Chapter One: Continued…

I, Ginerva Molly Weasley just experienced a feeling of emptiness. I feel hollow inside, like a tin man with no heart. I still had that blazing look on my face as the wind blew through my hair and the sun beamed down on my tear-streaked face. I wasn't crying because of the misfortune that happened about 10 seconds ago, I cried for the life that was lost.

The life that was taken was the greatest person, confidant, life leader, and wizard. And now, he's probably the greatest guardian angel, but only by soul, not physically and mentally. Mentally, he's a portrait on the wall with the other leaders of my school. Physically, he's gone. He's in the ground and little decomposers are eating him to his bones. But, there is no reason of me to think negatively as my family comes towards me.

I took a deep breath as they approached where I sat. Finally, they appeared next to me. All of them tried to smile so they could at least make me feel better about the funeral at which we were attending. My eldest brother, Bill, even attended although the healer said that she wasn't sure that he was well enough. See, on the day that our beloved Albus Dumbledore died, my brother was attacked by a werewolf. Thank God that it wasn't a full moon or he would've been a werewolf too.

"Hey lil' sis." Bill said a little down.

"I'm not little." I responded.

"I'm…sorry," he said a little confused, "I should've thought about how you felt today?"

"Yeah, whatever. Let's just go," said I standing up and walking back towards the castle.

I decided to take the train home since it might be my last. In the compartment with me were Neville Longbottom and Luna (Loony) Lovegood. The Golden Trio decided to have their own compartment to themselves; discussing what and why? I dunno. I haven't tried to talk to Harry since our arrangement of separation.

Everyone and everything was deadly silent. No one wanted to break the peace that held us up. We all were afraid that if someone said something, anything that could make us reminisce on the wrong things. And no one wanted that. So, I didn't even try.

"Do you guys hear any Bobblepoppoppeters?" Luna said.

We finally arrive at the platform with a bored expression on our faces. I stepped off the train with a fake smile holding my things. I walked up to mum saying, "Come on, and let's go home." She smiled knowing almost everything going through my mind. Almost. She didn't know how mad, how semi-pissed I was about Harry. How he was keeping secrets… But, I didn't let it show. No, no I didn't. I just walked away from the Hogwarts Express letting the angst eat me up inside.

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