Chapter 2-The Day in Deidara's Body and Shikamaru's mission

"I have something to talk to you about!" Ino yelled as she poked Pein's back.

He clenched his fists and teeth. He was trying so hard not to back hand her and send the Yamanaka to her room.

"Hello! Don't you hear me!?"

Ino was willing to milk this as much as she could.

"Look, princess. I don't know if you get it yet but I run things around here. Not you!"

She scoffed, crossing her arms on her chest. "Is that how you talk to people that you need help from?!"

Pein glared at her. Ino shook then licked her lips, glaring back. She gasped as he grabbed onto her ponytail, pulling her away.

"Hey! What's the big idea?!"

"Look, un. Don't piss off Leader-sama. I don't wanna be the one to give you back to Konoha in pieces, yeah."

"Whatever. And what's your name anyway?"

"Deidara. Un." "I have a question, Deidara."

"What, yeah?" "Why do you saw 'un' or 'yeah' after every sentence?"

"I dunno, un. I just do."

She turned her back to him before a rotten egg hatched in her head. "Deidara…"

"What, yeah?"

She circled her hands as she looked at him, using the Mind-Transfer Jutsu.

Ino-Deidara looked around then fluffed her-his blonde hair.

"That was…pretty easy. I should get going. I bet Shikamaru's going crazy."

She giggled then smirked. "Hmmm. He can wait a little while longer."

"Shikamaru, you're wearing a hole into the floor." Chouji said, watching his best friend walk back and forth.

Shikamaru sighed and sat on his bed. "Aren't you worried too, Chouji?"

"I am, Shikamaru but Ino's a strong girl, and she can take care of herself."

"Against the Akatsuki?"

He sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

"Ino is too playful."

"And how would you know this, Shikamaru?" He asked, crossing his arms on his chest.

Shikamaru blushed lightly. "Th-That's not the point! We can't just leave Ino by herself."

"Alright. But Tsunade-sama won't let you leave."

"I have to."

"She's gonna kick your ass." He flinched at the thought of that beating.

"So? We have to help a friend in need." Chouji grunted in agreement.

Her-his eyes widened.

'And Pein expects THIS to be inside me!?' She-He thought.


Ino-Deidara turned to the man wearing a mask with one eye-hole. She-he squeaked and covered her-himself.


"Did you forget Tobi?"

'Tobi. Right.' She thought, making a mental note."Tobi! Of course I didn't forget. I-I just need to…to, uhh, be alone!"

"But. Dei-senpai, what were you doing?"

"Nothing, Tobi. Just…go away, please?"

"Dei-chan never told Tobi 'please'!"

Ino sighed. "Just-"

"You bitch! You took my body, un!"

Ino-Deidara smiled nervously and stood. "Hmpf. A few fat pouches but your body's pretty cute. And you might wanna get some pills for your friend."

Deidara-Ino blushed darkly.

"There's nothing wrong with my dick, you virgin whore!" He-She yelled.

Ino-Deidara gasped. "Screw you, you bastard! I-I, argh!"

She circled her hands again as she regained her body.

With a growl, Ino pulled her leg back before kicking Deidara as hard as she could in his crotch.


She sighed.

"Yo-You wench!"

Ino gasped as he tackled her to the floor.

"That hurt, un!"

"Get off me!"

"…Please don't do this in the middle of the floor." Itachi said, stepping over them.

Ino and Deidara blushed darkly and stood, glaring at eachother.

"Ah! I hate you, un!" They yelled at each other before going their separate ways.

Tobi let out a confused groan, not knowing which one to follow.

Ino or Deidara.