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Chapter 50

Alright. So Mori somewhat failed at the whole "Do not hug the living and non living daylight out of your significant other" thing and as of now, Hibari Kyouya, age twenty five or maybe twenty six-you never really know because those character profiles never cover this stuff- finally began to feel mild empathy for those poor fools he had either hanged or drowned or dealt any other sort of death involving suffocation in the near or not so near past.

Cause it really really hurt.

In the end, all was fine and Mori ended up in immense amounts of pain after being attacked by a porcupine.

This being not the romantic, cheesy, soap opera resembling reunion that she had hoped for....Mori resorted to blowing up his bathroom.

Following that, Kyouya mentally noted never to let her come into contact with the Varia ever again on grounds that they were the bitchiest influence that a violent, thirteen year old maniac with schizophrenic tendencies could ever possibly receive because before, Mori had NEVER dare blow up his bathroom before for fear of provoking him into doing nasty, hospital related things. She only destroyed public bathrooms. And her own. And those incidences were accidents.

(She's also been demonstrating her apparent increase in intelligence by rambling off a bunch of obscene language and attempting to imitate Squalo and Bel every once so often)


Kyouya glanced at Mori, who was currently armed with a variety of sharp, pointy objects and therefore looking rather out of place amid the many piles of books and dust and whatnot littering her room. "....what are you intending to do..."

"Fight! Didn't you say you were gonna test me out to see if I'm good enough to go fight the evil people?!"

A moment of blankness. Oh wait, he did say something like that, didn't he? "I change my mind."

And thus, hearing this, Mori shot him a somewhat....diabolical grin.

Kyouya glared back. "What?"


"Then wipe that stupid smirk off your face. Unless you want me to do it instead."

Fufufufufu. "So you changed your mind."

He glared harder, looking positively irritated. "And your purpose for mentioning this is..."

"Are you sure it's not because you miscalculated the time and realized that it's too late for any last minute fighting because the invasion on that stupid Melone base is tomorrow and technically if you injure me here but I still manage to pass, I'll have to go fight tomorrow with less my normal strength an that's not good. Right?"


"So basically you made a mistake and you're not willing to admit-"

Kyouya sent her crashing through at least six rooms and five layers of steel wall before going off on his own business.

"GOOD NIGHT, KYOUYA!" She called back from somewhere very far away. "HEY WAIT A MOMENT! YOU JUST BLASTED ME OUT OF MY OWN ROOM!"

However, it was not a good night, after all. Partially because they were thus in the middle of the night attacked by a bunch of creepy people dressed in white, but....

Mostly because it was the middle of the night when Mori woke up dressed in pajamas and unceremoniously being carried like a sack of flour by Kyouya and do you know how uncomfortable that is? She wasn't a sack of flour, for god sakes! What did he think she was?!

"Before I explain things, get rid of that stupid expression on your face." He muttered, dropping her onto metal floor. "You look like a sack of flour."

"Kyouya, you suck."

Kyouya hit her on the head.


"We'll be positioned in the utmost back area of the hideout to intercept the vanguard of the offensive Millifore army. After we deal with them, we will meet up with Sawada Tsunayoshi's group and proceed to assault the main force, with Irie Shouichi as our main target. Got it?" Kyouya turned his attention from the ceiling to his midget companion, who was standing there and looking quite bemused.

She laughed nervously. "I think you lost me at the 'back area' part." And suddenly, Kyouya's fist came into her field of vision. "Uwaahhh!!!" And stopped within half a millimeter from her face. The blunt force of it sent a small breeze past her head. "Meep."

"I would've bitten you to death right now, but it'd be annoying to have to listen to you crying while we deal with the Millifore scum." He muttered, withdrawing his hand. "I'll kill you after this is all over."

Maybe she was going to say something. She did open her mouth, but then the ceiling above them blew up and after that, it was a bit difficult to manage a proper conversation. (like they ever have proper conversations in the first place)

Mori pointed. "Ne, those people look kinda stupid with their weird white outfits and goggles and gas masks and multicolor glowy weapons, don't they, Kyouya? Fwahahahahaha."

And for once, he agreed. Those guys looked simply retarded.


Meanwhile, Tsuna and co. were crawling through an air vent. "Eh? Mori's with Hibari san?"

"Yeah, why?"

Tsuna frowned. "Nothing. I just...nothing." I want to say I have a bad feeling about that, but that always happens when those two are paired together.

A long, long, LONG time from now, Sawada Tsunayoshi would receive an exceptionally large bill of repairments concerning a Mr. Hibari Kyouya's evil, nefarious hidout because the basement was blown up by a blue haired midget and Kyouya himself loves to shove bills onto other people. But that's almost irrelevant.


"Stop piling the dead bodies up."

"But look! I can build a fort out of them! I bet you can't hit me now!"

Kyouya blasted her 'fort' apart via glowing purple tonfa and Mori began crying. He raised an eyebrow and was much amused. "By the way, did you actually learn anything from Xanxus?" He observed cooly. "You're still using the same techniques."

"What? You could tell?" She asked brightly, blowing up some more oddly attired Millifore soldiers with her two evil firearms of utmost doom. Kyouya said nothing. "Well, since that stupid rifle that the future me left doesn't work as well as I'd like, I decided to use these instead." She held up her two, rather worse for the wear (since she came back from Italy, at least), guns and again, Kyouya said nothing. "Since I accidentally destroyed half of Xanxus' HQ place with it. Ahahaha."



"So basically if I use that rifle now, I might accidentally blow of my arm. Or maybe Kyouya's arm, if you're unlucky. Ahaha...ha...ha."

And with that, Kyouya kicked her in the head. "Shut up and fight."


He kicked her again. "Go die in a hole."


Meanwhile, back in Italy, Xanxus' bedroom blew up via grenade that Mori had so unconventionally stuffed in his closet. "...................................................."

Bel laughed nervously. "I didn't do it."

Squalo glared.

Fran walked into the room. "Ah, Bel senpai and Long Haired senpai blew up the boss's room." He observed dryly and went off to inform their bad tempered leader of the news.


So that was why Mori was never allowed to set foot on Varia owned land ever again on pain of death and the destruction of her coffee tea because Xanxus was smart enough to figure out where she kept the stash.



Ten Years Ago...

So for some reason, a fifteen year old Hibari Kyouya was standing in front of Mori's house with a huge pile of homework for her mind to be tormented with (if she has one, that is. The jury's still out about that) except when the person who answered the door wasn't Mori.

She LOOKED like her....a.....twenty three year old version of her dressed in some weird mafia suit and she was trying to do some weird function on a cell phone and drinking some tea except she saw him and promptly spat it all out, right on aforementioned cell phone. Some static was involved and the cell phone broke down. "Holy shit." She said simply, and stared.

Kyouya raised an eyebrow. "Who the hell are you?"

"Uh............" She wiped her mouth on her sleeve. ".....I'm....Fujisaki Mori."

Frowned. "Sister?"

"No. Not really." A pause. Then. "Well, we are related, of course. But that's because...well....same person?"

Talk about awkward situations. Now how is this going to get any worse?

"Hello!" Mukuro popped up and she nearly died.



Mukuro smirked in self amusement. "That's true, isn't it?" He laughed, creepily. "But technically, I can transfer between Chrome's mind and your mind, so whichever it is I want to stay with, I go." He was so happy with himself, huh? "Isn't it convenient?"

By then Kyouya was convinced that that person was Mori after all because their reactions were way to similar to be a coincidence. Mukuro stared curiously at TYL Mori and his expression lit him. "She's prettier." He told Kyouya.

"Like I give half a crap." He shot back dryly. He shoved the homework in her hands and began stalking off. "In any case, you're behind schoolwork. After disappearing for so long. Make sure to finish it by tomorrow."

Mori flinched. "You....weren't worried at all, were you."


"Did I ever tell you that you majorly suck?" Kyouya flung a tonfa at her. "Kyak! DAMN IT, DIDN'T THEY EVER TEACH YOU TO RESPECT YOUR ELDERS?! I'M ALMOST TEN YEARS OLDER THAN YOU!"

Kyouya smirked. "Well I'm perfectly fine with you declaring your apparent status as an old woman-"


"You just said to respect your elders."

"I don't mean like THAT. It's a different kind...of...-" She stopped for a moment. Realized something. Suddenly began possessing a happy, evil look.

Both Kyouya and Mukuro backed away. "W....what?"

"Ahaha.." She smiled. "I'm taller than both of you."




Mukuro laughed airily. And Kyouya banged his head against the nearest wall. "Yeah. That's her."

Kyouya: I hate life.

Mukuro: Who wants pineapple?! (and he holds up a damn pineapple).

Mori: I love life. Ahahahaha. I'm...what? Three inches taller than you? I feel so superior!!!!

Kyouya: I hate YOU.

Mori: You know, I was sure that I was going to be stuck in some giant machine thing or something because that's what they said it was....Guess it doesn't work on me. Ahahaha! Aren't you happy, Kyouya?

Mukuro: I think he's ready to commit suicide, by the looks of it. But if that is the case, I wouldn't mind helping. Kufufufufufufufu.

Mori: HANDS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just what in the world is going to happen now?


Well, I threw in TYL Mori. Cause I was kind of stuck on the Millifore part and maybe there should be some happy evilness in the air before I continue to the drama that constitutes the majority of the Future Arc.