The Road Trip

Chapter 1

Summary: 4 friends who are about to go their separate ways decide to take a trip together. They think the road trip is just a way to forget their problems and a way to spend their last days together, but what they don't know is that the trip will change their lives.

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17-year-old Danny Fenton was sitting in his room, looking over his application to University of Amity Park. When he was done he sighed and looked at the pictures in his room. He thought about how he and his friends had changed and stayed the same since freshmen year. Danny had changed from being a shy and nervous boy to a more confident person. He no longer worried about how he looked in front of other people and he no longer had crushes on people like Paulina. Something about him that didn't change was his boyish good looks. He was also still very clueless and he was still as clumsy as ever. His best guy friend Tucker was still the technology geek he always was, and he still had his trusty PDA. However, over the 4 years of high school he matured a little and he was actually able to get girlfriends. Danny's best girl friend, Sam, was still the hard Goth girl who cared about animals and the environment and who never let her feelings show except in her many poems that she wrote. The only thing that changed about Sam was that she became slightly more feminine. She styled her hair a little more and actually wore skirts without stockings from time to time. Things had changed a lot in the trio's lives. Danny's sister had moved out and left for college and his "cousin" Danni moved into her room. Tucker was no longer an only child. He now had 2 younger siblings, a boy that was 2 years old and a girl who was 1 ½ years old. For Sam some of the changes had been painful. During her junior year of high school Sam's favorite person in the world, her grandmother, passed away, and in the middle of her senior year her parents had separated. Not everything in that had changed in Sam's life had been bad. Like Tucker, Sam's family was blessed with a new baby, a beautiful baby girl that Sam adored and who was now one year old. In addition to the changes that were happening in their family lives, there were even some changes in the friendship. Sometime during their sophomore year a new friend was added to their small group, they had added Valerie Grey into their trio. It happened after Danny had gotten over his crush on her. He had realized she was right and it would never work out between them. From then on he showed nothing but friendly feelings toward her and she seemed to appreciate it and started hanging out with them more. First it was hanging out with them during lunch every once in a while, then hanging out after school sometimes, then occasionally on weekends, until finally she became part of the group and they became a tight foursome, Valerie even learned of Danny's alter-ego. The thing that changed the most for the longtime friends were their feelings for each other, Sam and Danny's feelings for each other were more than platonic, in fact, they were absolutely in love with each other. The only problem was that they didn't want to ruin their friendship, so they kept their feelings to themselves and they loved from afar. Over their many years of friendship they became more and more comfortable with each other. They hugged each other more and they even held hands in public a lot. The only thing that kept people from thinking they were going out was when they started dating other people. Danny started seeing a girl named Andrea from his Science class and Sam was dating Anthony from her English class. Danny dated Andrea for a while but when they broke up a week before graduation people wondered if it was because he was dating Sam. People were surprised when they realized that Sam was still dating Anthony. Of course Danny got jealous when he saw Sam and Anthony holding hands or kissing but he knew there was nothing he could do. He knew he couldn't just tell Sam how he felt about her and expect her to jump into his arms and dump her boyfriend, just as he was daydreaming about Sam a knock on the door brought him back to reality.

Danny looked at his door and said, "Come in."

Danny's 15-year-old ghost powered cousin Danni came in to his room and said, "Hey Danny what are you doing?"

Danny said, "Just filling out my application to the university."

Danni said, "You're really going to APU?"

Danny said, "Yeah, you don't seem very happy for me, though."

Danni said, "I am, it's just that I'm going to be lonely here without you."

Danny said, "I know, I'm going to be lonely without you, too, but I'll call a lot and I'll be here every other weekend.

Danni said, "It's just not going to be the same."

Danny said, "I know, hey, how about you and I go to the mall and get Chinese food and ice cream."

Danni smiled and said, "Okay, let me go get ready."

Danny nodded and said, "Okay, hurry up." As Danni turned to leave Danny thought of how close they had gotten over the year she had moved in. Danni was one of the handful of people who knew of his secret and Danni was one of the handful of people he trusted. When Danni came back he grabbed his car keys and led Danni out of the house.

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