Part 6:

Warangewomon pulled her fist back and slammed Venommyotismon into the wall.

"Arg," he moaned, standing up. He moved his giant hand back and threw it forward.

Warangewomon held her hands up and blocked his punch. "This can't be!" Venommyotismon said in disbelief.

"Believe it," Warangewomon said, flying forward fists extended. She slammed her fists into his face, causing him to fly backwards at an amazing rate.

Warangewomon flew after him. "I'm coming!" Kari yelled, running after them.


"I will," she responded to the voice in her head,"Still the same as when we were kids, always looking out for me."

The voice chuckled,"Always."

Kari smiled at the voice in her head she had come to know as the disembodied spirit of her brother.

She wondered how he was even there. It wasn't normal. He had died, but somehow, his spirit was inside of her, sharing her body. It was wired.

Using all of her strength, Warangewomon flung Venom myotismon through the top of the castle, sending him plummeting into the air.Warangewomon flew after him.

"Now what?" Kari asked.

"Down the stairs," Tai said,"quickly."

"Right," Kari obeyed, running towards the stairs.

Outside, the other forces shield themselves as Venommyotismon shattered the top of the castle, sending a torrent of debris towards the ground.

"What was that?" Matt asked.

"It looked like an angle wearing armor," Miko said, covered in her mothers arms,"fighting some sort of devil."

"I can explain everything," Kari said, running out.

"Don't tell them about me," Tai said.

"When?" Kari thought.

"I'll decided that," Tai said,"The others might feel, uncomfortable."

"They might be upset because they'll think you're dead."

"I'll worry about that later," he said,"Please, just don't tell them."

As the battle continued above, Kari told everything that happened until now.

"I don't believe it," Mimi said, sobbing,"Tai's dead. He's gone. No..."

Miko was crying too, as was Sora. Matt was clenching his fists. "Tai," he said,"I'll avenge you."


They turned their heads to the battle raging above. Warangewomon was punching Venom Myotismon repeatedly.

"Wow," T.K. said, jelous,"Your Digimon is really strong."

"Yeah," Kari said,"Its because she Digivolved using the Crest of Courage, its like she's been fussed with Wargreymon."

"Interesting," Izzy said,"And that's only because you got Tai's crest to glow?"

"That's the only reason we-er I can think off," she said, looking at the sky.

Venommyotismon got control of himself and slammed Warangemon with his massive fist.

"Oh no!" Kari said.

"Don't worry," Tai said,"She'll be able to do it."

Warangewomon used the air to cushion the blow and regained control of herself. She came back and used the claws on her arm gauntlets to slash her enemies face.

"Ahh!" Venom Myotismon shouted,covering his face.

"Now this game ends!" Warangewomon said.

"Terra Arrows!" she shouted firing a stream of arrows at Venom Myotismon.

"No!" Venom Myotismon yelled, as a stream of arrows created a hole in his stomach.

With one last spasm, he disappeared.

Down below, the others stared in disbelief. "Myotismon," Kari said," Is gone."

"Yes!" Matt shouted, punching the air.

"We did it!" Mimi and Sora cried, hugging each other.

"Yes," Tai said,"You did it!"

Two months later, Mimi put Miko to bed. Her beautiful daughter was exhausted. After Venom Myotismon was destroyed, people started to come back to the city. The Emperor himself even thank the Digidestined. Then came the reporters, they were celebrities over night. Mimi just wished her husband was here to see it.

"It isn't fair!" Mimi thought,"He worked so hard for this day, and now he isn't even here to see it."

The former Dark Knights had now become honorary Digidestined. Matt had picked up where Tai had left off, leading them. He was quite good at it, not as good as Tai had been, but...

Mimi walked over to where her mail had been lying for the past few hours. She smiled as she opened the first letter. It was from Sora. A picture from her tour. It was her turn now to travel around the island, telling their story to reporters, talk show hosts, anyone who would listen, and that was plenty.

Mimi opened the next letter. It was from Kari. Mimi eagerly opened it. They hadn't heard form Kari for over a month now. She just left, no explanation at all, just something about the Digiworld.

Mimi opened the letter and read it. Her eyes went wide. "What? Tai?"