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A Different Path

Chapter 1 – A New Friend

There would always be bullies in the world. Whether you are five, ten, fifteen, or even thirty years old, there would always be those people that just make your life horrible. They harass you, make fun of you, look down on you, and always find the luxury of embarrassing you whenever possible.

He was the lowest of the low. Hated by the villagers around him, he never had the chance to feel love or compassion, but only the cold, hard glares of the people. To think a child at the age of six would be able to live on with that kind of lifestyle, much less continue to live. He barely had any food to feed himself, having to steal food or rummage through garbage cans, and only wore the clothes that had been thrown out as waste.

The adults around him were all bullies, always hitting and threatening him. His sanity had grown very thin, and it was going to snap any day now. The only thing that kept himself from going on a rampage was a blanket one caring person had given him. The person had died in a ninja battle a day later, so he cherished with as if it were his own life, which it literally was. It was the lifeline that kept him from turning into the monster everybody's said he was.

But, just as luck would have it, that was also taken away by the bullies. The moment the piece of cloth was ripped to shreds, he instantly ran away with a speed that rivaled that of a Chunin leveled ninja. He could tell that the people around him gave him hateful stares, but his mind had already shattered and was blinded by rage.

He climbed up the mountain, his only motivation being his hate towards the village and all its people. The people that hated him, detested him, and looked down on him for no good reason at all. He didn't realize it, but his eyes were red and slitted, his hair, teeth, and nails growing longer and sharper, and his overall physical skills slightly heightened.

It was dark out, the blackness of night coating the village. The little boy ran past the carving of the Fourth's hair, a reddish aura surrounding him. He ran on all fours, deep into the forests that sprouted on the top of the mountain, never once looking back.

Emerald eyes looked out the windows of her bedroom. There was a hint of puffiness and redness as well as streaks on her face caused by her falling tears this afternoon. She had been bullied again for her over sized forehead and had cried herself in her room for the remainder of the day. She stared up at the mountain, noticing a reddish light climbing upwards.

"Fast..." She muttered, watching the glowing light zoom across the Fourth's face, then noticing a tint of yellow as well. She kept her gaze on it before it disappeared into the group of trees and laid back in her bed, thinking about what she just saw.

"I wonder what that was." She spoke to the ceiling, before closing her eyes for a good night's rest.


An ANBU had opened the door of the office, the old Hokage looking up to face the mask of his intruder. He was currently signing some papers, his pipe in his mouth as well as his reading glasses on.

"What is it?" The Hokage asked, stopping his work.

"Reports have it that Uzumaki Naruto has left the village." The dog masked ninja reported, although a bit too calmly.

"WHAT!?" The aged leader shouted, obviously not liking what he just heard. The ANBU whimpered a little at the tone of voice the Hokage used, but quickly covered it up.

"It's true. It was reported that around 11:00 last night, a red aura was seen scaling the Hokage mountain at a fast speed. Our trackers followed his trail, but had found that it went cold in the middle of the forest."

The slightly nervous ANBU reported, keeping his straight posture but feeling weak in the knees. The man before him looked very, very angry and a mad Hokage was not something you want to face.

"Impossible! How do you know it's that boy?" The Hokage asked, although he was shouting a bit.

"Hokage-sama, it's very possible that the red aura belonged to the Kyu-"

"Enough!" Konoha's leader interrupted, his face seeming to turn from angry to worry.

"I am very well aware of the demon. Something must have happened in the village to make him snap."

The Hokage was the leader of Konoha and therefore has to know about the going ons in the village. He wasn't oblivious to the treatment that Naruto received from the villagers. He didn't hate them, but was rather disappointed in how narrow minded these people were.

He could understand the people that lost loved ones during the whole Kyuubi attack, but he did not approve of the arrogance of their views. The ninjas that fought the Nine Tailed Fox were fighting for the safety of the village, which wouldn't be standing right now were it not for the boy they had shunned, and of course the Fourth Hokage, who had sealed the demon into the baby Naruto.

Didn't they see that Naruto was really the hero of the village? Of course, he, the Third and current Hokage had tried to change their views discreetly, implicating rules that would try and help the young boy fit in. But no, the rules did little as the children of the people that treated Naruto like dirt followed their example, only it was because their parents did it.

"I want two teams formed with two trackers, an ANBU leader, and an Inuzuka on each team. Hatake Kakashi will be the leader for team one, but I will leave it to you to decide on the rest. You will leave two hours from now. Uzumaki Naruto must return to the village!"

The Hokage ordered, staring hard at the ANBU in front of him. The dog masked ninja nodded slightly before poofing away. In the office, the Third just rubbed his temples and sighed in frustration, not because of Naruto's actions, but because of the village.

"Naruto..." He muttered before returning to the grueling task of paperwork.

He was hungry, tired, and sore all over his body. He had woken up in some town, noticing that it wasn't his home village. People walked past him, only giving him looks or curiosity before continuing on. He had been slightly happy for it, but then remembered that he wasn't in his home village.

Panic first struck him as he ran frantically, trying to figure out where he was. Too bad he never learned how to read and the fact he was six years old made him unable to cope with this. This wasn't that much different from being in Konoha, but because he didn't even know where he was or knew anybody made him scared and even more lonely than before.

But how did he get here in the first place? All he remembered was seeing his favorite blanket get ripped to shreds and then everything just Suddenly, the area around him started to turn black and he frantically looked around, wondering what was going on.

He blinked once and found himself in an eerie sewer. Water reached up to his knees as he placed his thumb in his mouth, starting to walk forward. Pipes littered the area and was tinted with a familiar feeling red aura. He heard a low growl as his feet moved towards its direction.

He turned left into a chamber that contained a large gate with a piece of paper in the center. He walked up to the gate, wondering just what it was. His small body felt the place turn colder as well as turn darker. He had an evil feeling surround his body and he felt like crying, but years of building up hate and loneliness had created a nearly unbreakable mask.

"Welcome, Kit." A low, gruffy voice sounded. Its voice echoed through the air as the blond haired child looked around nervously at where the voice was coming from.

"Stupid human. Look in front of you." The voice sounded again as blue eyes met the huge, metal gates in front of him.

Suddenly, red slitted eyes showed itself in the darkness beyond the closed gates. A vicious smile soon showed itself, widening with malice and evil. Naruto had screamed like a six year old, incredibly frightened at the thing in front of him. His heart started beating wildly as his whole body started to shake with fear.

"What's wrong Kit? It's like you've seen a ghost?" The voice, which he figured belonged to the thing in front of him, said again with sarcasm dripping off of each word.

"Wh-What are you?" The small child asked with a shaky voice.

"I'm you." It replied, obviously enjoying the kid's terror.

"What does," he gulped, "that mean?" He asked, staring right into the gigantic eyes of the being beyond the gates.

"Don't you ever wonder why those pathetic humans call you a monster? A demon?"

The shaken boy just nodded, unable to speak as he stared at the thing before him.

"Tell me, Kit. Have you ever heard of the Nine Tailed Fox?"

Naruto's eyes widened as realization dawned on him.

"Y-You. D-Don't tell me you're..." The boy stuttered, obviously afraid times infinity by now.

"That's right. I am it." It replied with pride as well as a disturbing grin.

"B-But, how?" Naruto questioned after about five minutes of processing that.

"Looks like you'll have to find out later." Kyuubi replied.

"What does-" He was interrupted when he blinked to reveal himself waking up in the real world.

He looked up to find a white ceiling.

"What the-"

The blond haired boy abruptly sat up, taking in his surroundings. He was on a plain white bed, covered with a dark blue blanket. There was a nightstand to his left, a wooden wall to his right. The floor and surrounding walls were also made of wood as he noticed a chair next to the bed as well.

The door opened to reveal a man with long, silver hair that reached just below his shoulders. It had some black streaks in his hair, but they were barely noticeable. His eyes were a dark blue and he looked to be quite young. He was tall and slender, but Naruto could tell he packed a lot of muscle. There was a large sword strapped on his back, seeming light but he knew better. It probably weighed a ton and the way the man seemed to carry it without much effort made him even cooler.

He wore a black jacket, with the collar up. It was opened to reveal a plain white shirt and a necklace with some sort of blue orb decorating it. He wore black pants and ninja sandals. There was a weapon pouch on his right thigh and a silver diamond shaped belt that held some type of scrolls which were hidden within whatever the open jacket managed to cover.

"Ah, you're awake." The silver haired man spoke, taking off his sword and placing it beside the door. It contacted the floor with a loud thud, causing some things to shake a little. Casually, the tall man walked up to the staring blond, noticing how tense and alert he was being.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you." The blue eyed man spoke in his most gentle voice, trying to assure the boy that he was only trying to help. He noticed him relax a little, but still tense and on alert.

"Who are you and how did I end up here and what are ya-"

:"Whoa, one question at a time." The now sitting man interrupted, leaning back on the chair.

"For starters, I'm Kiru Hazikare. I saw you out on the streets and I just couldn't just let you lay there. You think your parents are gonna worry about you?" He asked in his soft, yet mature voice.

"Oh, I don't have any parents. I somehow ended up in that village after blacking out. I'm originally from Konoha." The blond answered, noticing the man's eyes widen for a bit before returning to its cool demeanor.

"What's your name kid?" Kiru asked.

"Uzumaki Naruto."

"Uzumaki?" The silver haired man thought, before shaking his head from some thoughts.

"So you're from Konoha, eh? Well, you should rest up here for a while and then I'll take you back. You look like you haven't eaten for a long time and I'm sure living on the streets hasn't done you much good. I'll help you get cleaned up and ready to go."

"Really?" The six year old Naruto said, happy that this stranger was willing to help him. In a way, he reminded him of the man that gave him the blue blanket.

"Yeah. So rest up for now and by the time you wake up, I'll have food ready for you."

With that, Kiru got up and left the room, leaving his huge sword in the room. Naruto just sat there, staring at the door and then to the sword.

"Wow. Kiru Hazikare sure is nice to to do all of this for me." Naruto lingered on the sword before laying back down and falling back to sleep.

In the living room, Kiru sat on the couch looking at an old book. It was dusty and pretty worn out, but he sat there in the quiet, looking at the multitude of pictures embedded within the book. He looked at a beautiful young woman with noticeable red hair, giving a thumbs up as well as a giant smile.

With a sigh, he closed the book and placed it on the table in front of him. He leaned back on the couch, putting his hands behind his head and sighed.

"Of all people..."

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