Edward and The Burrito

After the failed attempt to get the taco, Ed decided he wanted a burrito. But, again, they didn't have any money. Lucky for them they were going to Winry's. She'll make them burritos.

"Burrito, burrito, burrito." Ed was saying this repeatdly.

"Brother, I thought you wanted a taco." Al said to his blonde-haired brother. Ed looked up and him and laughed.

"Hahaha! Tacos are so overrated! Burritos are in! They're hot and tacos are not." Al sighed.

Since when is food like fashion? He thought. He sighed again and looked out the window. They would be home soon. His spirits filled with happiness. It would be so fun to see Pinako, Winry, and Den again. But as that thought hit his head, he began sad. He would want to see his mother's grave as well.

"BURRITO!!" Ed yelled. "Burrito, burrito, burrito!!!!" He started jumping on the seats. He was hyper.

"Brother, please!" Al pleaded with his older brother, who ignored him.

Ed was having too much fun. But his fun was not to last, as the train came to a stop and he slammed right into another seat. "We're here!" Ed got up rubbing his head and followed his brother outside to Risembool.

"HAHAHAHHAHA! I GET MY BURRITOS!!!" He started to run very fast to the hill. Al ran after him. "PINAKO!!! WINRY!!!" A blonde-haired girl, and an old woman looked out the window. They smiled and ran out to greet them.

"Ed!" Winry was crying tears of joy. She hugged him. "It's so great to see you."

"Yeah, yeah." He mumbled. He broke free from her and began to run in circles.

"It's nice to see you, Al." She said to him.

"Nice to see you too!"

"Uh... what's wrong with Edward?" Pinako asked. He was crazy.

"It's a long story. I'll tell you later." They went inside.

Ed was still hyper, jumping on the couch and running through the house.

"I see... so he wanted a taco? And now he wants a burrito..." Winry replied to Al's story. He nodded. "Well, Ed, we already started dinner. It's stew." Ed stopped jumping and looked at her.

"No Burritos?" He asked in a possessed voice. "But I want burritos..." He was freaking them out. He ran outside and Al followed.

"Brother, don't do this." Ed said nothing. He started sniffing the air. He could smell burritos. He followed the scent to someone's house. He looked in their window and they were serving burritos.

"BURRITOS..." He said.

"Not again, Edward!" Al yelled. Ed walked up to the door and knocked. A woman answered the door.

"Oh, Edward. It's been so long. What can I do for you?" He ran into her house, knocking her down and grabbed a burrito. He ran back outside and she started chasing him.

"Edward! Come back here with that burrito!" He ignored her and continued running. He was about to eat it, but tripped over his own feet, and rolled down a hill. The burrito fell out

of his hands and next to Den, who was exploring the river. He ate it. Ed looked at the dog. The woman who was chasing him went back inside.

"My burrito." He mumbled. "I'll get another one!"

"Brother, give up. It's just a burrito."

"You're right. I'll just eat the stew. But one day, I'll get that dog!"


"I'm just kidding." They walked back to Winry's with Den by their side.