AN: ok I don't usually do this but inspiration kind of suddenly hit me and this chappy needs a bit of explaining so here in a brief chapter explanation Starts as a flashback of the fight that got between Aang and Katara that got them together just after the war.


"But, Katara that's just stupid, I mean come on" said a confused Aang.

"Oh, so my ideas are stupid now Aang," Katara seethed "boy's are so immature"

"Oh, yes Katara I immature you're the one that's immature I bet you don't even remember what we were fighting about"

"I totally do remember, I bet you don't"

"Oh, yeah what were we fighting about then Katara?"

"Ugh… you …I …" Katara stemered "I hate you"

"Well Katara that's just great because I hate you too"

Sokka, Toph, and Zuko who had watching the fight take place were now also unsure of what the fight was about, but Aang had just said he hated Katara something he'd never said about anybody ever.

"Well, you know what" Said Katara sending a giant unavoidable wave at the fully clothed Aang socking him.

"oh, I so wouldn't have done that if I were you" said Aang he smiled evilly Katara was wearing her brand new pure silk dress Zuko had gotten her for her birthday the week before he new what he was about to do would cause an even worse fight. He twisted his foot and then pulled all his wait to the center, a look of understanding crossed Katara's face a second to late the ground disappeared from underneath her and she fell right in to the water.

"Aang you are so dead"

"Bring it on Katara"

That's when Sokka, Toph, and Zuko decided to intervene Zuko grabbed Aang and Sokka grabbed Katara restraining them from bending.

"Enough, were all just a little cranky from all the traveling we have been doing, now CALM THE HECK DOWN"

"Toph's right guys and…"

"LET ME GO" Aang and Katara yelled

"Are you going to start fighting again?"

Katara and Aang looked at each other.


"Ok then" Zuko and Sokka released them

"I'm just not talking to Aang/ Katara ever again" Aang and Katara said at the same time walking in opposite directions.

-With Aang-

"Stupid Katara I don't even know why she likes that stupid dress I mean come on" Aang mumbled remembering the week before

-Flashback in flash back-

"It's my Birthday tomorrow" both Toph and Katara had said at the same time

"Both of you" asked Zuko

"Wait Princess and I share a birthday"

"I guess September 17th"

"Wow, that's odd said Aang I guess I have to find a present for Toph and a present for Katara"

"Oh, you don't have to get us any thing Aang" said Katara

"Speak for your self"

The gang laughed at Toph's bluntness.

"So what do you want form me Sis" asked Sokka.

"Well I don't know"

Aang had gotten up and ran in to the forest suddenly he'd get Sokka for the small bladder jokes later he'd gotten the best Idea he picked up a piece of smooth Sapphire stone it was the perfect color for Katara he concentrated hard and soon held a beautiful bracelet then he found a piece of Emerald and bent it in to another bracelet for Toph (I know not things you find just lying around but lets just say there in an area where these stones are common) not very personal gifts but he had one more thing to do for Katara he picked up a piece of Amethysts and bent it slowly into a ringgit was smooth and shined bright the perfect gift.

The next day when every one woke up the gang decided to give Toph and Katara there presents. Sokka had given Katara a new Canteen it was a beautiful Blue and for Toph he had given her a bone necklace that the people it his tribe were given if the showed great braveness, Aang had given Katara and Toph their Bracelets but kept the ring for later, but Zuko had gone in to the nearest fire nation town and bought Katara and Toph the most beautiful silk dresses Katara's the deepest midnight blue Toph's emerald green they were a hit even Toph who couldn't see hers new she loved even tough it was really girly. Aang's face had fallen and he'd never given her the ring.

-End Flashback in Flashback-

Aang clutched the ring in his pocket

"Stupid fight, why did I fight with the girl I love" he stood up and went back to camp.

-Three days later-

Aang and Katara hadn't said a word to each other since the fight and the rest of the gang was worried they knew that Aang and Katara really loved each other.

"I have an idea"

"What is your idea oh great Sokka of the water tribe"

"Well you said there was a metal bunker underneath us remember"


"Well metal bend them into a small space and leave them their until they talk"

"Oh, great idea that has never been done before" Toph said sarcastically.

"At least I'm trying"

Aang looked up at Katara and Katara looked back at her.

"This is about to become very, very anti-climactic" said Zuko looking at Aang and Katara's changing expressions.

"I'M SO SORRY" Aang and Katara practically yelled at each other running forward to hug each other.

"Awwww… that's not normal why can't these to stay mad at each other" said Sokka

"It's hard to stay mad at the people you love" said Aang "umm… I mean oh darn it"

"You love me Aang"


"Yes he does are you blind I mean seriously Katara… oof" Sokka stopped his rant after Toph and Zuko Smacked him at the same time.

"Yeah I do"

Katara Kissed Aang

"I love you to Aang"

-End Flash Back-

"I can't believe it's been two years Appa and I can't believe she agreed to marry me" said Aang.

Little did he know the watching Katara smile just as an official messenger hawk from the fire nation landed in her shoulder.


AN: Ok so a bit of a cliffy but what do you think it's not so important to the story, but I felt I should go in. and if you're wondering about the ring you'll find out.


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