The Road Trip

Chapter 2: Sam

Summary: 4 friends who are about to go their separate ways decide to take a trip together. They think the road trip is just a way to forget their problems and a way to spend their last days together, but what they don't know is that the trip will change their lives.

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Sam walked through her front door and unsuccessfully avoided her mother and all her questions. When she was done Sam went to the one person she actually wanted to see. Sam went inside the new nursery and looked inside the light purple crib where little Isabella was having her afternoon nap. Sam didn't mind, she loved just looking at her. She loved looking at her soft milky-white skin, her growing black hair that was so much like hers, and especially her violet eyes that were so much like hers. She smiled at her new sister, kissed her goodnight and went downstairs with a frown. When Sam got downstairs she went into the kitchen, got a soda, leaned on the countertop and waited for her mother. Within minutes her mother tracked her down and Sam knew what she was going to say.

Mrs. Manson said, "Sammykins, I need to ask you a favor."

Sam rolled her eyes and asked, "What is it?"

Mrs. Manson said, "I need you to watch Isabella tonight."

Sam said, "Again? I did it yesterday."

Mrs. Manson said, "I know, honey, and I'm sorry. It's just that I've been trying to work things out with your father."

Sam asked, "Can't you get someone else to do it?"

Mrs. Manson said, "You know why I can't do that. Please Sammy, I need you."

Sam rolled her eyes and said, "F-fine, I'll baby sit Isabella again, don't worry."

Mrs. Manson kissed Sam on the head and said, "Thank you Sammykins, I guess I'd better go get ready. Now, I won't be gone for long and I'll be home in time to give Isabella her bath before bedtime." Then she rushed upstairs. As soon as she did Sam knew everything her mother said was a lie. She was not going out with her father; she was going out with her friends, that's the reason she couldn't get anyone else to look after Isabella. Sam also knew that her mother wouldn't be home to give her sister a bath, Sam knew her mother would probably be gone until early in the morning. Sam sighed and muttered curse words to her mother under her breath. It wasn't that she minded taking care of Isabella- she loved all the alone time with her baby sister- it was that her mom never took time to be with Isabella. She never really played with her or read to her a lot. She just fed her, put her to sleep, and let everyone else do the rest. Let everyone else teach her and love her and watch her grow up. It was as if she thought Isabella was a mistake that everyone else should deal with, Sam sighed and knew there was nothing she could do about her mother's feelings. Suddenly Sam heard Isabella fussing in her crib. Sam walked upstairs instinctively and didn't even notice when her mom said, "Sam I need your help with the baby." When she got up to the nursery she saw her mom applying her mascara. Sam was suddenly filled with anger, instead of being there for her baby daughter like she should be; she was getting ready to leave her like she always did. Sam rolled her eyes and went to her sister's aid. As soon as she saw Isabella all of Sam's anger and resentment toward her mother disappeared. Sam picked up Isabella, changed her dirty diaper, and put her back in the crib.

Sam saw Isabella look at her mom with discomfort so she whispered to her, "Don't worry, you're not like her. You and me, we take after Grandma." Isabella seemed to understand what she was saying because she smiled and laughed with content What Sam said about Isabella was true; she did take after her grandmother. At one year old Isabella was already a free-spirited, feisty baby, just like Sam was, just like her grandmother was and no one, not even her parents, could deny it.

Jut then her mother came in and said, "Thank you for babysitting Sam" then she said to Isabella, "Bye baby, I love you." Then she left the room.

When Sam heard her mother's car drive off Sam said to Isabella, "Looks like it's just me and you, kid, just me and you."

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