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Chapter 1

Unfortunately, I will never forget to remember you

I can't believe I'm actually doing this.

Why is this happening to me?

Why can't it happen to some other girl?

I lock the door, took a seat on the toilet.

My fingers wrap around one of the thirty pregnancy tests I took.

My heart beats, harder, harder, harder.

I squeeze one eye shut, hardly keeping the other one open.

Hold it up to my face...

Smiley face.

Is that supposed to mean positive?

Grab the cardboard box, flip it over to the back.

Smiley faces are...positive.

But...pregnancy tests are only 99.9 right.

That means I only have a .1 that I'm not.

I pick up another, drink down my glass of water and let it tinkle out.

I lay it across the bathtub.

This is the last one. I have taken 29 pregnancy tests and, they've all shown Smileyfaces.

This isn't my fault.

It's his fault.

It's all his fault.

I remember.

We were at the party.

Dancing with people we didn't know, but still yelling lyrics in their faces.

Sweat dripped down my back.

Lilly's grasp slipped away from mine, and I try and grab her.

"Lilly!" I scream over the music.

She can't hear me.

She is stuck in between these two large dudes.

Another large dude stands between me and her.

"Excuse me!" I shout

He doesn't hear me.


He looks down at me, and I move him aside.

I come next to Lilly and grab her hand again.

She gestures to come with her, so I let her pull me outside.

She locks a gaze with me, and kisses me softly.

I feel like I'm flying. I want to dance.

I kiss her back. Grabbing a fistful of her sticky blonde hair.

After we are done, she says, "I'll see you inside."

I smile. "See you inside."

I stand outside, and scream at the top of my lungs.

Man, I feel good.

"Miley," a voice says in my ear.

I turn so startled, I snap my neck.

I grab the back of it as I see who was behind me.

Stepbrother. Annoying stepbrother.

"What do you want?" I say.

"I have something for you in the car...come."

"Mile, are you in there bud?" my father's voice asks through the door.

My heart leaps, and I think of something to say. "Yeah! Just...using the toilet!"

Using the toilet? That's all I could think of! Using the toilet?!

"Lunch is on the table," he offers me, still speaking through the door.

"Be down in a second," I tell him.

I hear his footsteps stalk away.

I look at the newest pregnancy test.

Smiley face.