One of them

Summary: If you were counting on an average high school fic you over looked two things. 1, Natsume ( A studly Jock) 2, Mikan (out spoken nerd). Anything can happen...

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Chapter 1, "Them"

Mikan Sakura stood her full 5 feet 6 inches and stared at her reflection in the full length mirror. Her long honey-brunette hair was pulled into a messy bun that sat on the back of her head, strands of loose hair fell to side framing her face. Her warm chocolate colored eyes were hidden beneath large, round spectacles. She turned away from the mirror and grabbed her book bag walking to the door. Yes its true she was a nerd and as a nerd setting out on her first day of high school she rushed through a mental list of things not to do.

Stand out.

Offend anyone in any form.

Grab Natsume Hyuuga's (Biggest Jock in history) attention.

She shuddered at the thought of number 3. Natsume Hyuuga had to be the most popular guy in history she wasn't sure how much more popular someone could be. He was a pronounced prodigy(possibly genius) and extremely rich, not to mention impossibly good looking. To be noticed by him would be instant popularity or instant death. She wasn't planning to take chances.

He already had a selected group of popular and untouchable friends. First came Ruka Nogi, Natsume's right hand man and best friend, messing with him would be like messing with Natsume. Second came Hotaru Imai, the saying was she can make or break you, you want to be in her favor. Third was Yuu, the class rep. and a straight A student, destined for Harvard. Fourth was Kokoro with his unnerving smile, you never know what he's thinking. Everyone wanted to be them or be with them.

Mikan didn't exactly like Natsume from what she heard but she wasn't one to judge. Though the rumors were spread throughout Japan. He killed someone with one glare, he's dated over 100 girls so on. In fact he was so popular with women that some people started to call him Casanova.

She took a deep breath and entered the classroom where multiple groups chatted. Even though only a few people spared her a glance she still felt nervous. She walked over to a desk positioned next to a window and took a seat pulling out a book she had sadly put on hold the previous night. Opening Twilight by Stephanie Mayer she got comfortable and began to read. She bit her lip, she had just come to the part where Edward the main male role had to suck the poison out of Bella the main female's hand.

Just as she was about to turn the page they entered the classroom. She didn't even have to turn around to know. All the heads turned and giggling girls were enough. But she looked anyway because who wouldn't? Just seeing them was a privilege.

There he stood, Natsume Hyuuga, in all his glory. His uniform's white button down shirt had several buttons undone, well that explains the nonstop giggling, and his red and blue tie hug loosely around his neck. His ebony black hair was messy yet some how managed to look perfectly arranged. His eyes, a fiery crimson held an annoyed glint, probably from the girl's who's giggling was starting to sound like hysterical laughing. A scowl graced his perfectly chiseled face. Ruka looked the same perfectly untidy, but he had put on his black jacket that had Alice Academy in golden letters embroidered over the right breast pocket. His blonde hair was combed and neat and his blue eyes held a look of indifference.

Hotaru stood with a perfect posture and a perfect uniform ( really there were no wrinkles at all!). She wore a white long sleeved shirt under the knit black sweater vest with Alice Academy over her right breast. Other than that she sported a blue and red plaid skirt. Her raven hair was styled in a boy cut which surprisingly made her look sophisticated and not at all tomboyish. Her violet eyes and the rest of her expression held no emotion. Yuu had on the same uniform as the other two boys but had his black jacket neatly buttoned up. He had dirty blond hair and brown eyes framed by rectangular glasses. He didn't look at all like a nerd but instead smart and attractive. Finally there was Kokoro the same smile plastered on his face, his uniform was neatly put on but his jacket carelessly left open. He had spiky brown hair and light brown eyes.

As they sat down in the back row people one at a time walked up to greet them and try to make friends with them. Mikan silently went back to her book, hoping to blend in.


As Mikan stood there scouting out a seat she saw two girls wave to her, hesitantly she walked over to where they were seated. Standing there awkwardly she slid her tray onto the table and examined the two girls. The first was smiling at her with long pink wavy hair.

"Hi, My names Anna nice to meet you." she said brightly. Mikan smiled at her she looked nice defiantly a friendly person. She looked over at the other girl who gave her a grin, she had straight indigo hair.

"Hello my names Nonoko, we saw you looking lost there and thought we could be friends." Mikan smiled at both of them, maybe the thing about high school being cruel and scary was just a cliché after all.

"Mikan Sakura, I'm glad you asked me to come over, I would love to friends with you!" she said flashing her brightest smile. Nonoko and Anna both looked at each other then turned back to her.

"Kawaii!" they said together spontaneously. As lunch continued on they had multiple conversations and in a matter or mere minutes Mikan felt like they had been best friends since kindergarten. They were freshman just like her and best friends since first grade.

"Oh my gosh! You wont believe this guys!" Anna said. They both looked at her expectantly.

"Koko, said he wanted to be my boyfriend and asked me to answer him at lunch!" Mikan and Nonoko's jaw dropped.

"Well then go tell him!" Nonoko said. Anna blushed.

"But I'm nervous!" Mikan sighed exasperatedly at her friend.

"Idiot! Don't pass this up!" Anna blushed even more. But stood up. It was true not everyone was asked out by one of them she was really lucky.

As they walked over to the table in the middle of the room where the 5 of them sat Anna's blush increased. Finally making it through the Fan girls, other Populars, and stalkers Anna, with Mikan and Nonoko close behind, made there way over to Kokoro. Shyly Anna tapped on Kokoro's shoulder. He turned around to face her.

"Umm..its me from your English class, Anna, I would just like to say that I w-will go out with you!" she said completely flushed and glowing bright red. With his smile still in tact he said,

"Oh, that was just a joke, I never would go out with someone ugly like you." everyone's eyes were on Kokoro and Anna. She began to tear up in rejection and humiliation. Nonoko automatically ran up to her friend and enveloped her in a warm hug. Mikan with a bright sunny smile on her face walked over to Kokoro and said in a casual, light voice as if talking about the weather,

"What did you just say, to my friend?" Kokoro just shrugged at her question and replied just as casually.

"That I would never go out with someone as ugly as her." It wasn't as if someone had the guts to mess with them, as in Natsume's posse. Her smile faded and was replaced by a expression of disgust. Reaching around him she grabbed his coke and poured it on him. He and the rest of the cafeteria audience stared at her in shock, even Hotaru and Natsume's eyes widened. Glaring at him with her darkened brown eyes she said in a tone filled with hate.

"Your disgusting, how could you joke about something like that to a girl that liked you?" pointing an angry finger at Anna she looked him straight in the eyes.

"Apologize!" her tone left no room for argument. Even if Anna and her had just met no one had the right to do that to someone as sweet as her. Kokoro stared at her in shock.

Who was this girl?

Just as Kokoro was about to say something Natsume interrupted. Everyone shut up, all whispers and murmurs stopped. Natsume rarely spoke and expressed how he felt.

"Who are you?" She turned her angry stare to him and stared into his ruby eyes her expression unwavering. And before she could even think about the situation she snapped back an answer as fast as the question had come.

"Why the hell do you care?" Everyone gasped in shock was this girl really that brave or just stupid? Messing with Natsume Hyuuga? She's crazy everyone concluded. But instead of blowing up or even glaring at her. He smirked. SMIRKED.

"What the hell are you smirking about? Your jerk of a friend just insulted Anna! Make him apologize!" another round of gasps. Natsume along with all his friends thought she was kidding, it was one thing to snap at him before realizing who he was but another to know who he was and demand something of him. His smirk grew and amusement shown clearly in his eyes. No one, let alone a girl, had ever talked to him like that. It was thoroughly amusing.

"You interest me, Koko apologize." Everyone's jaws dropped, did Natsume actually do as she said? Was the world ending?

One thing was sure, her world was definitely ending.

Koko turned to face Anna as she stared at him through teary eyes.

"Sorry." he said. She just nodded, accepting his apology, nice as always. Koko seemed surprised by this niceness. Mikan nodded and smiled contently, at least he had apologized but that's when it hit her. She had just done everything she tried so hard not to do.

Stand out. (From the stares of the people in cafeteria she had done that.)

Offend someone. (A flashback of her pouring coke one Koko replayed in her mind)

Grab Natsume Hyuuga's attention. ( "You interest me, Koko apologize." ) she groaned. She had even done that! Staring back at Natsume's bemused face she didn't blush or giggle like a normal girl instead she frowned and said an audible,

"Oh hell!" Before everything went dark. The Cafeteria all watched in shock as Mikan's eyes fluttered close and she fell back, passing out.

Could her life get any worse? She thought not.

But of course, she thought wrong.

End Chapter

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