They were high up the tower on sunset station and eating ice cream. Chatting, joking, laughing happily. This friendship between them had been for so long now. It was always the same. Not that she didn't like it. But it was always, just the same. She finished her ice cream and leaned back, enjoying the breeze. She closed her eyes in satisfaction. The blond next to her shuffled and came closer to her. She didn't move an inch.

"I need to know something"

She looked at him. His head was too close to hers.

"Do you want more?"

She felt his breath striding past her lips.

"I... don't... know..."

It was somehow pleasure to breath in the air he had released.


His warm breathing came closer. She closed her eyes in trance.


His soft lips touched hers but didn't go any further.

"This... we... shouldn't..."

She half opened her eyes but didn't pull away. He grazed past and placed his lips on her cheek.

"We... can't..."

His hand worked up from her waist and searched for a place to rest.

"Why not..."

It was a whisper she barely heard and yet it was so clear. She leaned back but he followed.


She leaned back until she laid on the ground. He was bending over her.


His hand rested at the back of her head, lifting it a little.


His breath drew near once more.


Slight hesitation.


He sat up, slowly, holding her tight so she got up with him. Only then he withdrew his hand.

"I'm sorry"

Another whisper. But it meant everything to her at this moment. He had released her. They looked at the sinking sun.

"We can't... feel... right?"

He looked at her. Something in his gaze said that he knew something about Namine that she didn't.

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