Not to Love

Kari Minamoto

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I wanted to love. I just couldn't.

This was the reality that I have to come to. No one ever loved me. I loved no one. I am the master of all and that's what I plan to be. I am going to be all powerful. People are going to worship me.

I realized that I had never been loved since the moment I was born, even conceived. My parents never loved each other. My mother, a poor excuse for a witch had the muggle take her potion. Once she was pregnant she thought that he would stay. She was wrong. They were both weak.

My mother died in childbirth. She was weak. I never knew my mother, and I don't really care. I have no use for the weak. And she gave me my damned father's name as an added insult. A weak woman and a weak pureblood that should have been called a mudblood. They should have been happy together.

My father, if I dare to call him that, walked out on his pregnant wife. He was weak too. He ran crawling back to his parents. I had made sure that no one on my father's side survived. I had killed them personally without remorse. They deserved it for being filth and breeding filth.

Dumbledore never loved me either. He was a fraud. He only pretended to care. When I refused his offer to shop for school supplies he walked out. He should have realized how great a wizard I already was. When I returned wanting the teaching post, I was refused. Even after seven years of schooling he could not acknowledge my greatness. He kept insisting, in his ever winding and twisting way, never spelling anything out, that he cared about me, that he loved everyone. It's a pack of lies. I hope he goes to hell for it too. That's where the old man belongs and should stay.

Sure girls would flirt and hang all over me, but why would I want one. I could have had anyone of them if I really wanted to. I even tried too. But they would never take my every word as command. It was almost like they wanted to be an equal to me! The greatest wizard of all time! Pathetic. Bellatrix is the closet I've ever come to "liking" a girl. But she's useful and will obey my every command. So I keep her around. That's the only kind of woman that I want. I like control. I like to control my friends who obey my every beck and call. My loyal Death Eaters. They are my friends and the closest thing I will ever have to love.

Love isn't tangible. You can't control with love. You can't dominate with love. Love does nothing to help with power. If you want power you have to relinquish something, and that something is love. It's meaningless. It doesn't get you anywhere. I've never had it anyways.

I've never been loved and I will never love. I've discarded the mudblood name Tom Marvolo Riddle that my foolish mother gave to me and will be known to all as Lord Voldemort. The greatest wizard of all time!

The End

Little pointless thing I wanted to write.

Story Note: There are a few instances that show love for Voldemort. Bellatrix seems to at least be infatuated with him, but he rejects her. His mother named him Tom Marvolo Riddle out of love for her husband and wanted him to be like Riddle Sr (If I am remembering my details correctly). Dumbledore seems to try and save Voldemort, he seems to be doomed from the start since he can't understand the love that is around him. To sum it up, discarding his name discarded any love that was attempted to be given to him since no one loves Voldemort.

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