He stops, a centimeter away. It kills her for him to be like this, but she trusts him. He knows what he's doing. They've talked about it before, and she understands, but sometimes…. Sometimes it's just not enough.

Warren knows how she feels about it. He couldn't live with himself if he ever hurt her, though. And she knows. He's told her. Whether or not she believes it, well, he hasn't pushed on the subject. Not arguing with her is another part of it. He can't lose control.

Lightly, he blows a little air through his lips, opened just enough to do so.

When she feels his breath reach her lips, she flutters her eyes shut and smiles softly. It's almost like a real kiss. It's almost like he isn't afraid he'll lose control. But aside from the real thing, which she's only experienced once because she kissed him herself before he could object, it's the most wonderful thing in the world. She inhales; his breath tastes of Red Hots. It always does.

The funny thing is, she never does it to him. Occasionally, she kisses his cheek, but not for the same reason or affect. It's different, but he enjoys it nonetheless. It's her. Those kisses are everything that she is: chaste, sweet.

It's sweeter than sweet, actually.

In any case, he revels in them, and wishes he could give her more without fearing for her. She's so wonderful and gorgeous and tempting and beautiful and every other adjective he could possibly imagine. And the thing is, all of those adjectives added together amounts to one hot hot head. Which equals fire. Honest to God fire. The kind of fire that burns.

He burned her once, when she held his hand, called him 'Cutie'. But it was quick, and she didn't even get a small blister. Now, he avoids burning her, even touching her, at all costs. Which is why he won't kiss her. Kissing her could mean losing control of everything: emotions, want and his power. His i gift /i . He would burn her. He just knew it. She was too much to handle for something like that.

But this pseudo-kiss would be sufficient for now. He'd find a way to control himself more and more each time, managing to maybe get half-a-centimeter closer, then, half of that. One day he would really kiss her, like she deserved. And he wouldn't burn her.