Ichigo and his friends were running to Urahara's shop. He said that he had something he needed to give them. They ran as fast as they could. But they had a few errands to run first.

As they were going through main street, Rukia had to stop.

"What's wrong?" Ichigo yelled. She merely stared at the store. It was a stuffed animal store. "Oh, No! No!!" But she already walked in. Moments later, she came out with a stuffed

bunny, grinning. "Good. Now let's go!" However, they stopped once more. Orihime ran into a pole and Uryu had to help her up.

"Thank you!" She said. Blushing, he pushed up his glasses and told her not to thank him. They ran through the streets once more. Then a hollow showed up. Ichigo was starting to

get pissed.

"OH MY GOD!!" He turned to his shinigami form and easily defeated the hollow. Rukia was shocked.

"That was a big one. It would even take Renji a while to kill it."

"Well, I'm pissed, ok?!! I want to go to Urahara's shop!" He yelled at her. As they were running, Rukia, who was mad at Ichigo, tripped him. "Ahhhh!!"

"Oops..." She said, innocently. His face was red and he was about to yell, but he just kept on running and they followed.

"What up, Ichigo?" Keigo said, as he walked to them. Ichigo was now in human form, and he was pissed off.

"Nothing. I've got to go." He muttered. Keigo grabbed his arm.

"Aww, come on! Let's hang out today!! It'll be fun! A PARTY!!!" Ichigo couldn't take it anymore. He punched Keigo in the face, causing him to fall on the floor. Orihime went to check if he was okay, but Uryu grabbed her wrist and followed Ichigo.

They finally reached Urahara's store. Eagerly, Ichigo knocked the door.

"He'll probably give us something to help fight hollows." He said. Rukia nodded. He came out wearing his usual hat, robe, and sandals. "Hey, Urahara!"

"Ah, helloooo, Kurosaki San!! Come on in!!!" They followed him into the store. Jinta and Ururu, the workers, were sweeping.

"Yo, carrot top." Jintas scoffed at the orange-haired shinigami.

"Hello, nice to see you." Ururu bowed. Ichigo gave them a wave.

"Wait right here." Urahara said. They sat down waiting. He returned holding something behind his back. "Here you go. The thing I needed to give you." He handed them a bottle. And a bottle of what? BLEACH.

"What the frig is this?" Ichigo said as he got it. Urahara giggled.

"It's BLEACH!!"

"I don't mean to be rude, but why would we need this?" Uryu asked. He giggled once more.

"It's the name of your show!! BLEACH!" Ichigo cracked his knuckles.

"I ran through the city! I had to stop for Orihime and Rukia! A hollow showed up, and Keigo came and bugged the crap out of me! And I did all of this for BLEACH! I can get this in the supermarket!!"

"I was only trying to be nice." He sobbed.

"Thank you." Orihime smiled. He smiled back.

"At least she appreciates

"Whatever. Let's just go, Ichigo." Rukia said, getting up. Ichigo, scowling at Urahara got up and followed. Uryu and the others followed as well.

Now, Ichigo had some BLEACH. They walked back home and ALL WAS WELL!!!