Chapter 1

"I hate the rain." Temari complained as she stared out the window.

"I don't. It means we don't have to work."

"Not all of us are lazy asses like you Shikamaru."

"Guilty as charged. But that is beside the point. How about we do something to pass the time."

"Like what?"

"How about we play Shogi?"

"Fine…I suppose it is better than just waiting for the rain to stop."

"My board is over here." Temari stood from her position at the window and followed Shikamaru to the opposite side of the room.

"The worst part about rain is that I can't return to Suna until it stops."

"Troublesome woman. It is already troublesome enough that I have to be your guide. Please stop complaining."

"Fine." They both sat at the board and the game commenced. Two minutes into the game, it is already apparent that Temari is not a match for Shikamaru's strategic skills. I may have to resort to other methods. She thought to herself as the game continued. The best kunoichi of Suna does not lose to a lazy ass like this. "It is hot in here isn't it?" She said as she stripped off the top that she had on over her tank top. Then she stops. "You don't mind. Do you?"

"No. Make yourself comfortable." He looked back down at the board but she could swear that she saw a slight blush cross his cheeks which is exactly what she wanted.

"Shikamaru? Are you feeling okay?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Your face is pretty red." This comment, of course only made him blush harder. She leaned across the board, letting her shirt hang slightly and expose cleavage. She reached up to feel his forehead. "Are you sure you're feeling alright?"

"Yes you troublesome woman." He removed her hand from his forehead and turned his gaze back to the board. She could tell he was flustered but she knew it would take more than this to completely distract him. She shifted her body into a pose that made her strap slide down her arm. She slid another shogi piece across the board and looked up only to find him staring.

"What are you looking at?" She said in a seductive tone.


"Oh?" She said leaning across the board once more. "I win." She said sliding another piece across the board. Instead of getting upset like she thought he would, he leaned closer. Then she felt his lips against hers. At first she was shocked and almost frightened. But then both of those emotions were replaced by pleasure and she began to kiss him back. The kiss started softly and then slowly became more and more passionate. She traveled across the floor and into his lap, completely consumed by the passion filled kiss. His tongue grazed her lip, asking for entrance. She granted it and was once again surprised as she felt his tongue explore the cavern of her mouth. Both tongues began to wrestle for dominance and the surprise was once again replaced by pleasure. She felt a hand travel up the back of her shirt but then they both traveled to her butt. She felt herself being lifted off the floor. Then her back met the bed.

She felt another hand travel up her shirt and slowly lift it over her head, only breaking the passionate kiss for a second. Shikamaru pulled away momentarily and eyed her perfectly rounded breasts and flat stomach. In response to this action, he saw her blush a deep shade of crimson and a smirk spread across his face. He leaned back down and began to kiss her again. After several moments of passion filled kisses, he left her mouth. His lips traveled down to her chin and along her jaw line. He took a break to nibble at her earlobe, making her make a noise that was somewhere between a moan and a squeak. It only made him want her more. He left her ear and began to travel down her neck, sucking and biting at certain places receiving more sounds from deep within her throat.

He felt her hands at his vest zipper. She forcefully pulled it down and stripped off the garment. His lips traveled back up to her mouth as he felt his shirt being pulled up. He parted the kiss long enough to let her remove the article of clothing and then dove back in to meet her swollen lips. She pushed him slightly trying to make him roll over and he complied, aiding her in her struggle. She was now running her hands up and down his surprisingly toned chest. A smirk crossed her face as one thought went running across her mind. Not bad for a lazy ass. He rolled her back over so he was on top once more. His hands traveled up her back until he found the clasp of her bra. He undid it after a few moments of fumbling with it and threw the garment aside. Her erect nipples and plump breasts fully exposed for him to behold.

His lips departed from hers and traveled down her neck to her right breast. They found her tip and began to suck on it while his hand massaged the other. An excited moan escaped her lips as he bit it slightly. Hearing this reaction, he switched breasts and gave the other one the same treatment. She arched her back and he sucked harder. His hands traveled down her stomach and rested on her hips. Another moan was heard from deep in her throat and his lips left her breast. They traveled down her stomach as her fingers undid his hair band. She could now feel his hair on her stomach and it only managed to make her want him more.

He slowly undid the sash around her waist and removed her skirt all the while kissing circles around her navel and planting kisses on any skin that was exposed. He felt the urge to cover every inch of skin with his kisses and he felt himself grow even harder than he already was. His lips traveled back up her stomach to the valley between her breasts. He planted kisses there and then slowly traveled back up to her face. His lips once again met hers and he felt her hands undo the button of his pants. She pulled them down as far as possible with her hands and then pushed them the rest of the way with her feet. She kicked the garment across the room and felt his enlarged member rub against her inner thigh which only mad her wetter than she already was. His mouth left hers once more and a disappointed moan left her lips. She felt him smirk as he kissed the skin on her stomach once more. His hands slowly slid under the band of her underwear and pulled them off.

He flung the garment across the room and made a trail of kisses all the way down to the most precious part of her body. He licked up the juices that were leaking out of the crevice and then inserted his tongue into the tight cavern. He explored it with his tongue as he felt her hands become tangled in his hair. He slowly pumped his tongue in and out until he felt she was about to climax and then he stopped. He did this multiple times all the while making her crazy.

She knew that he was teasing her and she was getting sick of it. She forcefully made him rise again to meet her lips as she rolled over. Her hands found the band of his boxers and pulled them down in the same way she had his pants. Her hands found his member and she slowly pumped them up and down. He moaned into her mouth and she found that she liked the sound. She trailed kisses down his chest until she reached his enlarged member. She flicked the tip with her tongue and received another moan in return. Then she took the tip in her mouth all the while watching his reaction.

His eyes were closed in ecstasy and he moaned a deep moan that managed to make the tightness in her stomach even worse. She took more and more of it into her mouth and began to pump up and down with her head as she felt him fumble with the four hair bands. She waited until he was about to climax and then backed off just as he had done to her. She felt his member get even harder in her mouth as her hair fell around her face.

He had to have her now. He could not deal with the teasing any longer. He pulled her head up as she had done to him and flipped them over so he was on top once more. She felt the tip of his member at her entrance. He hesitated as he looked at her.

"Are you sure? It is going to hurt."

"Yes. Take me now…please…" There was no way he could argue with that. He slowly entered her until he met her virgin barrier and then thrusted. He felt her nails scrape against the skin on his back and he stopped. He looked up at her once more and he saw a tear slowly stream down his cheek. He kissed it away and a smile appeared on her face. She arched into him, begging him to continue. He complied and began to thrust once more. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he began to thrust deeper. They fell into a rhythm until she moaned, "Faster…harder…" He obeyed her wishes and began to thrust harder and faster.

It didn't take long for her to reach her climax. He felt her walls tighten around him as she brought him with her. His seed filled her body and he collapsed next to her. He pulled out and waited for his breath to return to normal. He heard her breathing return to the slower pace that he knew as normal and he mumbled something into her hair.


"Listen." She did listen and heard nothing.

"I don't hear anything."

"Exactly. The rain stopped." She let out a strained giggle as her eyelids began to droop. "Sleep Temari…you need rest."

"Only if you will be here when I wake up."

"I'm going to sleep to."

"Goodnight Shikamaru."

"Goodnight Temari." He waited until he was sure she was asleep and then mumbled three words before dozing off himself. "I love you."

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