any way, I want a traditional wedding"

"Um… Katara our traditions are different and I was kind of hoping we could use things from both I mean I am the last airbender a few of my traditions should be put in a few of mine in"

"Ok we'll have a traditional Air nomad /Water tribe wedding" Katara laughed and Aang joined in just as they hit the ground.

"What are you two laughing about?" Sokka Asked


"Hey tinkle toes I'm blind not deaf"

"Oh hehe sorry"

"So what's this oh so exciting news"

Aang and Katara looked at each other and smiled.

"We're getting married" Aang and Katara said at the same time.

Toph dropped the rock she'd been bending, Sokka who had been sharpening his boomerang.

"HE GOT YOU PREGANT DIDN'T HE DIDN'T HE" Sokka yelled jumping up and placing the blade of his newly sharpened blade on Aang's neck.

"Sokka no we just love each other and I'm sixteen now I can get married if I please"

"Yeah but he's fifteen when I was fifteen let me tell you I was not into marrying girls I was I was more in to in to… well you know."

"Ok didn't need to but this is different Aang and I love each other right"

"Yeah Sokka I love Katara with my life and I would die for her"

Toph who had just been sitting quietly waiting for Sokka to take in the information that had just been given to him finally spoke.

"Sokka there not lying but it won't be long before you can kill Aang"

"TOPH" Aang, Katara and Sokka yelled together Sokka in shock Aang and Katara in embarrassment.

"What I can see their in love Sokka, it doesn't take sight for that"

"Oh great the blind one's calling me blind just wonderful" said Sokka sarcastically.

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P.S. here are two summary's I found of 312 on a web sight I don't know haw reliable it is but I sounds pretty good.

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Avatar Book 3 Chapter 12: The Western Air Temple

The West Air Temple is situated nearest to Fire Nation territory. It exclusively housed female Airbenders, and is the only temple not yet seen in the series. It is mentioned at the end of The Day of Black Sun, after the invasion failed, that they would go there for safety.