Chapter 18

Rei was silent for a long time.

"Shinji-kun…I am…flattered," Rei said quietly, "This is quite a shock. I do not know what to say."

"Say yes, Rei-chan," Shinji suggested hopefully, "I've given this some thought, and it just feels right."

"Well…" Rei began hesitantly, "Yes."

"You will?" Shinji asked, "Really? Oh, this is great! Just think of it, Rei: Now, you don't ever have to go back to that dreary apartment and spend nights alone. Neither of us does. We can have whole days to spend together doing whatever we want."

"That does sound nice," said Rei.

"Let's go back to your apartment and get your stuff," Shinji said.

"That can wait until tomorrow," Rei said, a glint appearing in her eyes.

"You mean…?"

"Yes," Rei said, "Tonight is the right night."

"Rei, are you--?"

"Yes, Shinji-kun, I am sure," Rei reassured him, "I am ready for you to take me as your own."

"Let's get back to the apartment," Shinji said faintly, his voice weak with excitement.

Shinji and Rei rushed out of the party and raced home to Shinji's apartment. The quiet, cavernous apartment greeted them when the door opened, but they were oblivious to it. The only thing they were paying any attention to was the taste of each other's tongue in the other's mouth. The two teens made out wildly as they stumbled through the kitchen into the living room, where the futon Shinji had laid out a couple of days earlier still lay.

Rei attacked the buttons on Shinji's shirt. Her hands flew rapidly and accurately to each button and undid them in rapid succession. She peeled the garment off of Shinji and slid her hands up over Shinji's bare back, relishing the warmth and smoothness of his skin.

Shinji, meanwhile, busied himself with the buttons and fastenings on Rei's blouse and uniform. Soon, Rei stood in merely her bra and panties. Shinji slid his hands up Rei's front and groped her boobs through the cups of her bra. Rei moaned appreciatively. Shinji squeezed harder, feeling his member grow rapidly to hardness.

"Mmnh, Shinji-kun," Rei moaned, "It's not good to keep it so confined."

"Then why don't you let it out for me, my little Rei-chan?" Shinji suggested.

Rei had no problems with going along with him. She dropped immediately to her knees and undid Shinji's belt and fastenings. The pants dropped limply to Shinji's ankles and he stepped out of them. Next, Rei tugged at Shinji's boxer shorts pulling them down to the floor so he could step out of them, as well. Before Shinji could say anything else, he felt Rei's warm lips engulf his cock. Shinji let out a loud groan of desire. They could be as loud as they wanted, now. There was no one within three city blocks to hear them.

Rei bobbed up and down on Shinji's cock, rapidly bringing his blood to a boil. Shinji pulled his hard dick out of the blue-haired vixen's reach and pulled her to her feet. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra with one hand while fondling her gorgeous ass with the other. Rei slid the unhooked garment off and threw it aside. Then, she slid her panties down and off and kicked them away.

"What will you do with me now, Ikari-kun?" Rei asked.

"Whatever you want me to, Ayanami-kun," Shinji replied.

Rei laid down on the futon and spread her shapely legs invitingly.

"Here I am, Shinji," Rei said seductively, "Do what you will with me."

Shinji smiled. Rei was demonstrating a truly submissive personality. This didn't surprise Shinji, given the person she had always appeared to be. Shinji ogled his angel's perfect body, all the way down to her smooth-shaven pussy. Rei put one of her hands down against her glistening slit and began to rub it slowly. Rei's eyes rolled up into her head as her pleasure grew, and she began to sigh and moan.

Shinji couldn't wait any more. He dropped onto the makeshift bed and pulled Rei's hand out of the way. It its place, he put his mouth. He licked hard at Rei's pussy, and then softly and gently, and then hard again. This changing intensity drove Rei's already hyped up senses into overdrive. She began to buck and thrash against Shinji's mouth, rapidly falling over the brink. With a sudden scream and a burst of warm juices, Rei had her first orgasm of the night.

Shinji wasn't finished there. Once Rei had had a few seconds to catch her breath, Shinji pushed not one, but two of his fingers into her wetness. With his other hand he fondled and tweaked Rei's perky nipples.

"Please, Shi-Shinji-kun," Rei pleaded between her rapid pants, "Please--more! MORE!"

Shinji started adding a third finger into the drenched slit, but then stopped. He wanted more, as well. It was time.

"Rei," he gasped, "It's time."

"Yes, Shinji-kun, yes!" Rei shouted in reply, "Make me yours! Take me now, do not wait!"

"It'll hurt at first," Shinji said, concerned.

"All pleasure is accompanied by some measure of pain," Rei sighed, "I wish to become one with you. That is what matters now."

"Yes," Shinji agreed. Rei's words erased the last cloud of doubt from his mind. Shinji lined up the head of his pulsing shaft with the dripping entrance to Rei's womanhood.

"Here it comes," Shinji groaned. Then, he pushed against Rei's nether lips.

Rei gasped loudly and grimaced slightly as Shinji's thick shaft stretched her wide open. Shinji paused in the middle of his initial thrust.

"Am I hurting you too badly?" he asked, "I can stop if you—,"

"No!" Rei gasped happily, "No, don't stop! You can never cause me enough pain for me to ask you to stop!"

"As my angel wishes," Shinji replied, satisfied. He resumed entering Rei's tightness, and soon, he was balls-deep.

Shinji let his cock rest a moment to allow Rei to feel his full size inside of her. Rei began to grind her hips up at Shinji. This signal let Shinji know that she wanted him to start thrusting in earnest. This Shinji did, with great enthusiasm. He began to pound into Rei's pussy, pulling most of his length out, and then ramming it firmly back into Rei's love-folds.

"Oh! Oh, Shinji!" Rei cried, her mind reeling with ecstasy, "I am… Oh…AAAHHHH!!"

Rei's second orgasm washed over her, nearly causing her to black out. She regained her senses and found Shinji still fucking her like mad.

"Sh-Shinji-kun," she whispered, "Let me ride on top of you. Please?"

"Whatever you want, Rei," Shinji replied, pulling his cock out of Rei's pussy. As soon as it was out, Rei felt strange.

I feel so empty without my Shinji inside of me, she thought, I must have him back within me. I enjoy the feeling of closeness that sexual contact creates. It is most pleasant, indeed.

Rei pushed Shinji down onto his back and straddled his lap again. She quickly sank down onto his boner, feeling it re-enter her. Rei sighed happily as Shinji's cock filled her back up. Rei raised herself back up until only Shinji's mushroom shaped head was left within her, and then dropped back down, feeling the hard shaft impale her pussy. Rei began to bounce wildly on Shinji's cock, riding him like a prize racing horse.

Rei's going wild, Shinji's mind thought wildly, So am I. I…uh! Oh, god!

"Rei! I'm cumming! I'm—GYAAAAHHHH!"

And cum Shinji did. With a loud growl of release, Shinji shot his load deeply into Rei's womb. Rei cried out happily as his warm essence filled her up. Her ecstasy pushed her over the brink once again, and she orgasmed for a third and final time. Then, after her spasms had subsided, she collapsed on top of Shinji, his softening cock still inside her.

As the two lovers lay there, their sweaty limbs entwining in the sheets, Shinji softly stroked Rei's hair and whispered:

"Rei-chan, can you get pregnant?"

"No, Shinji-kun," Rei answered, "I cannot. Because I am a clone, and not a pure human clone, I am sterile. I do not bleed."

Shinji looked confused at first, and then it dawned on him.

"Oh," he said, "You don't have a period."

"That is correct," Rei said, "Are you disappointed that I cannot bear you any children?"

"No," Shinji replied, "Not at all, my angel. If we want a child in the future, we can adopt one. Or two, or three, or however many you want to have."

Rei smiled. Shinji smiled in return, and then closed his eyes. Rei finally disengaged herself from Shinji and instead curled up against him, feeling the warmth of his skin against her own. Rei had one final thought before falling to sleep:

We will never be alone again…

As her thought reached conclusion, Rei closed her eyes; her deep, red eyes.

The End

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