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Lastly, (I know, you're all 'get on with the story!', I'm getting there) the title, 生存, means existence. The first character means raw, the second translates to an uncompleted form of existence. (at least, that's what the translation site tells me) Ok, go, read on!

Summary: Life can't be planned, things always happen, and your bread will always land jelly side down. Rion and Lilia's lives and plans to destroy Dorothy are put on hold when an intense short circuit leaves Lilia sick and wounded. Now Rion will have to make a decision. Destiny, or life.


Galerians, 生 存

Ch. 1 fear of suffering


No, this wasn't happening. She dug deeper into the small bag, eventually dumping out the contents in her panic. No, they couldn't be out. There had to be some of it in there, there had to! Her vision blurred as tears threatened her eyes. She could beg and plead all she wanted, but the containers, pill bottles, and syringes all lay empty at her feet.

A yell emitted from behind her slumped figure and Lilia turned back to the seen that haunted her. A dread so deep and complete filled her that she almost gagged. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. It wasn't supposed to end like this.

He was hurting; she could see the pain in his face. His eyes where pure white and his hands held his head, gripping it so tightly his nails almost drew blood. The psychokinetic power was whirling around him, flashing in and out of the spectrum in bolts of energy. A short-circuit.

And they had no drugs left.

No, it was impossible! They were supposed to go through it all! Kill Dorothy together! He couldn't go like this… She just couldn't handle being alone again, not without him. Yet there she crouched,


Rion continued to howl, the pain from the shortage electrifying his entire mind and body, the raw power ripping up the street around them, filling the air with its dangerous waves. It was as if some wild animal was clawing at his subconscious from the inside, each nerve unable to snap, but igniting with the pain. It was worse then anything he had experienced. He could feel the blood running from his noise, falling to his open mouth, shouting at the pain racking his body, unable to release it.

Lilia was gasping in panic and fright, her eyes wide as she watched with terror his suffering form. She began shaking her head. She couldn't do anything. There he was in pain, dyeing, and she couldn't do a thing. He'd die, and she'd be alone again. Forget that Dorothy would have free rain and destroy everyone on the planet; it was the loss, the fear that the total utter and complete solitude would enclose upon her again. She had been left by everyone. Her mother, her father, and then last of all, him. She had lost him.

Through the programs they shared in their brains, they had always had an unexplainable connection. She was always able tell that he was constantly there; in the back of her mind she could always feel his comforting presence. And then, it had gone. It was unfathomable at first. She had called out to him, called again and again, but he never answered. The realization had been hard to take. Ever since they where children they had had each other's company. His presence had become a part of her, and him being gone, so was some of her.

Those where dark, nightmarish times of seclusion that were all too recent in her past. Life had almost seemed meaningless, but an instinct deep inside her gave her a false hope that she was wrong. Her mind and body couldn't wrap themselves around the fact that that part of her was gone. I had to be only temporary, they told her, it was impossible that he was truly forever gone. So she told herself to believe, she obeyed, and lived on.

And here he was. He had come back, by some miracle of God, if a true one did exist, unlike the false animatronic that had proclaimed herself the new Alpha and Omega of their now crumbling world. The connection they had had felt returned, and it became even stronger then before. It had come to her like a small light in her pitch darkness, and she had clung to it, putting her whole life on that one bond that had been and was now so important to her.

And here it was, breaking before her eyes. She stared at his face, his anguish so violent it spilled into her, the tears of pain beading at the edge of her eyes. Do nothing? Just let him die? She just couldn't accept that. She couldn't just watch on as her last and most precious bond in this world imploded upon himself, taking most of the street with him.

She got to her feet, desperation calling for her to act. "Rion!" she called to him through the madness. The street cracked beneath his feet, the bolts of uncontrolled energy thrashed wildly around her. Hair whipped across her face. She watched in eerie calmed aw as he rose to hover inches above the ground, his legs slightly bent, the rest of his body ridged.

It was emotion that fueled her to take those first cautious steps toward him. She broke into a struggling run as she forced herself through the chaos and carnage that cycloned around him. All logic was lost from her. It was suicide, she knew, getting this close to him now, but for some reason, the sting of the electricity circulating through her system and the objects that cast themselves at her soon bruised and bloody body where the least of her concerns.

Rion had by that time become conscious that she was coming toward him. Lilia continued on. "Ri-Rion, please d-don't…don't leave me alone again…!" she looked up at him, light reflecting off her watering eyes.

Rion's hands fell from his head and his eyes locked with the determined girl's in front of him. Rion's worst fears where being realized. He was dieing, Dorothy was still alive, and now he was not only going to end his own life, but the life of the only person that had befriended him. Why was she coming toward him? Couldn't she tell what was happening to him? Didn't she know what would happen to her if she stayed here?

"N-no…Li-lilia…st-stay away…pl-please…!" The words where mere whispers on the fierce winds, the agony too much to allow him to say anymore. Lilia's heart seemed to crack in her chest; she was now close enough to see the fear that was engraved into his tormented features. She wanted to help. So much she wanted to comfort him, so badly she wanted to take away his pain, pain that now coursed through her, threatening to rip her very limbs from her body. It was pure will on Rion's part that she wasn't dead already, attempting through his haze of suffering to stop her, keep her away from him.

Lilia choked back a sob. His expression was too much to handle. His blank white eyes drove through the very core of her soul. She reached up and grabbed on to both his forearms, immediately regretting it. Lilia gasped as the power transferred from him to her, locking them together as if by electricity. She could feel her insides burning, and began to taste the blood pooling in her mouth.


Lilia forced her head to look up at Rion's face. Red streaks ran down from his eyes, blood also dripping from the edge of his mouth. She couldn't do anything. She couldn't even express how much she wanted to help him, to be with him. She just couldn't be alone again. God, no, not again.

It was on am impulse, on seeing his expression, so lost, so confused, in so much pain, internal and external, in a final desperate attempt to convey how much she valued the bond with him, how she put her whole life, her very existence on the thin thread between them. A last effort to take away his pain, to dull his torment, however little.

She stood tall, reached out her neck and placed her lips over his. It was a light kiss, but as soon as the contact was made, bright blue irises retuned to Rion's once blank eyes. Tears finally overflowed from her eyes, the emotional and physical floodgates breaking at the contact. "Please…don't leave me again…If you do, at least allow me to come with you…please…" a deep black crept upon her shut eyes. She felt herself become heavy, then light, then, nothing at all.

Shock. An expression of utter unfathomably. For reasons unknown and unexplainable to him, Rion felt a worm sensation, almost like a tingling, trail it's way through his whole body. Slowly, ever so slowly, he felt the phenomenon find it's way through his body. Gradually replacing the unbearable torture that had seconds ago racked his entire being.

A realization came to him the instant their lips had met. The connection between them had grown so real it had become almost tangible, and this was a physical expression of it. His reason of existence was to destroy Dorothy, that task unaccomplishable without Lilia. His fate, his purpose, was intertwined with this girl now clinging to him, clinging to the last connection she had left. He also found himself clinging to her, his first and only true relationship in this world.

And for an instant, the world seemed completely clear. Life, meaning, Galerians and the world in general seemed to fit together in ways he couldn't begin to explain. But all things come to an end, and his newfound haven was lost as soon as it had dawned upon him.

Rion felt as blood spilled from Lilia's thin lips, and as the storm about him settled to a standstill, so did the rest of his world.

Only a few seconds ago, Rion had thought he had been experiencing some sort of bliss. Only a secant ago, he had almost completely forgotten about Dorothy or the rest of the Galerians. For a fraction of a moment, he had felt, for the first time in his memory, something was completely right. And just like that, the walls of that world collapsed upon him and he felt his meaning slipping, slipping farther…

Lilia slid to the ground, falling to her knees, her limp body collapsing to the ground with a light thud. Rion stood agape a moment before he himself fell to his knees. His breath was labored from his ordeal, his eyes still wide.

His mind was foggy, the complete opposite of the clearness he had felt only moments ago.

Lilia…Lilia, was she ok? Rion stared at her fallen figure. She looked as if asleep, so still she feigned death.

"Li…Lilia?" His voice came as a raspy whisper. Rion listened to the empty silence around him, the pounding of his still beating heart forming an unbearable cacophony with the absence of hers.

As if breaking from a trace, and with shaking hands, Rion rolled Lilia on her back. He hesitated only a moment before leaning forward and gently pulling an eyelid open. Her eyes where widely dilated, her irises less then thin strips encircling her eye. It stared up at him, unfocused and glass like.

"Li…Lilia…?" Rion was given no answer.

His shaking intensified. He let her eye close, falling backward as he leaned away. No…He'd done it.

He'd killed her.

The only person that had ever treated him like another person, another human. The only person who didn't try and kill him on sight. His only companion, only bond, only link to his forgotten past.

He'd killed her.

He was a monster. An abomination. He didn't deserve to live. He'd killed his only ally. The one person that leaned on him for support, the only one who needed him, and who he relied on back. He had betrayed her.

She was dead.

She'd never come back. She'd never touch his face and tell him how she'd waited for him. He'd never get to see that weak shadow of a smile she had worn in her eyes bloom into full-fledged grin on her delicate lips. Dorothy would not die. Life would not continue. He had doomed the world in that one unforgivable act.

His eyes were fixed on her still form. His mind raced and fell, a heavy doom seeping into his soul, coating it in poison tar. A sudden movement, barely discernible, was caught by his vision.

No, wait. Did her chest move? He was instantly at Lilia's side. His face was centimeters from hers, angled to feel her almost nonexistent breath on his cheek.

Rion let out a breath, feeling the relief wash over him. Never in all his life, had he felt a burden so weighted lift off him. He could have flown, could have cried for joy, but he was much too practical for that. With the immediate knowledge of her life, the responsibly of her wellbeing also rushed back to the top of his priorities. Dorothy needed to be ended, and Lilia was the precious key to her demise. Also, some other feeling, some other need he felt for her had no clear reason behind it. But he found it stronger then any other emotion he had experienced before. It perplexed him.

Rion shook his head. That action might not have been the best idea after such a resent short-circuit. The twinge of an oncoming migraine threatened his senses. Rion pulled an immediate hand to his head. No, not now. He needed to concentrate. Lilia was hurt. He needed to find out to what extent.

First, her eyes where dilated. The eye receptors in her brain weren't working correctly, head or brain trauma. Her breath was shallow and sharp, suggesting,…possible lung damage? Rion's head was really starting to bug him. He tried to ignore it.

Her pulse, he needed to check that next. He used his hand not supporting his aching head to reach for her wrist. He applied light pressure on her veins with two main fingers. He counted the seconds passing steadily. He didn't need to count beats to tell that it was irregular and fast. Skipping and adding beats wasn't a good sign. She needed to see a professional. She needed a doctor.

She needed to go to a hospital.

But what hospital? The only hospital in the area that he knew of was Michelangelo Hospital, and it was no secret that it was completely under Dorothy's control. Rion felt Lilia's body lurch.

She was coughing, choking, drowning in the pooling blood in her mouth. Rion hurried to pull her up in a sitting position, leaning her limp form against himself. He patted her back in an attempt to clear an air passage. The spasm died down, leaving Rion to look at her pale figure, concern deep in his eyes.

"Lilia," He whispered to her, though he knew she could not hear him. "We need to get you to a hospital." She was slightly curled against his shoulder, still completely lifeless in her body's flaccidity. He'd have to carry her, of course. He gingerly lifted her into his arms, shifting her skillfully to his back. He positioned her form to recline on his back, shifting his center of balance to adapt with the extra weight.

So, his plan of action was simple enough. Walk around until he found another hospital, or something else that might help him, like a map or such. Asking the shady figures that sometimes passed on the street was out of the question. He had no way of knowing how informed they where of his state, or whether they where under Dorothy's command, like the majority of the city probably was.

The cold prick of a raindrop hit his noise. His face screwed up in an attempt to look at the place of impact before he blinked and turned his head to the clouded sky. He let out a sigh. How could so much change in so little time? From the moment he had woken at the Hospital he had known no simple task. The weight of mankind rested on his shoulders, along now with the unconscious girl also being sprinkled by the light shower that had begun. The night was darkening. Day would follow. Or so he hoped it would, in this world without hope.

Or possibly, it was hope that now trudged it's way down the dim street, carrying a sleeping girl on his back, rain falling swiftly to collect in the ridges of the avenue.

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