You saw me when everyone thought I was invisible

You always cheer me up when I'm down.

You help soar through my dreams at night

You make me feel special when I'm the clown

You make me feel all fuzzzy and warm inside

You aremy rainbow after a rainy day

You made me feel so satisfied

You are the moon in my starry sky

You opened the door when I was trapped in the cage

You helped me shine when I wasin the shade

You made me feel confident when before I was shy

You were always there for me

You are my angel sent from heaven

It was never a coincidence that we met

So let me see you everyday and I'll be just fine

Because it's you that makes me divine.

So Sora, please don't go away.

You're the one that dried my tears at night,

When my dreams would turn into nightmares and give me fright.

A hug and a small whispering of " I Love You…"

Would leave me breathless.

And oh, your kisses

Gentle, soft, blissful, and passionate.

Like destiny